Well, initially I thought I could maybe reflect on how I don't trust myself - how I lack faith in myself - being, maybe, afraid to learn that my shit does stink. But ... it didn't seem like I had much to go on and thus thought I should dedicate to some time off perhaps. Something I thought I'd have time for but apparently not.

I mean, it's ... like ... I keep on seeing cool shit that could happen - just in time to learn that it's actually too late for that.
But ... uhm ... tss.

Anyhow - while wasting my time in front of a screen - I figured that I might write about some YouTube drama, as it certainly fits the headline.
I'd tell myself though, that there can't possibly be a point to it - as, Drama on YouTube ... it comes and goes although it also tends to repeat itself. At occasion we get a "why I left the left" type of situation - and looking back at characters that left the left - it's hard for me to not see them as nutjobs. The further back we go, the more unhinged they are these days. Though, there sure seems to be ... some kind of competitiveness to it.

On another note I find it weird ... how often someone's personal drama get's like ... smeared all accross the various nooks and crannies behind my YouTube feed. And how often someone's personal struggles get woven into some kind of attack against them. It's like ... people want to be ... laugh and hate at them for having had a bad time - but they can't and so they somehow ... find a way to spin it.
Part of that Drama is that other side however. How ever so often we learn that people haven't been all that well - though we thought otherwise. It's sad and disheartening - and honestly somewhat depressing. But I can relate as I do, or did, feel really down on and off myself.

And also a part of this unholy trinity is the occasional "how to left right!" - which is where the diverse opinions that the various content creators hold combine into Megazords of who's doing what right or wrong when why and how.

In essence I think there are three or four, depending on where you want to set the goalpost, 'schools' of leftist thought. There are the "wokescolds", there is "the edgy left", then there are tankies and then there those that want to be left outside of all that. Libs, SocDems - generally speaking: 'progressives' that don't want to really want to dissociate, we might say, from real life actual politics we might say; Is a fair description I guess.

Now - I wonder if this is a discussion we need to have. I mean, I'm starting to feel as though I'd have to write a Manifesto of sorts - outside of what I've done already, that might be taken that way. And by that point the conversation would be somewhat mute. There'd be my goalpost - and ones individual distance from it. Well, if it could be that simple.

Because, eventually it's not. I sure think to see certain group dynamics - where individuals will side with or against someone, depending on whom they personally associate with. And I wonder if I might have an influence to that as well.
I mean ... it sometimes does sure seem that way; Or at least ... do things behave as though.
Anyhow - people eventually side with their friends - and per chance end up constructing an argument that is perfectly in line with those that they attack. And so is there peer pressure in play that sure seems to, occasionally, outweigh whatever it is a given individual is supposed to stand for. Though what one is supposed to stand for - I suppose is often enough an issue that does spark some of these Dramas.

So - eventually it would after all be pointless to engage with this on a matter of ideology or ideas or beliefs or principles. Whether I'm explicitly supporting one or not - wouldn't change the fact that people might agree with me - and so either way a connection is being established due to which I might find myself responsible for something someone has said at some point - because around so and so many corners we stand connected.
And so I again have to wonder as to whether there's a point to it at all - as I'm per chance just engaging with whatever is going on inside of my own bubble. And that, most likely, in a very parasocial way.

One legitimate reason to do so, would be a matter of shared interests. And though in this instance those are mostly matters of the overseas - it might still be a good start.

So, if you're up to it, we're going to take a short dive into my Bubble.

Now, what constitutes my Bubble - is a bit layered. And that's important. So, I might have a list of individuals I'm currently watching - at a time where I feel that all of them are pretty much ... in tune with whatever I'm concerned about. I might then share this list - and things would move on to shift and change. There was a time where I was quasi endorsing Joe Rogan - for instance. I find Neil DeGrasse Tyson to be an interesting figure, Joe's Friend Duncan is someone I really loved to hear talk - I was positively surprised to see TJ and Kyle on the show - and his passively curious stance made for a pleasant environment for ... interesting verbal background noise. And shortly after I like ... committed to this appreciation by expressing a favorable attitude - sortof - things went the other way. So, there is that. It's almost like - now that they have my endorsement, they can run off with it. Well, so it would seem. I might also think, that they were secretly playing for the other team all along and therefore somehow just can't exist in the glory of my appreciation. On the other side of that story are however those that ... have proven themselves, so-to-speak. And in-between ... there's a spectrum.

Some would appear to grow as along with me - some might be a few steps ahead in some instances - some might just be doing what they're doing and just maintain a certain quality thereby. And therein and in-between - I may have to highlight - it isn't really as simple as: "along with me" and "against me". So - thinking of Conure for instance, I still feel like they're doing fine though they might need a bit of help concerning what I may have shouldered upon them. Thinking of Hasan ... I feel like he - at least at first - didn't really want to be mentioned in any way. And sure: Mandatory disclaimer: I don't even know whether or not to trust these impressions. It's probably some kind of ... parasocial schizophrenia.
And so I'd just focus on motions that seem to align with my output. Whether that be direct or incidental - independent or what - isn't really a thicket I want to get into.

So, in terms of "outstanding(ly positive) appearances" - there are TJ Kirk and the DFF guys, Vaush and the Majority Report. On the positive yet somewhat slacking side I find Shark3ozero and Kyle - though the further I'd be going, the more I'd have to acknowledge that I'm not really that invested into things. So, yes - as per what 'school' I'm most in line with - it's the "edgy" types.

And the edgy types - well - they don't go well with the wokescolds.
My impression is this: The wokescolds try to - I guess we could say: "afflict" change by being really hard on inclusive language and other methods of virtue signaling - while the edgy types more so wear their flaws on their sleeves. And respectively ... the wokescolds take issue with that.
To turn one in on the wokescolds - I'd have them think about how it comes across when I'm now telling the world, that one of the grievances they've had against one of the edgy types - is about noodles and dumplings. I maybe can't comment on it because I'm only shocked at the sight of it - and didn't dare to step beyond what was served to me at the time. But yea, apparently a white woman writing a cook book about noodles and dumplings was racist - and I have to wonder, whether I even understand what we're talking about. I mean ... I understand, that Dumplings are what I know as Knödel. And let me tell you, From the end of France to where people start using Cyrillic letters and from the end of Scandinavia to the start of the Mediterranean, Knödel are a traditional food. We have a lot of different types of Knödel - some as big as loafs of bread and some as small as bite sized. I even have a favorite type of Knödel - as there is actually quite a diversity of Knödel.
When it comes to Noodles - well. We have Dampfnudel - which is like a desert that looks like a Knödel but is named as a Noodle and actually isn't much of either. We have spätzle that I think are a type of Noodle. And yea, then there's also Pasta. I mean, you cannot tell me ... .
But then, worse case scenario, I may have to learn (I don't know) that we're talking of Asian Noodles and Dumplings - at which point I'm not having a point to be snarky anymore - and I'd have an easier time making my point had I not exposed myself for a fool. But the point still stands. It's silly!

Or is it?

I mean, do we want to live in a world where white people are prohibited from engaging with other cultures, or do we want to live in a world where people of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds have an equal opportunity to share of their own and experiences with others?

So, that's a perspective to think about - as ... the problem often seems to be a kind of ... I'd usually refer to it as "fart sniffing". And sure, nobody is sniffing more farts than those on the right. It seems to be how they cope.
For wokescolds it seems to be more of a guilty pleasure.

I mean, I think that from their perspective it looks more like this: While they are going around the internet trying to encourage inclusive behavior and all that - they see the edgy types as shitting into their faces while "platforming" right wing figures. So to them that would look like a circlejerk of problematic individuals broadcasting problematic sentiments. PIBPS. (If you need some 5 hours of background noise ... you might want to check out Streamers and Video Essayists React to djmuel's Hitpiece "Xanderhal is not your ally" as an example of wokescolding gone wrong.
So is there however this ... it might be a Meme at this point: "Vaush bad". But, well, I'm yet another Trans Woman that Vaush can add to his "this is actually the most disgusting hitpiece i have ever seen"@1:19:20. Well, sortof.)
I mean, it's all the very definition of a he said she said; While to me the very instance of starting one such he said she said is in and of itself an action, that has to compare to the type of stuff I'm actually interested in.

Takes it to a point.

But, technically we're still in the 'sympathizing with the wokescolds' segment - ... - though all I can find is that to them I think the ed... the PIBPS appear like ... producing nothing of value. And to be perfectly honest - I do sometimes wonder what the worth of it is when time and time again ... things don't actually seem to move forward. Which basically implies as much as ... that the feeling is mutual and everyone has their own way of coping with it.

So, some time ago - 2 or 3 month maybe - I stumbled upon this YouTuber, Foreign Man in a Foreign Land - and I found his content to be quite interesting and insightful. So I was somewhat shocked to find, just recently, that he joined the "Vaush Bad" camp. Or probably had been a part of it all along. And now I feel as though I only enjoyed his content for some ... exotic leftie brownie points. And still, so through Vaushes response (at least the part I've seen so far), the two basically agree on what I'd say are the things that matter.

In other words, do I at this point not see what would prevent either of them from entering the Ninedom - though I can see why Foreign Man would think that he might not want to/shouldn't. At least I can vaguely imagine a puff of smoke that may translate into as much.
That however has nothing to do with the substance - but all to do with the appearances.

And speaking of appearances ... I do find myself on the side of ... trying to not put too much weight on it. Else things just get super superficial and ...

Here's the thing: telling people how to look ... "or else" ... is not what I'd consider to be the right way forward.
And I find it frustrating when appearances become the breaking point. Sure might I blame Vaush for instance for being maybe a bit too provocative - but in order to advance into a better tomorrow, we need to be able to engage with each other ... 'as is'.

So - we therefore have to eventually talk about "Dogwhistles" and the matter of "perpetuating toxic stereotypes" or what have you. I'd start here by saying, that I think this problem is primarily a "key" problem. I mean, sure. Looking at some "worse of Vaush" compilation - we have it all. White man saying the N-word while being condescending towards woman - a, we might say, sail of hateful bigotry expanded into all of its glory by ... I would say: Radical pressure.

But functionally, those aren't 'dogwhistles' nor 'perpetuating something something' - as those statements do not exist in the type of context or environments where that matters. Relatively speaking. So, yea - to a "She who must not be named" (the Author of Harry Potter) he might have done just that ... a.k.a. perpetuating misogynistic sentiment - but did do so in defense of Trans people. Now, some Trans people took offense to that because ... it harmed their image in a way that was a bit too on the nose. That is: The TERF position is, that trans women are men that appropriate womanhood as a tool of further oppression. And Vaush being like "woman shut up" to her - yea, is what it is. Can I defend it? Well, Vaush - I think - is of the opinion that it doesn't make a difference anyway. She doesn't like Trans people - and she'll latch onto anything that confirms it. As TERFs do. And I happen to agree with that. So was Vaush, in my perception, not Misogynistic towards 'women', but towards 'a cunt'.

Which is a term that I suppose crosses many people's minds ... respective to her.
Whether we then are in a position or mind of saying it or not.

If a Woman is on someone's show however - and she makes good points and the dude then has to pull up degrading stereotypes that people have of women - like, per chance, that they aren't capable of independent thought - that is ... perpetuating toxic attitudes. To say, or imply, that those attitudes exist - perhaps hidden behind a mask of friendliness and inclusivity - and become visible once certain lines are being crossed.

I am yet to see an example of Vaush being disrespectful to a woman on basis of her being a woman. What Vaush does is, that he finds a reason to be condescending to someone and then eventually starts throwing "the Book of Vaush" at them. So also the term "Tenderqueers". It's no term I use or ever had to use - but ... I share a somewhat negative attitude towards ... "it". And this is possibly a thing that only affects and matters to trans people - where I think that there are those of us that have come to a point of self-acceptance against the need for constant affirmation. And then in turn seeing trans people grow into a state of dependency on affirmation; And the kind of Drama that evolves from that - it makes me a little bit angry. Not as something personal - but just ... yea, like someone hurting themselves. Cutting themselves. And relying on it as a source of comfort. Something that makes you wonder "why" and maybe desperate to think of something that might help them - while affirmation is apparently the exact opposite of what they need. Transphobia however ... doesn't help either. Although, I guess, you could call it a form of Transphobia. Though it's not an attack against their identity or existence - but behavior of self-pity.
It's something that has to be pointed out eventually - and ... that's also one reason why I'm actually glad that r/Traaaaa has been shut down. I mean, it's way too common on Trans and Queer boards to find Trans people begging for affirmation. And it just ... becomes tiresome. And also takes attention away from stories that matter. And then some person that has had too much of it might let off a snarky comment and ... there you go.

And sure - on the other side of "that spectrum" you find the likes of Blair White or Candace Owens - people so who flip the concept of ... "inner circle phobia" on its head. I mean - one can, as a black person, argue that they should be more open to white people. Or one can, as a black person, argue that slavery was good actually. I can, as a German, say that Germany is great actually - some other can, as a German, say that everything was better when Nazis. So, pro-whiteness or "German Patriotism" - being not universally just one thing.

So yea - it is then however by incidence - and a common unawareness of the matter - that "Transphobia" from Transes against Tenderqueers seems to play into the hands of Transphobes - while Transphobes on the other hand would or might abuse our statements to appropriate them for their reasons.
And it is more so this attitude that labels both sides as Transphobic and Evil and stuff ... that makes it nigh impossible to talk about the nuance, with nuance and all that good stuff. It's ... if you don't want people to hide behind their labels - you shouldn't turn them into monoliths that cannot be circumnavigated.

But yea, uhm - that's that off my chest ...