This time on: 'Things I mentioned to further get into but somehow didn't do the latter' - the issue would seem to be, that I have to figure out, how much is automatic in a sense; And how much do I have to take care of myself.

For a craft to be what it is, there is the raw material that adds it's own properties to the whole, but other than that, each and every thing has to be taken care of. Even more so in programming, for there is no 'raw material' other than ... essentially just concepts.
When starting out, I assume it's inevitable to forget some crucial element to a loop - like, as silly as it might be, an exit condition. Or to fail how the exit condition isn't working. Or how two instructions only do their thing and don't have a will of their own to do what you want.
In the "spirit realm" things are different. Although cautionary tales concerning "be careful what you wish for" would suggest that it's not ... at all ... that different. The problem being however rather one of language. In Programming then one can be more concrete about what something is to "mean", because a program is constructed of those 'base concepts', irrefutable cornerstones of how anything would happen - all of it being perfectly deterministic until you throw a good random number generator into the mix.
That's however not what matters in the "spirit realm". Here what matters is that which precedes the word. Say ... Life for instance. What is it? To answer that, we can run down a list of different concepts of what it is. Start with the bio-organic mechanisms that determine our biological reality, or perhaps with a more esoteric musing on existence, or perhaps a one-up in a video-game, the concept of being yourself, the measure of "doing something" such as "touching grass". Those then are all individual and effectively independent 'meanings' that are yet colloquially described by the same word.

So, when it comes to the demons I previously summoned with a mission statement, there now is that question: What if the works they are to tarnish at some point concerns one of my proxies? In a "be careful what you wish for" or programming sense, I would have to recognize that possibility and take measures to prevent that from happening. While however issuing the mission statement I had an understanding - and following that I received some corroborating feedback - creating some kind of final understanding of what is being understood. On the off-chance however that some proxies might be affected, well - I have to assume that the situation is a bit complicated, given what the understanding were to imply, but ... nonetheless ... . I mean, either I'm informed of something, or have been given a thought to make an example out of.

It would so seem, that there is a chance for instance, that my proxies can be used as Avatars that offer some protection. So that the demons I summoned would need extra permission to transgress a certain line there. And coming to think of it, there is ... something that has been ... well ... 'bothering' might be a bit strong of a word here ... me. I guess to the casual mind we could describe it as chains that basically drag on them - that so because someone would insist on a claim on them that diverges from my understanding. But ... . I mean, within the objectives of the mission statement, the demons I summoned are permitted to rid my proxies from those chains.

So, what's exactly going on thereby ... well. My writing - and then proceeding to post it - is like a patchwork alternative to some other formal approach to consolidate the decision-making; But I don't think is strictly necessary. Anyhow ... another thing I yet have to figure out.

Moving on ... there's that thing with the book. So, I'm not sure if ... . I mean, God showed me what it might be doing, and by writing of it as I did, some of that potential was unleashed. But apparently there's more. And along with that maybe some good to giving it some shape.

So, the part where thinking of the book will already do - that should be ... we might call it a Siren's call. It has the purpose of hinting at its own existence - effectively - and signal where to get it. In the metaphoric sense, the book has thereby the desire, to make you get and read the first book. That one is like a key, that this magic book has a ... mold for. So, the second one references the other within its own text. And to unlock the books full potential, the two have to be joined. Not necessarily bound as one, though for its full full potential, they have to be one - but it's complicated ... I think we can say.
Generally speaking, it is assumed that one has a copy of each - thus the one can be read while the other can ... exist on its own. And so when referring to the book ... well. I'll say "the Key" for the first one and "the Book" for the second. And be explicit when I'm referring to both as one.

Though, I guess the latter part I can do right now. For now, it's just an extra book to get - for the bookshelf ... effectively ... if you can keep it there.

Now - I do have a unique relationship to both of them. I know what's written in them ... but that also only sortof - as - sometimes I'm not sure whether I mentioned "this or that". Generally, the more you've written in the Key, the more the Book will be able to do its magic. And the more you've written the book, the more you'll be able to understand its nuances.
One issue for instance being, that the substance that the magic is made of ... well ... isn't perfect. It's flawed and spotty at best.

Anyhow - that part of the magic is best ... left raw and unadulterated like that. That is ... its "matrixing" magic.
First and foremost it affects the one holding it. And if you want to be a proper fanboy, you'll have to get a copy of "Original (German) Cast of Tanz Der Vampire".

It seems, furthermore, that the Book is very particular about a degree of transparency. So, it can be enough to have an empty book with the proper cover, as for instance a movie prop, depending however on the context. So, in a sense it isn't very particular about it - but ... it's supposed to be. It's ... complicated.
Generally, it should be particular enough, so one can single out the 'right' book amongst possible fakes - and generally in a way that inhibits the existence of fakes. The problem however is multi-faceted and complex, given that the title itself is already part of the book; And the dull mind may mistake the Siren's Call pertaining to a fake as good enough, or real enough. Now, once the mind knows 'where' to get the real one - that knowledge will be at the heart of the Call, effectively; And so - it should be helpful to imbue this magic with an urge to destroy fakes of the book with fire; If the real version is available.

And it is important, because its content matters.

These precautions however shouldn't ever be really necessary.
If I have anything to say about it, they won't ever be necessary.

Matrixing Magics

So are there two "magics" so far. The Siren's Call and the "Magic itself", let's call it "the Blaze". I suppose there also is a third - as for the book itself to be as a sponge or filter for guidance. Or say ... some kind of aura that silences bullshit and amplifies good wisdom. But there then are two more things I think belong to it to make it round.
The one thing being about the matrixing effect, or so: "audio matrixing" - and the other being about the matrixing effect as per ambient effects, such as for gaming.
These two magics can only truly work if the environmental conditions align. The most important part is a matter of who is present to witness it. So, it needs to be clear to everyone present, that it's blessings/magic relate(s) to me - and that there is a book everyone has to read. Give or take. I mean, technically at some point ... maybe ... not so much anymore, but still ... we don't like Bullshit.
So, while you're alone in a room, and you know what you're doing as it were - that's already good enough for that part. And the same applies to any number of people that might be in the room; Though to make sure that the uninitiated can get initiated - I think a little ritual should be required.

And so the Key is important ... and I realize ... that is also how the combo stands apart. For the Blaze so to its full thing, the two need to be one. But for the Key to do or be what it is supposed to do and be - it needs to be separate.

But so, first, there needs to be an opening ritual for any of the matrixing magics - so, let's call them "the audio matrixing" and "the ambient matrixing" magics - to do their thing, or to so initiate people to their particulars.

First ... music is to be played. Then, the Book is to be presented so people can behold the blaze, and the ceremonial leader is to say: "Behold, the Book of the Goddess!". Then it is placed on a surface - such as a table - everyone can gather around.
Then the Key is presented, and the ceremonial leader is to say: "Behold, the Key that unlocks its secrets!" - and places it on the book so that they are aligned flush. That is to also show whether or not the Key is valid. I suppose there are some concerns one might have with that - which is why it should be good practice to roll a dice and skip forward as much as the dice indicates before starting the ritual; Assuming music is played from a playlist and the player is set on shuffle. Outside of that, it should however come down to what individuals behold within themselves.
Then the ceremonial leader is to say: "Behold now the Glory of their union!".

And then the books can be separated again. That should also be a very good way to hand out copies.

Then, for audio matrixing, a few things are important. The first thing would be, that effectively it's supposed to be a weapon. Basically so concerning the effect itself - to so show how real it is, as to let everyone experience that first hand. And that's why there has to be form and limitations. So - assuming everyone present is initiated - anyone may then take the book to where-ever it is that the audio matrixing is done, assuming it's happening within the same room and nobody else joins - so - in simplicity: While the congregation is still "closed". Assuming that the music is still playing on random, this might be anything. A computer, a DVD player - so, whatever thing the movie(s) of choice is/are played on. Then one is to acquire my Blessing; And to do so, one is to place on of their hands on the book and say: "By the hands of the Goddess" - and for as long as the congregation is closed, that will grant that person a "charge". A charge will grant one "jump" (that is: skipping to any point in the movie/video) - into a "matrixing effect convergence" including one track transition, assuming the playlist is playing on shuffle. And one can only hold one charge at a time and can only acquire three per day.

Note: Audio matrixing and ambient matrixing can occur naturally. At some point in the past I also suggested, that a "Matrixing Score" of some sort might exist; Which is regarded by either the number of tracks or the amount of time it takes for one "initiation" (setting things in motion for matrixing to occur) to enter a convergence. So is my score pretty much, or effectively, zero - and that's that. Such as on average over I don't know how many times.

But that's not all. There so for instance is the issue of spies. And whatever mockery of the good spirit might exist round about any kind of loopholes one might think to find within these provisions. Yet I much desire to allow for an extension of these blessings, let it be as a Fuck You to those who bequeef upon the glory in light of the set limitations - or a perhaps required therapeutic event. Eventually ... however ... the matter with spies and impostors aren't going to be too much of a problem; Where, for as long as I'm effectively as locked away, there's also already way too much that I've personally recorded for it to not be a serious concern along those same lines. But beyond that, it's ... that I also have to keep something for myself. And so, that'll have to do for now.

As for ambient matrixing, amongst initiates, it should be enough to place the book onto the key, anywhere visible in the room.

Initiates are: Everyone who has both books while they are alone; And everyone who has partaken in the opening ritual while they are not.

And that's that.