How Boomers abandoned Gen-Z

(Using these terms, I don't necessarily imply the respective Generations themself, but the associated mindsets)

Interestingly enough ... I suppose I'm still somewhat locked into writing about Queerness - or Transsexuality in general. And while I think there's plenty of other things I should also be concerned of - this is probably still at the heart of the issue.

And first maybe a little bit of Fanfiction, to settle some kind of a theme here. As a metaphorical underpinning. For that fanfiction, we move into the world of Elden Ring - to take a closer look at the fascinating thing that is called the Scarlet Rot. The Scarlet Rot in brief is yet another disgusting invention from the From Soft team, to have you yet again wade through poisonous terrain without it yet merely being just another swamp. And as that, it also lends itself to a variety of interesting and even beautiful thematic settings.
Lore-wise, I assume, the Scarlet Rot is however - as to also explain more of what it is - assumed to be the manifestation of another "outer God". Think of them maybe as plot-devices to populate the world with interesting stuff. Such as conflict. Scarlet Rot is however also the theme of "My Girl" Malenia, as a person that has, I think, been born with this infliction - and is by the way also responsible for the entirety of Caelid being infested with it. As such, she is somehow lauded to be a Goddess, or a Chosen Vessel, whatever.
My fanfiction now comes in to argue, that the Scarlet Rot isn't Rot in and of itself. I'm not sure how it would fit into the actual lore, but ... my fanfiction requires that it used to manifest itself in other ways. Ways so different, nobody would link the two together. As "the Evil" - symbolically: The Elden Beast - turned against the Lands Between - it thereby rejected this ... "other thing", and through this rejection, it turned into Rot. So is the Rot not even the Scarlet Rot itself - or what is at its core - but rather a manifestation of the Elden Beast's or whatever ... rejection of what is at its heart.

This certainly is a good metaphor for a lot of things that go wrong in this world. It is as violence begets violence.

To dig into the substance of it, is there what we individually have as belief-structures. And usually it is the job of science to figure out which way to look at certain things, by confirming that the implied understanding is correct. So, things fall down ... being a rather simple recognition. From that we learned to derive the concept of Gravity, alias: A mathematical concept that accurately predicts the falling of stuff; And thereby also elaborates on the concept of falling; Such that we can for instance calculate something such as "escape velocity" - which is to say, how much force is needed to make an object fall less than it goes up for it to escape the gravitational pull of ... "where-ever down is".

And technically, there is a lot to unpack there. So in the ongoing complications between reality and Flat Earthers, one of the core beliefs I've seen repeated, would be an understanding that up and down are universal and immutable truths. Or say, Euclidian. So - because that is how they think, they aren't capable of understanding how "up" in the sense of gravity is simply away from the closest "gravity well". That usually being a "point source" means, that UP extends spherically from it.
That comes with implications. So does a pilot not have to constantly adjust "for curvature" - as also because the plane itself is in a constant equilibrium. For once it is constantly pulled down, but also gets a constant up-lift through its wings. And so, all the pilot has to do, is to avoid 'falling to the ground' and all is taken care of.

Which is literally the job of a pilot.

So, the problem that Flat Earthers have, is literally consumed within the most basic understanding - to a degree that their questions don't even matter. There so is no accounting for the curve, because what is to be actually accounted for, is far more immediate and important.
And that is also to say, that when it comes to reality itself, the truth isn't really optional. There is not much room for points of view. There is a right way of looking at things - and having internalizd that, will allow one to make accurate predictions and stuff. Having however internalized other nonsense that challenges those key concepts, will have someone be in a position of disbelief - literally and intrinsically - eventually looking for answers in a form that doesn't exist. So, saying that the earth looks flat and therefore is flat - doesn't have a direct counter position, other just than saying it: The earth is a spheroid.

As a thinking-bridge for that, think of ore. Ore - until we learned that there is metal in there - would have simply been regarded as stone. Because, effectively, that's what ore is. Stone. For all we cared. Though in truth, it's stone laced with metal - and learning to extract that metal from the stone is what helped us advance, technologically speaking. That is to say, if you're looking at a proverbial stone - unwilling to acknowledge that it can be more than just rock - you'll, metaphorically speaking, be stuck in the stone-ages.

"The Problem" with non-binary people

In this instance, I mean to exaggerate something, or be a bit blunt, to get a particular point accross. The issue concerns "transness" as perpetuated by "the LGBTQIA agenda" - as being relatively stupid. I might also headline this concern as

The Trans-medicalist Truth

as it promotes what was once upon a time called "Snowflakeishness" or something. One point that skeptics of transness bring up in that regard is, that incongruences are effectively just a part of life - and one simply has to deal with it. While correct, it is however also wrong - because as we "suck up" too much negativity, we can, in the proverbial sense, go sour. Perhaps even so directed at ones self. But that is a different story.

At the heart of it, I would highlight the gender-fluid or agendered individual as "King" - as they effectively are closest to "the immutable truth", which is that the spirit doesn't really have gender. In that sense, they're constantly dealing with some incongruence that their yet existent sex imposes upon them, but this incongruence doesn't reach levels of severity as someone who experiences incongruence with the way their body functions. That then is called dysphoria; And has widely recognized as a medical justification for gender affirming treatment.
What has since popped up, is the "one doesn't need dysphoria to be trans" crowd, which may have prior to that just been regarded as "being Queer" or - nothing in particular.

As an example: I'm at a point in my transition, where I'm reasonably comfortable. What I still do have issues with - apart from some appearances - is my voice. It does however not really cause me dysphoria - at worse I suffer discomfort that I can however live with. And I think it is some kind of mental health issue ... in that the "one doesn't need dysphoria to be trans" crowd requires an acceptance of transness, that may very well extend into the domain of "things that ordinary people used to be able to deal with".

Or so can we easily enter territory, in which the effective transness of a person is "utterly miniscule", compared to what would warrant concerns.

However can that not remove the perceived facts an individual holds of themself. And I still believe that the upholding of warped, toxic or flatout ridiculous gender norms only boosts an individuals ... perhaps even need ... to identify as "non-cis" ... .
What we then have at hand here - is a need for society to acknowledge these truths, as to make room for the contained sanity to manifest itself; Rather than imposing these nonsensical concepts onto unwilling individuals. As that is flat-out torture.

So am I saying, that whatever balance there is to be had - cannot really come from one "out-winning" the other, but from "the most" people coming to the sane conclusions that perpetuate peace and love.

Gnosis/Christianity is NOT a dogmatic religion

Which is possibly where believers struggle the most when it comes to arguing against ... well ... bigots/the bigoted kind of believer or so called. They so will insist on some conceived dogma, asking for where the Bible refutes that. The refutation thereof is in the fact, that the logic of the Gospel is a critique against dogma

Dogma is what got Christ crucified.

So is Dogmatic Religion, or a dogmatic adherance to the divine, as the aforementioned Elden Beast - or whatever - that further means to subjugate Life to its so called "Golden Order", failing to recognize that Life itself is far greater than any dogma can capture. But as divergence from this Order is then regarded as heretic or evil or such - it gets conceived and treated as ... Rot. People who then expose certain traits may end up regarded as spoiled - allthewhile life itself can never really HEAL under such oppression.

And so we come to the headline. The point being, that younger generations - or so: Generally more open-minded individuals - have an easier time adjusting to life as it happens; And thus their belief structures are more in line with the state of the art. Older Generations then would move on to forsake them the fruits of those structures - as there is an insistence on maintaining the olden things.

Make sense of it!

One more thing

It seems as though I have to make one more thing clear about myself. I will become Queen of this planet - its sole sovereign ruler for some time - even if just for the sake of everyone's sanity.