An end to the Terror - part 2

What I meant to tell you about, has to do with some kind of Master Key that I may or may not have access to. I've been playing around with it for a while now - and ... yea ... there is an ordinarily to it - to say that I have a hard time trusting these things. As in - so far I've had a hard time doing so.

So I tried to ignore those things - up unto ... I had the occasion to look into it again, so, as per the experiment.

Regarding that, there's another thing I did once, that's been around for a while - something that worked ... and ... I suppose I forgot that I ... basically made it.
It's ... uh ... "Hakkun" (pronounced: Ha'koon). A shorthand for a blessing spoken (or whispered) onto consumables to ... well ... bless it. Or ... dispel potential harm from it.

The thing is - I did that sortof how I went about the experiment. To just ... write out what I wanted it to be. Basically. As far as I recall. I think I then went on to burn the paper to give it some ritualistic sense ... I don't know. But well ...

That then is separate to this ... key in my mind. A key and keyhole - and I'd twist it and turn it to get things done, but ... I suppose that may have to do with some kind of "child safety" ... that nothing ever came of that.

And ... with the latter ... I generally associate ... some kind of a mess. So, I suppose I'll focus mostly on that for now. I mean, I've been thrown on a bit of an internal rambling on the matter of what we might call "Spirit Wars". And sure ... that South Park Episode where Cartman pretends being Psychic ... certainly comes to mind. Yet it didn't take 'that' to make me think that it's cringe.

It's like ... ground zero of batshit crazy ... .

Though I suppose I should put it more politely - it's one of those issues I tend to ignore that yet somehow occupies a large part of my ... "meta reality". In that regard, I've pretty early established a sort of policy of non involvement. To keep the fuck away from it - to not try and ... keep it out of my system.

And I think there's plenty floating around to maybe convince someone of the opposite. This thing would also make a great cover for people who do shady stuff ... as whatever it is, they can just play the "Spirit Wars" card unto potentially suspicious eyes and ears. And those who fell for it - are obviously going to think that obviously I'd be ... trying to get people to stop it. But in my opinion, engaging in it makes Don Quixotte's work seem meaningful by comparison.

I mean ... well. That Voyager Episode I keep bringing up comes to mind. People so get dropped into what seems to be a war zone, they hear stories of the vile enemy and heroic sacrifice. Eventually then they'll get really angry - and that's when someone will put a rifle into their hand and send them straight into a battle they actually don't have the first clue about.

And that's kindof the issue. Something is going on for sure. There certainly is a war to be fought - somehow. But to fight it right, you first need to understand what side you're on!

So - I generally don't like the whole subject. This whole Spirit War thing ... I wouldn't even know what the point were. Well, spiritual hygiene maybe - but ... what happens in real life ... in the non-spirit world ... is, in my oppinion, the hard part to that pollution.

Like, to somehow pick up on where I left off, paranoia. I mean, when you think about it - a lot of the nonsense that keeps dragging us down these days can all be ascribed to it. We might call it paranoid skepticism. That sure is the one bugging me personally the most. I'm not immune to it, but I'd say that my Oracle Cards are some kind of tool that might help combat it. But at the end of the day my money is on people getting into the ninedom.

But so, this key thing. Whenever I playd with it - I kept expecting some change. And I suppose that's what'd take me into this "Spirit Wars" headspace. This idea, that things work or change or do ... in the invisible ... that affect us but we're unaware of it ... and one needs to learn to see ... it.

But then, on the other hand, it's only really a thing if you let it. I'd argue. Maybe it's more complicated ... or sure it is ... but to what end?

I mean, in reality - I'm also somewhat out of my depth when it comes to that. So have I been telling you here that all I really did was try to ignore it. As for what I've grown accustomed to ... the focus is on other things. Like ... running your head into a wall in the hopes it'll go away is ... somewhat silly - especially if there's something like a door nearby.
So, metaphorically speaking. But more like ... if there's a fire ... rather than trying to blow away the smoke, you try to extinguish the fire. And sure, with narrow or ... selectively little information on the matter ... that may sound like a call for genocide. Which is really just one more nuisance that makes me want to look for ways to not deal with any of it.

So, then again - I'm in the same boat. Thinking of ... intangible things ... that might ... fix things.

Anyhow. I mean, one of the first things I'd try ... concerning the idea of having a Master Key ... is to undo things or to shut him/them/her out ... and to be real - I suppose I never felt like any of it did anything and thus naturally couldn't believe it. Leaving that "thing" in me.
If I can trust my senses on this ... then ... I may have done something that did significantly change the game ... and I suppose that actually concludes my responsibilities on this matter so far.

So yea, maybe this was kind of random ... but ... I guess that's the nature of the beast at this point.

I mean - I feel like there's something missing ... so, probably to be continued ...