"Where shit floats on top"

Ahw ... yea ... what an inspiring headline!
I mean ... inspired!

I mean - there's an easy concept; And it doesn't necessarily pertain to shit in any way. I did, well, have to ponder about what I wrote previously - about that "Life Be My Song" part - to maybe flesh out some statement or understanding.

And - yea. I suppose there is this potentially loaded situation of "personal responsibility" ... and choices and how one's individual actions can be weighed against them in the face of law and such things. To me it is part of a recurring topic - which is possibly even older than the teachings of Jesus. And in simplest Christian terms it is about Mercy and Forgiveness.

Part of understanding this, is to understand the reasons behind the need for it. Why do we live in sin, or are at least born into it? What is our part to it? What is our ... way out? Such and such.

The concept in simplicity - and I'm sure I've written of it to some capactiy here and there, though now it also comes with a neat headline - is, we might say: "A system creates its own Nobility". So yea, technically that's now the Gnostic version of describing systemic issues such as systemic racism.

Like so - Conservatives don't seem to be able to agree whether to blame nature or nurture for these and those problem. Sometimes it's this, sometimes it's the other - though apparently it can never be both because that were too complicated I assume. When it's about gays and transes - so - it, to them, is nurture, obviously. Except when it's systemic racism, then it, to them, is nature - of course.
And in as far as Conservatives are unwilling to comprehend Gender - they remove themselves from understanding concepts such as ... we might call it: "The immutability of the individual soul". And since that is where Gender comes from, it is practically given that here, nature > nurture. Or, conversely, that the false form of nurture leads to conflicts with nature - and that is more or less universally a part of the problem here.

Nature for instance implies that we must eat. We also exist as social beings - co-dependent on those that live around us; And in all that we strive for some kind of personal satisfaction. Well being. Balance. To that end - there's "the society" that shapes us - and according to that we move on to apply ourselves. This is the nurture aspect to it.


If you clicked the link and watched on until you fell off a chair or something ... just to realize that it keeps on going ... well, you've just experienced a nurture aspect of the world we live in. Filtered. Twice.
So - in this instance we can still ... appreciate PragerU's efforts to ... bring us the hard facts. Where however - it's like, the same kind of people that advocate for corporal punishment in schools are the same kind of people that would here tell us that being too strict on them kids is bad actually. And it really comes off as, that Guns must be legal so kids can blow off some steam.

It doesn't have to make logical sense because not every aspect of human behavior is logical. Or, it is logical - but the individual logic isn't necessarily empirical or rationally sane.

So do we here also take averages. We learn that kids probably don't have the freedoms or opportunities or leading examples or any of that - other than perhaps bad ones that then get them into trouble - and uhm, Guns by the way. These all are like ingredients that get thrown into a pot - and what comes out is relatively self-evident.

So, yea. People may be able to defend the utility of corporal punishment as not at odds with being more lenient - and yea, I'd even agree that corporal punishment may be better than just expelling kids from school. Though it would seem as though either way is more like trying to fight a forest fire with a bucket of water.

So could we quibble over the details - but so: If you don't create healthy environments for people to thrive in - and instead double down on any and all potentials for angerment and dissatisfaction - you're not really working on a real solution.

But sure. Assuming that the concept is being understood - we can move on that usually there's both, the good and the bad, that somehow comes floating to the top. It's not only shit that swims - as it were. And technically society has thus far not lifted me to the top - so - I might not be in a position to speak. But ... all that might be a problem for another time.

So yea ... food for thought ...