On the creation of Weak Men

I suppose that the matter of what men ought to be and what makes them weak or strong ... is a matter near and dear to conservative hearts. Now, I do - for this here - want to entertain that concern, which does however come at cost of what I would consider to be more important concerns. Like, one who seeks to move a boulder with strength is going to fall short of one who seeks to move it with science. But ... that aside ...

I think there is something to be said about how 'Suburbs' (American Style for sure) actually create weak men - and around that angle we may eventually also blame 'good times' for that.
On the other hand it are those very same 'good times' that equip men with a vast ability to work out and focus on THE various aspects of physical strength - so that around that axis, good times create even stronger men.

So, let's not kid ourselves. This 'anti liberal' idea of "good times" creating "weak men" is to imply - as it's mostly used as an angle of attack against matters of inclusion and solidarity between the sexes and classes and all that - that men ought to be more ignorant towards other people's needs.

And then, if we were to celebrate a society in which strong men grind each other down - we are yet to wonder what kind of strong men that society actually produces - in the sense of: What good does actually come of it?

It is also worth noting, that the strength a society needs depends on the challenge it faces. If Strength however merely implies ones ability to dominate a narrative as to impose themselves as the (to be) exalted figure (a.k.a. the anti woke, "let men be toxic", anti-feminist type of narrative) - the perceived challenge becomes that of "owning" those that do not agree with that course of action or matter of value. And in that sense, it are strong men that create bad times.

For, it is to be said - that I'm not aware of any moment in history that might prove me wrong on this. For, all the "great strong men" of the past, I'm sure, had some sort of redeeming quality in form of a particular strength outside of "raw strength" - like a talent or insight - that they could channel their strength through. To be a successful warlord in the ancient days for instance, one had to be a good strategist - I'm sure. Conversely, when Charisma is the only redeeming quality - I, as a German, have an anecdote for you! Long story short, it didn't end well ... for us, and ... not only us.

Also, when it comes to bad times - before moving on to arguing that it creates strong men, one should consider for a moment what the nature of any particular bad time in question was. From there we may on the one hand learn of the strengths that people had to have to endure those - and on the other we may learn of possible "don'ts". So is there, on the one side, what is known as survivor's bias - which in this case means as much as that people who managed to endure hardships are celebrated for qualities that did help them through one particular hardship - leaving aside all the qualities that have been lost along the way. Then, on the other, we may also try to destinguish between physical/environmental hardships and social ones. In a simple sense, environmental hardships have usually been overcome with smarts. Craftspersonship, Science and Ingenuity. Social ones - basically by getting rid of the sentiments that produced or maintained them. Not understanding this, is basically as begging for times to become even worse. For, who unlearns too much is lost not knowing what's important.

As a closing statement: Focusing too much on strength - outside of where it's totally valid and justified or even welcome and desired - may leave one oblivious to the point or purpose of it - as, for instance, in concerns of what does or should matter in life. Respectively one is in need for an enemy to beat down upon - which in my opinion happens to be unhealthy (social(ly)) behavior. And in as far as those people hold the kinds of talents (strengths) required to make it over the next hill - it's even more so a detriment to us at large. In that regard: Strong men create weak men - distributed in a way highly self-defeating to the concerns of the thriving of a civilization.