Oopsie - and stuff (I think this may be important)

Sortof. Maybe more so in a trivial sense. The thing is: Prior to the recent apology, the bottom two Glyphs may have worked kind of like ... in support of what we may call "the MAGA Republic". I realized that since I took a closer look at them, after the apology. SO, ... sorry. And ... how is this?

So, when it comes to it - I ... haven't really wiped the Key, as it were. So far. I may have tried, but then I either did it wrong or that's not how it works - but I also think ... more to the point ... that God advises me against it.
So, in as far as this is a thing ... there might still be a few things ... active doing things. And some might even be good. Yet, in consequence, using terms like "the truth" ... were up until I noticed it ... still somehow defaulting to that of the "MAGA republic" - alongside some ... safety to not by accident have these kinds of things refer to the actual God ... I would call it.
But that now also means, that this element ... of "MAGA truth" ... is no more.

But so, regardless of whether this mattered to you or not, well. I think most of what now might lead to suspicion has already been discussed. So, what is truth? How to escape the effects of the Key? Or ... how to trust me?

And I've been unrestful until I acknowledged that I had to write about this ... because, probably ... I didn't have the mental energy right then and there - and waking up today I found it to be somewhat trivial.

And while I'm here ... I thought like there were some other things I might wanna write about.

But - I mean, let's ... . First of all, I find it ... appalling, what the Key has been used for - apparently; And certainly ... thinking of how viciously I found myself being harassed by "it" sometimes ... I ... . I mean, I guess we can say that there's the divine equivalent of a really juicy lawsuit they'll have to deal with. So, I guess ... "it's all coming together" ... somehow.

And feeling more like myself without all of that 'baggage' - it's been somewhat refreshing. "Go figure".

And one reason not to "wipe the key" then might be to create a glyph through which one could glimpse at how things were. Like ... looking at ruins. Or a snow globe. But I don't think it's too too urgent right now.
I still have to figure how to go about it ...

But ... uhm ... yea ... I ... think that's it for now ... .