The Fandom Menace - Aftermath

I ... personally ... have a HYUUUUUUUDGE ... overlap with matters ... at least formerly associated with what is by occasion known as the Fandom Menace. It is, in essence, that part of the post 2016 era of the anti-SJW "community" that maintained itself in the realm of Media and Entertainment while the political side has gone to shit.

Pre Matrix 4, it was incredibly easy for me to get on board with their takes on things - while overall I still do pretty much share a certain sentiment with them. Now, in as far as they however seem oblivious to the kind of narrative I maintain for myself - or so the matters of concern implied therein - they are pretty much stuck on just being upset about the woke. And that in turn lends itself to a very 'ire filled' worldview; Which is a merciful assessment as it is how I think that kind of stuff is actually, legitimately defensible. Or at least ... understandable.

It is certainly much of an 'association by approximation/proximity' thing.

Where, in as far as there is a 'cause' to speak of - there's James Stephanie Sterling ... and the bloody rest - roughly speaking. I mean, I'm sure there's the one or the other oppinionated stance Jamesie(:/) holds that I would thoroughly hold against - and for that same reason he is, as a lot of people on the left, somewhat ... oblivious to much of the "hardcore" concerns that are thrown about. It would only seem to be par for the course, as those "hardcore" concerns can be said to be matters of 'tradition'.

But - like I'm very much a "traditionalist" when it comes to a lot of things, such as Christianity - there still is a huge difference between my position and those of "actual" traditionalists.

By the way: Marianne Williamson for US-President 2024 (and Godspeed) and I'd much like to see more of Green leadership by the Green Party (Germany) (and Godspeed).
[Yea, comparing her to Obama is like ... uhm ... maybe problematic but overall - that's like ... all politics is these days - isntit?]

But uhm ... yea. While I technically align with the fandom menace, I don't really agree with the direction it's going. And yea, I figure that there isn't much content to go off on - or the whole woke/anti-woke narrative just happens to be what's dangling in front of everyone's faces to be for or against.

And so, maybe it's a misconception or miscomunication, which way ever - their overal pivot to the conservative right is ... I guess ... tragic at best.

And like so, I do not want to linger on this too much ... though ... . I mean - there is value in tradition, or so - the established integrity of a work of art - but more often than not, at this point, this has led to some blind insistence on what I'd call a mode of entitlement that is utterly deprived of the virtues they imply to uphold. So instead of growing with the lessons of the past, they are stuck dreaming of a time that no longer is. And, yea - at best that's just a tragic tale of lost battles as they lack the tools and the influence to meaningfully forward their concerns.