The Key of David

Revelation 3:7 reads:

    And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;
and ... I guess it is one of a few things ... that I "should have known more about" - to put it with a certainly cynical undertone; As ... I've some time ago decided to 'not go chasing waterfalls'. And since then I had to repent a few times even to come back to that - because it hadn't fully entered my mode of operations yet. It also hasn't ever really been a big big thing so I would write about it all that much - or give it much thought just in general. And like so I even find it difficult to formulate "the issue" at hand.

This issue, more properly regarded, is a form of contention. Imposed contention. And according to the classical rules I would have to defend or counter-offend - or else be conquered. In some places it's known as Gish-galloping - but so from my point of view, where the having of answers is certainly a pivotal ambition. So I would at times try to have all the answers to all the things that bug me - for if I didn't, that would smell like defeat. And to walk away from that, at times, is certainly harder than one might think.

With enough distance from this issue I've learned - and I've internalized it to some degree - that it isn't so much answers that I seek. Not anymore. Certainly not answers to questions that other people are posing; As though we were in a situation where I ought to be able to answer.
But, it sure isn't a black and white situation.
Say - the part about Dinosaurs for instance, as for how they fit into the Bible, that is or can be a good and serious question. And that one I eventually found an answer for; And even so to the point that generally I'd present it as such. An answer to a question. A question that could come from a point of contention arguing against the validity of the Bible or the existence of the Biblical God.
That then stands against questions one might have from a context of belief in UFO's and Extraterrestrials.

That could also imply good and serious questions; But from a point of contention - I would almost argue, that no question is good or serious at any point. And that is then what I used to rather focus on. Uhm ... I mean ... once we there came to an end to "agree to disagree", as it were, each were to return to what feeds each one's individual conviction. And that's ... at the end of the day what counts; And as you might notice - the dominant angle from which I've written the Extensive introduction.

So are facts ever so often just answers to questions that people didn't have to ask.

I also had to remind myself, the last few days, that I should underestimate "the enemy". And this topic right now falls squarely into that. To call it Gish-galloping, I've certainly also not been the only one to notice. The insidious part about it ... well. I've recently heard the story of one ""Dr." John R. Brinkley" (shoutouts to Ines Anoli and "Visa Vie" and their "Weird Crimes" Podcast [in focus: Episode 19]) - who might just have been 'THE' snake-oil salesman. The point being that people would just believe things that some personalities say - and that's why it's difficult if not more or less pointless to basically "Dark Souls" style step through the fog-gate and destroy them with facts and logic, because they either don't care or just make up their own.

But so ... I have a marginal understanding of what might be made up about me. And addressing that ... I wouldn't care much about as; It just doesn't matter. Possibly I'd get it wrong anyway - given that there are a variety of possibilities - and so I'd feel more comfortable not assuming those things and wait for more concrete things to respond to. Which eventually leads to the issue that I might avoid certain topics alltogether. In part due to stress, as for instance from trying to ignore my assumptions.
But so is this topic taking me to one Christian version of how some narrative might go - and ... at any rate might I have to address the matter eventually.

So, asking for "the Key of Peter" - is certainly a question I did have to think about on and off. And it basically sits at the heart of what are to me the most dark and disturbing tales one might extract from the Bible. And possibly the most dark and disturbing ... at large. Just in general.
Now - I have found a way, we might say, to avoid all that nonsense. The idea simply being that this Key is what gives the Antichrist "his" power - presumably the roman emperor at the time of Peter who "tricked" Peter into giving him the key as a gesture of trust or respect and then just noped out of giving it back. That at least is my own go to interpretation, but ... sure ... it's all just ... as good as fanfiction.

It could then also be Peter himself; And maybe two others as in my head he's also got like ... two associates of sorts.

At any rate, it's said to be able to bind things; And what that implies ... who knows? I would think that it did give them some kind of immortality - but also that it is far from ... almighty. So I would think that it got disarmed somewhat before it was handed over - as for how I come to believe in that interpretation. But so, it's mostly just less stressful and disturbing to think of it that way.

And when it comes to the weird part where we're more or less just stuck dealing with their insidious nonsense, puzzled over how come someone can just ... say things, even devoid of all reason, and ... "get away with it" as it were, that does most certainly sound like "something bound in heaven to be so on earth".
At which point this 'heaven' is some kind of ... abstract ... idea-space, rather than the otherworldly divine a.k.a. paradise or whatever.

As for immortality, I so came to think that maybe they retain their memory after death, or might have multiple bodies at a time. So, some kind of metaphysical immortality rather. But who knows?

According to Mormon lore, there is another guy who received one key; And apparently I have at least something similar. But well.

One main ingredient to add the disturbing parts to this, is that last expression of Christ before dying on the cross. "Eli Eli why hast thou forsaken me?" or something like that. As it lends itself to tell a story of something happening that Christ didn't expect - which adds to the "and God repented" statement in the Old Testament to now remove, effectively, omniscience from God and roll with it. Then, in simple terms, the story could be that Christ gave someone power, that someone betrayed him - to eventually even say that Jesus wasn't supposed to be crucified.

And I'm sure it's rather easy to imply me in one way or another.

That narrative I think has a high likelihood to be spread by "them", because it ... does overall remove God from any and all equations; As they'd simply be able to claim of anything that God does, that it's "me" actually - based on the premise that "I" am bad of course.
Then, compared to my understanding of what the Plan of Salvation is all about, anything that "they" could argue for would seem silly to me - as there, I'd say, couldn't be much of a plan but to somehow wait for things to play out, effectively just waiting for me to defeat myself somehow. In the meantime they'd push all the buttons that could set people up for hopelessness and despair so they might think it to be better to just turn dark side.

"Cost of Truth"?
Well ... nah, just bullshit!

Now, the silly thing about me - or my lot in life, as it were - is that I don't really 'know' much about these things. What I've shared here so far is already more than I 'know' - as there isn't much of a way to mention what I know without also moving on into speculations.
But, it's worth highlighting however, how this understanding of the Key of Peter is linked to how religion works these days; And how the scientific method and science and stuff have created a resistance to that; While now, especially surrounding the Trans issue, they're busy creating a foundation whereby now our beliefs - or how we feel - a.k.a. their bullshit - rather, can effectively usurp the narrative.

The last few weeks, that is - since I started the Experiment, have been somewhat insightful. And it somehow coincides with the thing my case-manager at Rehab has focused on. To get in touch with my pro-active side or so ... the weight, generally the positive side, of consequences.

And so, for the time being, I don't have anything better to do.

This verse I quoted initially however gave me pause. To say, if that is how my Key works, well - I mean - I suppose it is. I mean, so the magics of the book for instance. They exist; And I just opened the doors for them to ... exist more.

I then think, that the formulation isn't all that important, as in complex scenarios it's probably just more effective to describe what I want rather than to think in terms of opening and closing doors. I mean, to render the Key of Peter impotent for instance - is then actually a matter of diverting its effects, rather than disabling it. So, it's easier that way than to think of each possibility individually. But, ... then sometimes simple is better - such as, just ... shutting their doors of success and opening mine.

And yea. There's more that I could do, I assume - but I'm also a bit concerned of the reach and subsequent quality ... of my words. But, given that right now I'm not yet really ready to "come out" - for the time being, I also want the doors of success to be opened for social democracy and democracies to thrive; And shut them for authoritarian leaders and aspiring Dictators.

But most importantly, I assume - I might at least try to open the doors for God's will to enter the hearts of the mortal. And maybe - why not - to shut the door for the Key of Peter to manipulate human hearts. I mean ... yea. Whatever. I can't focus on these things right now. I'll have to come back to it some other time.

And of course. Neo-Gnosticism/Modern Gnosis will shine, unadulterated, and a critical mass of people will understand my books - and know how to realize their blessings - for us to dominate global politics. Anti-Christians and the Anti-Christ will fail miserably - and people who terrorize the inhabitants of the earth with war will fail also. The neo-Gnostic revolution will happen in peace; And we'll find a way to save our planet AND travel the stars.

I will get better at doing this and eventually do a more formal revision to expand and improve things. And possibly do away with some not needed stuff.

And everyone who is righteous: Have an awesome time!