I've been thinking a lot about this - and I yet find it difficult to be sure about anything ... really. So most of my guessing is based on (vague) impressions, pseudo-confirmations and also the Matrix.

The Tale of the Laughing Man

Antichristianity and Counter-argumentation to it


What is the Antichrist? Who are "they"? Why did it happen? WHAT did happen? Why are they here? How do they spread? What is their shtick? ... and many more questions should be asked. In all simplicity however there's the Daniel Prophecies when going by the Old, and 2 Thess 2:4 when going by the new Testament.
Regarding the Daniel Prophecies - the general gist there is of 4 Subsequent Kingdoms. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greek and Rome. Once in the shape of portions of a statue and once in the shape of four animals. Certain interpretations try to shift the "blame" from Rome onto the post-Greek Seleukid era, but well - judge for yourself!

Matthew 23:9

So - for the Pontiff of Rome we also have the term "the Little Horn". Although when getting any deeper into it we might assume that it rather refers to someone in the Background. As to who he is, the section in 2 Thess 2 is as good as it gets. There was someone who or something which yet prevented "it" from happening; And when gone - "it" would happen. My 'go to' theory thus far is in a slight disarray with this; Although I fathom that with a little bit of creative thinking I can fix it. So, however. This topic, all in all, has - to my experience and understanding at least - a "legacy" of being disturbing. And that it is one bit what I'm at all trying to focus on here. Its an issue of paranoia; Imperfect knowledge - gaps within reasoning that can be pried open by such and such philosophy. In the simplest sense however is the peak of these disturbances the idea, perception or understanding - and subsequently the belief in them - that the Antichrist did matter of fact 'replace' God. To my understanding it is, ... or rather: 'there' is a huge bluff going on. But ultimately nobody can safely tell you how it is. I mean, you couldn't safely tell whether it is this or that.

It is as of this circumstance however that here and there the good guys are the bad guys; Which has become a general theme since the 12 in the Matrix series, but is already perceptive within the first video I have.
So does it however also happen that something as harmless as Music and Video are the problem with Antichristian theory while otherwise, as per generality, it is all in all the highest form of Communication that even 'would' be available to Eternity.
This simply is to set the preceding score of the gap between us as finite beings and the One who is truly infinity.


It was during my time in L.A. where I had some time to reflect about this issue - and it was there where I out of nowhere "was told" "the tale" of the Laughing man. It went like this: "Once upon a time there was a man who took it upon himself to laugh about everything there is." And that was it. I was riddled about it since then; Every once in a while - and some while ago, not too long, I had something of a conclusion to that story.

It goes a bit like this: He succeeded greatly in it and so his laughter became contagious. More and more people began to laugh with him and about all sorts of things until there was no one left who could take anything there is seriously.

I dig that there is some paranoia about this, ... while the Doctrine and Covenants also asserts to us that laughter is bad. We could so go on and harp on about the negative consequences of this lack of seriousness. Famine, War, all sorts of Injustices - all naught but substance to entertainment until it impacts ones self. So one might start an organization or a documentary; But its all naught but a vent for bad conscience and yet again entertainment.
Respectively do we have it in the New Testament that there is a prophecy. That in the latter days people will turn their backs on the truth while turning towards fantasy.
But nonetheless should I mention G'Mork, the big bad wolf from the Neverending Story, as the one Character in all of Fiction that gots it right. All in Fiction, or sotospeak "Phantasia", is nothing but the fruit of our own joyful ambitions. Free and oblivious of the serious stuffs that makes up our every day life. But there is one who is different. One who is not Oblivious. Besides the Southern Oracle and the Empress I assume. He calls himself servant of the force that is behind the Nothing. And that it is hopelessness that he seeks to procure, because people without hope are easy to control.

Its probably not that simple in reality. And even here the Neverending Story has the right cues to say so. Although the hope of all of Phantasia rests on Atreyu, Atreyu is nothing but the mirror image of the reader of the given story. As also within the Matrix where it is said that "Thomas Anderson" is to be a synonym for "everybody". The "average Joe" sotospeak.

And so is this. Hearing that being presidential candidate costs Millions and Millions of Dollars - that puts the prospect of once becoming president so far out of reach we rather ignore the slightest trace of a possibility of that. And respectively Politics is so twisted, confusing, mundane and flip-floppy; It takes a very specific type of people to seek their fulfillment in that.
The problems of this world have become so huge - I'm reminded of the situation in my room. Would I want to clean up, I wouldn't know where to begin as there is no empty space where I can put anything so I could start somewhere. And so we rely on the big and powerful to do everything for us. And right around this corner is the suspicion that if there's something about the tale of the Laughing Man to reflect upon Antichristians - then that they are too cereals, uh, serious.

Well, for the start because the world they need to draw is dark and grim. They need to do so, so that those that fall into hopelessness find hope within what they offer. Money and Fame - just on cost of helping them spread the darkness. Then perhaps greed, "the doctrine of exploitation" I assume, ... which yea well - may at some point become its own twisted kind of humor.

I so however wouldn't judge anyone for laughing. The idea of featuring 'do not laugh' as a commandment is a silly joke on its own, in my opinion. A strange kind of humor if you so will that intends to point out something about Gods word, rules, doctrine and the Gospel that we are to Understand.

2 UHM .....

Is there such a thing as Chapter 2 here?

I thought this would be more difficult and troublesome. I was about to get in depth with various philosophies and "what not" - but by means of my own comprehension I'm unable to truly see any benefit within all those things since; Well. As stated initially there's a lot of guesswork implied - so, why not keep the guesses to the minimum? This is how it works. I suppose.