A few words on age and transsexuality

It may be so, that the conversation round about this does at this point focus way too much on the treatment side of things. So much so, that transsexuality and whatever treatments are or may be available are possibly even regarded as one and the same thing. And whatever argument one might make to sustain that, also then and therefore is to be applied to all other ailments. So, if you have a headache ... I might derive therefrom that you're just an aspirin adict; A grifter for big pharma pushing some agenda. Like, brainwashing and conditioning parents to teach their kids that drugs are good and such.

And this makes the conversation more complicated. Fact of the matter is, that transsexuality does already manifest at a young age - and what people should be worried about is how to separate that from what other issues there might be that could mask as transsexuality.
And I would imply that there are alternatives to either throwing the book at them and conversion therapy. But we won't make any good progress until we can recognize that transsexuality is real.

And that's that.