As your leader ...

well, I think it is my duty to inform you of my thinking process there.

So, you know how sometimes things are just happening the way they do? Something like fate, but ... a little bit different?

Hmm ... now that I think of it ... what even is fate? ... Well, to me - in this instance - we might call it a theory of how things are supposed to be; So when things happen that fit our ambitions ... we might call it that. To that, there is a dash of "fake it til you make it" in there. Like ... walking down the streets and always acting like you catch a ball - so maybe one day, when a ball flies towards you, you catch it - and it's ... like meant to be.
Except ... we have our ways ... things we just do ... and might think to ourselves: Wouldn't it be nice if I had a thing for that thing?

But well - that is also part of the mythos of the modern philosophy of labour; And oddly enough, usually not mentioned along the lines of the American Dream. But this whole ... do what you love thing - sure is one thing that does make intuitive sense to everyone but the disillusioned.
I argue.

And how sad is it to be disillusioned that way?

So, there's a strange thing that happened. Well, I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and things got a little uncomfortable - who would have guessed? But on and off I do so ... and it turns out that going back isn't an option ... or resonating with my ambitions. And it occurred to me earlier today ... just how to express that discomfort. The story be like: So, I express my ambitions to be Queen, people highlight how the concept of a Monarchy is against all I argued for - and so people are pretty certain that I'm not going to be that. Yet, somehow, for having expressed my interest to be Queen - am associated to this Monarchy thinking - except that I'm not. But so, being a Queen ... is what I am. But if that is that - and I'm not that - then what am I?
In other words: I feel that enough of myself can be seen as hinging on my royalty - so that this idea of Monarchy worked as some kind of filter. To say that I'm no Queen ... then leaves me with no identity. Does that make sense?

It's some esoteric/ETP nonsense - whereby the concept of Monarchy is taken to basically lock myself behind a wall of some sort - to say, it serves as a rhetoric device to confound what ... well ... "I'm about" ... to put it that way.

That then ... is one of many ... we might call them: shake-ups ... as they occur, rattling our cage - requiring us to adjust. Somehow. We might regard them as opportunities to grow. As ... ever so often we form beliefs - part of which is good and part of it is bad. When things get shaken up - we are stressed to re-evaluate. But that can also lead to ... chaos and confusion.

And so - often enough these shake-ups are very well just bad, if there's no resolution. But that can also be exploited ... as part of the chaos and confusion there could be unsavory ... "resolutions".

So - to be clear about it, I don't want to take on the burden of world-domination ... as it were. Or any kind of political responsibilities for that matter. I want to do as I please ... with the privileges and influence to make that count. As for ... one of the things I might do with my spare time.

Another way to look at it - or something about it - is to start by comparing power to a toy - and some of the people on this planet are as little kids fighting over that toy - and I'm the responsible adult that has to take that toy away ... so the rest can do what needs to be done.

As for power ... I guess the only thing hard to come by is the privilege to literally do as I please - while being above reproach in doing so. To say that if I were to want someone to be executed ... I could have it so - and everyone would have to be fine with it.

But so - my responsibility with this shake-up is to re-enforce the ideas that make the idea strange to begin with. And I suppose the best way to do that ... is to come back to the part where Christ is King. In that regard - existence is a Monarchy, there is one King; But the entire concept of what royalty implies ... revolves around different things when we're talking of THE actual God - as opposed to some odd human being.

And to that, as some people may have questions of that kind, I understand one core philosophy to be, that we wouldn't need a King ... or God, for that matter, if we knew or learned how to cooperate properly. So would the wise (human) King rely on trustworthy advisors ... as for things where expertise is paramount. And following that logic, we must come to a point where common sense can take care of most things. Although sure there are positions of authority that cannot be removed - the premise of us partaking in the social construct of our common wealth should be that we - as a collective - have as much of a "say" concerning exactly those positions as possible.

However - at the end of the day - there still is, in the abstract at least, this need for a final authority on things. The problem with that is ... layered into the confusion I think people have with the concept of recognizing "my Monarchy". So, in the schemes of who answers to whom - in as far as such schemes exist - we might speak of 'orientation'. Or so, whom people look to for leadership - and how much is furthermore routed through it. To say, how many of the critical elements look to that same leadership - and subsequently: How much of it is "swalloed" by it. That problem takes us to "the worldly scheme of Monarchy" or so: An issue with power. So to the point where people would speak of 'absolute authority' or 'totalitarianism'. The Dark Ages - per chance - where all critical leadership is as far removed from the ordinary person as possible.

God's leadership - as a King - as always been opposed to that. And so is mine - as His Queen. So, what's the point then? Well, eventually we'll get to that. It is however at this point to be said, that God did after all require a Temple for Himself. And whether or not I would do the same - is complicated, though sure ... I've been flirting with the idea of living in a castle for a long time.
The issue is, that these things aren't necessarily egotistical - for as long as they serve ... a function. One that is beneficial to most if not all. Or so: All ... whether directly or not. Well ...

As for the abstract to the authority problem - I coined the term: Delta Commander - though back then I was thinking more so in terms of "the (chosen) One" - as to derive a natural or automated claim for that position. We might think of them as "the President of the Planet" - though because we're talking of a different concept of authority and leadership ... that term might be misleading; As much as one might feel that I don't have an automatic claim in that. Though, in part ... that feeling might be why this is also some kind of arm-wrestling match. So, the part where I have to apply some kind of force to take away that toy.

And sure - round about here people would have stoped trusting me - for they wouldn't think one could be worthy of this degree of privilege - while yet, in the abstract, at the same time, granting it to ... "the shadow cabal" or whatever.

Anyway - I suppose ... I never quite got around being really explicit about it. So - my idea of - or for - these central powers is ... to relegate them ... to positions of public service. So, moderators ... press, media ... or more generally: Communication. For so ... the big topics ... for once need to be communicated for us to make choices ... and so as they need to be communicated, there need to be people doing so. As thereby we generally want to operate on an: everyone is free to do their thing kind of basis - we might call it "para democratic" - the proad mass of processing eventually needs to come back to a point where it can be ... shaped or boiled down. All in all this is ... I guess, esoterically speaking, we might call it: A hall of echoes and reflections. And so is there a Delta Command - as, ... people who basically can't help themselves but wade through the dirt of the public discourse. In that regard, I would ... maybe just as a symbolical thing at this point ... also look for a successor. And at this point ... the most promising individual I've seen that fits the idea I'm having ... goes by the name: Conure.

Eventually the idea isn't really all that well put together just yet - but at some point it also intersects with Military concerns. Though the military - as any other ... pillar ... has its own structures - the challenge of leadership or governance or cooperation or the likes ... comes down to unifying the different avenues around a unifying ... thing. Which has classically been the leader of a nation. And ... I don't know how to say it ... as ... it's one of those "non-issues" that's been some kind of a thing in my mind that I wouldn't take all that seriously because it's so far removed from what I know ... but eventually it might, or actually: should, come to the point where I am to expect as to be expected ... some kind of top level clearance to all things everything.

Naturally that wouldn't include what we might call seperatist strongholds - but if we want to open up ... towards a better tomorrow - that level of high level unity has to be accomplished ... in a good way.

And if I'm only involved as a gesture of politeness and "why the F not?" - that might be good enough.

As for royalty and castle/temple stuff - one part of it might come rather easy. I'm sure I'd eventually have my supporters and my entourage - to the point where I publically would be more of a collective than an individual; And while those things could be compared to feverless fever-dreams ... one thing I already know - as something that is somewhat imperative to this whole thing - is that I don't want to deal with money. Or so - if things were to be built in my honor, lets say - or anything for that matter, generally speaking - resorting to the idea of "we can because money" is the lazy way ... . It's like cheating - as it isn't really ... the way we, or I, want things to go. So ... using money as leverage to get things done is perverse to me; Though probably inevitable to some extent. So yea, at least when it comes to peoples willingness.

But ... that's me exhausted for now ... so ... I bid you fare well for now. Have a nice one!