Ishtar Protocol Activated

... whatever that means ...

I mean ... it is ... in all actuality ... a Mystery!

And I don't have a lot to go on. It is about me, but also not about me - like specifically not about me but then again certainly still about me. But ...

Besides ... and somewhat related ... I was thinking to write about Symbols and Symbolism.

So, something occurred to me that got me to think of giving a few flags I didn't like an esoteric paint-job; I don't really know anymore which and what - but, that's probably for the better. It got me thinking - then it faded into the background - and while having had some time to look at one of those 8 pointed stars somewhere - while smoking a cigarette - I found it to be ... peculiar. And that's ... all there is to it for all I can tell. To say, that I didn't do anything!

But leading up to that, I also got around to distancing myself from focusing on symbols. At least, for a bit. I mean - I had to think, on and off, about how it would be - or could be - if ... some logo or symbol would be found everywhere. Perhaps going far into the sci-fi future as for what we'd throw onto our spaceships.
And sure - logos of today would appear fine because that's today and that's what's familiar and that's that. Compared to all of that ... whatever follows in the wake of my work ought to be somewhat extreme or radical - at least when thinking of it as dropped into the contemporary Zeitgeist. Imposed perhaps. It just gives me those creeps - as, vibes from various works of fiction (moves and videogames) - where we get those [insert logo] entities, syndicates, organization or what have you that gained some kind of monopoly within that fictional work to effectively function as the de-facto government - besides what hollow husks of a government there might be.

And sure - what's wrong with it?
Well, I try to figure out!

But, on a sidenote: You've heard about 'worker' unions. But ... have we ever considered ... a consumer union?

Anyhow. What matters, seems to be composition. In this - "let me just imagine" thing, I'm curious for what - if any - symbol or logo or name or such could represent us at large. While basically looking at all the ad spaces while I'm moving around. And ... that's weird.

My (yellow sun on black) banner however ... they'd give me a different vibe. Though maybe because I'm thinking of literal banners as opposed to advertisement.

But so there's also the curious point of what and why.
I mean, right now I'm somehow thinking of a yellow star of ishtar on purple - for whatever that is about, it's ... kindof cool. I'm vibing with it - in a way that's still a bit of a mystery to me - but moving its significance or meaning or implied purpose a bit too far into the center - that's where things get weird.
I mean, it's easy to just take ... Nazi ... or any kind of Nationalistic ... imagery and replace the iconography. Maybe that's a bit too much just in general - or maybe it's a given homogeneity or uniformity that rubs me the wrong way.

Now, ... what I'm looking for ... . Thinking of the star of ishtar, something clicked. In and of itself it doesn't appear to mean or do or have anything about it - but when viewed in ... "my context" ... something changed. But after I introduced it in 'a Little nonsense' - something changed again. Like, "it didn't fit anymore" - or "it looked stupid" - and then I noticed that it did the thing ... like ... "on others". And so it looks like ... family. Or ... well ... my ... little cult. Not to me confused with 'sect'. But it seems to manifest regardless of any kind of spiritual accomplishments. Like ... yea, being ... a family thing. Chosen ... in a sense.

I mean - the whole ... find Wisdom, get Baptized, enter the Ninedom thing ... it's important, it's what it all boils down to, such and such - but ... it's also a bit perplexing. I mean, we live in chaotic times and I notice that every little bit extra to help us reach beyond those boundaries helps! And while the gatekeepieness of it is certainly desired and important and all that - the boundaries that are drawn thereby are at times not really all that useful. I mean ... when talking of unity - there sure is this magnificent divine unity we can only have in the Ninedom - but I suppose it doesn't feel like it to anyone ... still stuck trying to make sense of the world to begin with.

Beyond that ... thise whole "unity through the Ninedom" matter, by my understanding or dream or vision or desires, ought to accumulate into the Ekklesia - as some ... sort of central organ regarding our spiritual wealth. And there I find it difficult to convey what that is to entail or how it ought to work. And, to be frank, I found it also difficult to imagine. So I'd hope that in due time enough people would come together for that "effective unity" to become more tangible - as that were ultimately what would lead to it.
But if we now could see ... esoterically ... metaphysically ... affiliation by the Light ... things got a whole lot easier.

But yea, my Cult isn't Satanism. We are a part of it. More to the point.
And sure, for reasons, it's an important one. One that may also find ways beyond the Satanic outlines. However ... at the end of the day I'll still go by: We get there when we get there.

As for the ... odd concern lined out earlier ... the thing is this: While I vibe with the symbol - at a certain point it just happens to be odd. It's pagan. It's ... "evil", it's ... "babylonian" (maybe), heathen, heretic; And clearly a bit idolatrous.
So, it works for 'us' - and it works for 'you' - as a way to recognize 'us' through a symbol.

And - I'm ... relieved. I mean - it's weird ... as ... there's a realm I thus far have experienced alone - and now I'm sharing it with others and ... that feels like something got taken from me. Attention maybe? Relevance? But on the other hand that also creates belonging. Something I wrote about and dreamed about ... but so far never had. Now it at least seems a bit more ... real. And so I don't have to stem its whole weight myself anymore. While, also, for a few things, I alone might be thoroughly unequipped to do so.

And yea, that's that! If it's not just ... in my head. Is it a Ninedom thing?
It would seem however, that any concerns I may have had concerning Monica Bellucci have consolidated into the positive.