Burnout is bad (Revision and on to LOLing)


It strikes me as such, that the magic of ambient matrixing is to be nerfed somewhat. At least initiating the ambient should be a little bit more complex, such that it isn't "on burn" we might say, all the time - giving also more room to its "casual" existence.

So, in order to initiate ambient matrixing, one is to put the book onto any part of the audio system (device, speakers) such that its spine is pointed towards the center of the room (orthogonal directions are valid).

On another note: "Battle-tech". The ceremony of initiation is effectively to mimic the process of familiarizing someone with the two books. In heated debate, concerning their nature and content, one is probably dealing with people unwilling to subject themselves to such - yet, in as far as the primary aspects are known (which is assumed to be a central point to those "debates"), no ceremony is required to initiate someone. Also is the matter of "closed congregation" effectively mute - as the congregation itself exists in a flux wherein the nature of these books is presumably a weighted topic.
Effectively it follows, that people can be initiated unceremoniously - that so by simple conversation. The ceremony thereby provides the outlines of what is pivotal to that. This however also comes with baggage, which the ceremony is to circumvent.
Should one initiate a congregation and ambiguate (obstruct) the key - as to prevent individuals from accessing its truth; Or should one try to abuse this provision to sow strife concerning it - that one attracts my ire to at this point undetermined consequence.

LOLs: Elon Musk.

This video is just so for context, as it has me say that it reeks of ... so, the things described therein ... of capitalistic overreach. It's not official, but I'm not sure how else to read it. That, SpaceX is essentially what happens/happened after getting competent people out of the equation (decision making) and replacing them with a strong-man. Sotospeak ... to speed things up. To ... bypass the "nay saying" of the science folks. To so, as it were: Take the money and just do it. As, well ... movies have told us that it doesn't work, but sometimes they suppose it works - though actually it never quite 'has' worked - the issue seems to be that Elon now has to take a bite of the sour apple of reality, as no doubt this little episode is going to go down in history as a grand example of the failures of capitalism.

And for context: What he proposes, to single out the "going to Mars" example for the metaphor's sake, seems a bit like proposing Columbus could have set for the America's ... in a barrel. Because ... it swims. Which is to say, that we don't have anything quite like Space-ships that would inspire anyone's enthusiasm of launching a colonization mission to Mars in.
And yea - that's my angle to most of that Muskian nonsense. That he's pushing for Technology that "ought to be possible" - but that doesn't change that we don't have today what it would take to get there. Like so, we don't even know if we ever could have that.
Not to be Ludite: There sure is merit to ... let's call it "targeted research" - but that's not what Musk is doing. He's setting weird goals that people then have to invest in reaching - rather than focusing on all the many fields of science that ought to take us closer to overall progress and innovation.

But I'm also convinced that a lot just isn't possible by todays standards. Like so, once we manage to improve our social conditions; Similar to how they were improved after World War II, or in wake of "the Enlightenment", technology and innovation will follow suit.
As it stands, I think people are tired of the ever same bullshit; Especially since the crazy people are now so far beyond the pale that normal fun is barely even a real thing one can have anymore. And so the more that the "slave owners" are whipping and lashing at the peeps to be more productive, the more society falls and crumbles under their growing weight. And that isn't much of an esoteric mystery. The more money they treasure - in a world of finite resources - the less everyone else has. It's that simple.
So, people might want to try what happens if they pull away the chair from under their feet - smart people may tell that this isn't really a smart thing to do - and yet, somehow ... "welcome to the twenty-twenties".

And that's why people will basically fall even into a sort of frenzy when it comes to my stuff. They can taste the water and smell the air - so-to-speak; And like so, revolution will come with a fierceness never seen before.
"It is written".

LOLs: Steven Crowder and co.

There are a bunch of sayings. One being, that: "Every accusation from a conservative is a confession". It would stand true, certainly, to throw around with knowledge of known evil - evil realistically existent out there in this world - in as far as the accuser seeks to obstruct their own wrongdoing while putting the blame on some other.

So is it, however, to watch conservatives/republicans speak and conduct themselves. If it is on them to do something, all they have to offer are thoughts and prayers; Yet when it comes to others, no expectation put upon those others could be too high or too absurd.

And so, time and time again, we learn that those self-appointed arbiters of morality are themselves corrupt and utterly unworthy of speaking of the things they proclaim to uphold. This not only in the realm of influencers, but since recently also in the realm of politics to the point that representatives have been expelled from the congregations in which they serve, merely for defending their point of view. And it is true, that these 'hateful bigots' that do the expelling do so in support of legislation that is utterly degenerate. There is no measure of righteousness or good will in those actions.

They play make-believe on a grand scale; Pretending as though the overwhelming majority of people is on their side, further insisting that their beliefs are what is common sense, while narrating a dystopian regime into existence. Their own dystopian dream. Utterly deranged and perverted. It is as if they saw or read 'the Handmaids Tale' and got inspired by the idea of coming up with their own bigoted nonsense to impose onto the people; Allthewhile maintaining a veiled thread of imminent violence to cover their advances.

Beholding the revelation of "Dr. Crowder"'s divorce brought that back to my mind quite vividly, as people like that - to my understanding - are literal Monsters. Real Monsters. Actual Monsters. And we can thank God that they do not yet and hopefully not ever have the power to successfully implement their horrid ideas into political truth.
I happen to read the scriptures, in this case the Book of Mormon, so that a Plan exists - and however that is going to play out, they will inevitably loose the game and perhaps die in shame.

But so people are talking ... about the merits of a religious upbringing. All the talk of goodness, morality and virtue certainly is questionable when it turns out that the one half is only talk and the other a smokescreen to cover up the truly atrocious.
And yes - how dare they accuse Queer folks of pedophilia when their ilk are literally the worse offenders?
And what's bothersome, is how easy it seems to be for them to silence opposition.

Anyhow - concerning "the sanctity of marriage and the virtue of the nuclear family" - I find it curious just how full of anti-marital rhetoric our various cultures are. I so think of "Married with Children", though that certainly wasn't the first of its kind. And every "man-o-sphere" macho out there, mandating that the woman be obedient and a willing uterus, speaks to that - just in a different way. It speaks of frustration that the woman has a free will after all; And tries to compensate by mandating it away.
But so I argue that the "modern" nuclear family is the problem. It is a perversion - a bastard between tradition and progress. So would I argue that a man and a woman alone were never meant to raise any children - but that it should be a multi-generational and societal effort to best equip the growing generation for the present and future.
It sure may be one reason why modern Christians gravitate towards religious communion, as it is like a hidden bastion of societal togetherness. One however barely properly equipped to be what it ought to be. And a lot of ill has thus far arisen from a probably blind insistence on that communion being the shining city on the mountain - while it actually is more like the township at the mountains foot, eating away the mountain. And if the city crumbles, they move on to blame the city-folk for being "degenerate".

They say that convincing people that God doesn't exist is the devil's greatest accomplishment. I think there is truth in that, but an accomplishment greater than that, is that he has convinced believers that degenerate and amoral beliefs are God's true will. So-to-speak. I'm not really all that sure about devils and such.

So yes - making the whole community/society part work out as it should, has so far been an ongoing process. And yes, some would call that socialism!
If Christians could add to that, which surely they can given there is plenty in "the book" to do so, people might actually have a greater appreciation for the religious. It has worked out fine over here - in Germany - where the Conservatives aren't right-wing nut jobs and effectively more progressive than the US democrats.

Kudo's to that!

So, although every governing cycle ends up being a shitshow of the one or the other kind, I much rather have it this way than whatever is going on in the USA right now.

Maybe it is ill-advised to be hopeful, but there at least is grounds for it. And that is a good thing, given that contemporary events - so, accounting for Russia and whatever the hell is going on in the Americas - intersect with some other problems we face at large; Most dominantly climate change. And that Germany has actually accomplished some flattening of the curve, while the big ones certainly did not, would certainly lend itself to "violate the political decorum" as some US republicans might call it.
Like, who's trying to be the adult in the room!
And yea, there's a simple message there: If you want to flourish, your Nazis/Fascists first have to get got. Yeeted or whatever.
But what I'm trying to get at is, that ... it is highly unlikely that things are ever going to return to "normal", a.k.a. how things used to be. We're at a bend in history - and whatever we may get out of "the system" these days; might be like ... a last opportunity. I mean, I suppose it depends, but ... generally speaking ... I think we slowly recognize, as a whole, that we may not be able to afford it for too long. Or so, we maybe much rather don't want to. And US republicans easing up on child-labor protection ... I mean, what about it should make on good-spirited about the future?
Germany and other nations maybe a bit naive when it comes to that; And maybe that is good. For, on the other side we find Russia and US republicans ... being all wet over the upcoming apocalypse. Except, I'm sure, it won't really go in their favor!

I mean, what is really the nature of 'societal collapse' or this ominous 'shit hitting the fan'? The simplest answer were, that some dipshit somewhere would take it that one step too far. Except no. That's however how we get to things like Nazi Germany. Which, yea, is societal collapse of a kind - and there shit does be hitting the fan for some people at least. But the reason why we wouldn't interpret that as 'societal collapse' is, because things yet did somehow keep going. People did as they did, at least those that were on the right side of the fan. And it is this sense of mutual supply and demand structures, this machinery that each worker and factory owner and such is a part of, that simply works for as long as its constituent parts keep doing what they ought to.
While to some this machine might be a great evil monster that needs to be defeated, it is also much like a watch-dog. And there certainly are fascistic interests behind getting rid of it. Or, more to the point, cease the means of production. Lest they want to suffer a woke corporation being "too woke" ... as it were.

But err ... well. Whatever. I don't think the details matter all that much.

And so on ... ?

Well. However it is now - my individual truth now takes me to other things. So, just by the way:

Elden Ring - my opinion

I've so spent most of my hollidays playing Elden Ring. And that my impressions, or feelings rather, are mixed - is perhaps the quintessential negativity I can properly express - similar to how others have said. In my own words, the issue is, that these "negatives" are basically just 'half there' - so, there's nothing fully substantial. To name the two things that bother me however, it is the fact that the game is somewhat poorly balanced and that certain bosses, specifically at the end of dungeons, a little bit off we might say. Be they somewhat unimaginative or repetitive (in occurrence).
Part of that poor balance is an ever so often steep increase or decline in difficulty; And part of the "bad boss design" when coupled with that poor balance makes the game a little bit more grindy than its "closed world" relatives. It has been said that the game is easier or more accessible than the other "souls games" - and while I can agree with that, I can also argue that Dark Souls 1 or 3 would be a more noob friendly entry to the series, given that some of the bosses or enemies certainly feel more difficult than what the other games had to offer. But also have I not yet really have encountered the likes of Lothric Knights for instance. I guess that type got replaced by Crucible Knights ... "LOL".

Elden Ring is basically those games, just more. Bigger and by virtue of that: Better. Simply because there is just more. It's certainly better, if in Dark Souls you got to a point, on and off, of disappointment because an area was maybe too small or there wasn't enough "stuff" between you and the bosses. So - yes, conversely the Souls Games have higher replayability - as simply put, it is easier to get through the game and get what you want - while Elden Ring in comparison is so huge ... it basically exhausts all the fun of starting over within an initial exploration of every nook and cranny one can be arsed to explore. That's how I feel at least, like halfway through. Or a third. I don't know.

So is Elden Ring also an evolution of the Souls Games. It brings the same good gameplay to the table; And adds some great new features to it.

One topic that has always "occurred to me" thinking of the Souls Games, oddly enough, is an aspect of Sight-seeing. More so however in regards to how it isn't like other games. "Cheap" (not-so-good) games - I assume MMORPGs are the worse offenders in that regard - have a tendency to develop into rollercoasters or theme parks; Where one effectively rushes through the Levels/Scenery, hastily checking every box on the to-see list; While perhaps even handheld or railroaded down that list.
The Souls games never felt that way, because of a variety of reasons. For once does one generally have to put real effort into getting from A to B; And that is also generally what makes the game - the game. And what love and care is put into those environments ... just adds to that. The fact that they got a famed fantasy Author (George R.R. Martin) to write the backstory of this yet "Souls-likely obscured" ... "dredge of horror, sorrow and torment" ... speaks to that.
So, the fact that you kindof know, this time around, what you're doing and arguably also 'why' you're doing it, is new, but also ... the least noteworthy of those new additions.
So - I was reminded of this yesterday. I made my way into some ... village. There in that village some old looking women were dancing and singing some ... well, happy but off, tune. I walked around - and realized that they didn't attack me. So I pretty much explored the whole village while only barely having to fight. Like, here and there stuff was hidden in the bushes. But then eventually I got too close to one of those old ladies; And all of a sudden she stop dancing, got these red glowy eyes, head geared forward, moving onto me, armed to kill. And so, yea. Next to the epic sights one may encounter, despite the one or the other seemingly shoddily cobbled together place being amongst them, these are ... things. I suppose it wouldn't be much of a sight to see on anyone's wishlist - as it's just one more way to kill or be killed - in this*that world - but it certainly is one of the things that stand out, but still falls in line with the "love and care" put into these games. To say, that the only way these games are really insulting their paying customer, are via the many horrors that are conjured to kill you.

And yea - there are people who avoid these kinds of games like the pest while others lament them for not having an easy mode. Yet I appreciate those games for not being theme parks or roller coasters. And I suppose one thing I trained while playing these games, for sure, is tolerance for frustration. It certainly is possibly to play yourself into a rage - and it sucks if some boss keeps you from progressing; That you then have to run your head into until at some point it either clicks, you give up or manage to overwhelm it by strength. One other point being, that this game gets my heart pumping - it delivers genuine feelings. Many games manage to do that - say, feelings of comradery or fulfilled creative endeavors; But so are the Souls Games ... Adventure Games. The cream of the crop I'd say. And whether you follow a code of honor, or a code of dirty tricks ... it's ... all in the same, just two extremes. Alive by the players ... and not just a fantasy number.

And I like it. I suppose I'm looking forward to find some meaning in it - or to have a 'good reason' to spend time on this - but no ... not everything ... needs to be logical to that degree. And sure, somewhere along those lines there is logic and good reason to be had ... such and such; And stuff ... and stuff.