The Psychology of Whoredom - or ... something

Life can be both easy and complicated. It is incredibly easy in as far as we'd just drift along whatever societal and other environmental currents there are. That is, we could say, also just life in general - as any attempts counter to that get swallowed up by the currents anyway. And yet does the individual - per chance - suffer through it. Hardships perhaps - but also incongruence or some inability to swim as it were. And life has changed. We've come around - at large - recognizing that we could do better than to just expect everyone to get along with whatever arbitrary situation that might manifest itself; In small or at large.

Money does help to create some sense of tangible metric to that. Some might argue that what separates the sheep from the ... err ... leaders or whatever ... **caugh*wolves*caugh** ... is a willingness or ability to hustle for the money. Money is here however just an arbitrary measure - integrated into much of our cultures and societal structures. But at the end of the day it's also just about 'activity' versus 'passivity'. And yes - Captialism ... as a system ... has a tendency to catch people in their needs. I mean, I 'need' money to support my activity - and one might argue that I have to hustle for it - but, I don't have to hustle HARD for it. It's ... unemployment money after all.

And ... making money alone ... also isn't really ... an end all be all. I met someone who did have a well paying job, but the job itself just made them miserable. Chronically ill even.
And so - I've now spent a lot of time among people that did in effect fall through the cracks of "the System". I've been amongst the Homeless and the Mentally ... uh ... Sick. I mean, burnout, depression, that kind of stuff. And sure, at occasion I met the one or the other Schizo or Bi-Polar person.

And along those lines - conversations and efforts ever so often revolve around this ... "mysterious Normal" - in my sense ... perceived as some mythical, esoteric river - normal life, normality, "normal people" ... out there ... moving along ... drifting along ... while we'd be stuck in a clinic comiserating.

And yes. I suppose - at the end of the day there isn't much of a way around learning how to swim. Which is here the metaphor for "being healed". Which, to some, is a really big deal. People who are utterly ashamed of ever having been a patient in some psychiatry. Which, arguably, may be part of the problem.

So ... what I'm trying to get at - is at first this notion of 'strategies' or 'advice' to cope or deal with the various challenges of life. Things that ... end up getting thrown about - making life, per chance, more complicated than it is. Though on the other hand, ignoring these things is making it seem easier than it is. So, what is it?

It certainly depends. While on top of it all, in some things - or to some ends - we're interdependent; And being unable to realize that interdependence productively, properly, will have people suffer those failures.

And, right there - is our core issue for the day. Or, this section of the day. Codependence versus Independence.

Those two are as much at odds with each other as night and day, in a sense - and yet ... neither can be stripped from ones conditions. As neither night or day can be stripped from the Planet. For as long as we have a sun at least.

But it's also more complicated than the regularity of cosmic motion - as on either side we may find strategies of coping with life, or solutions to settle with it. Ways of life even. Enough so, that whichever way one would take it, they might themselves at odds with someone else.

The real problems, I'd argue, are aimlessness - a lack of direction, flawed perspectives, mangled worldviews - and very much: No true sense of meaningful unity.

And that, I'd say, is a problem that has over time also corroded the relationship between men and women. For so is this story, around those axis', a story of people who do and people who don't. So, men and women. Also, people who sow chaos and people who have to live with it. And so I believe there are cultures, where mothers tell their daughters to fall in line - for who knows with what mood daddy comes home today?
On the other hand - the strangest thing to me is how fathers will raise their sons with military strictness. I mean, I love the stuff that "Smarter Every Day" does - but hearing a boy address their dad as 'Sir' will never not be strange to me. Though I will concede that given how my view of American culture has evolved, some respectful discipline is certainly not the worse of it!

At any rate does this corrosion certainly show in the discourse around feminism. Though the problems here may be much greater than just misogyny.

I'd argue here, that the larger accumulations of humans - so, Metropoles for instance - are as crucibles. And the Internet is that on steroids. What they do, is that they boost the potential for human interaction and thus cultural evolution. In a city however there's a greater force of cohesion as the various cultural manifestations can't isolate themselves as much as on the Internet - and so, with the Internet, this development can be described as one that causes societal stress. Allthewhile the Internet also has a hard time to accommodate for the physicality of human interactions that has prior to the Internet pretty much been ... something people had to deal with.

And ... I can only imagine ... maybe. I mean, back in the day it would have been more difficult to be openly misogynistic as the person in question may have easily been the daughter of someone that you didn't want to piss off. But with the degree of Misogyny found on the Internet, I'm curious to learn how that affects the cohesion of families.

And yea, there is this male urge of control and dominance - 'toxic masculinity' - as the maintenance of a homestead is more of ... a female thing. The way I see it.
And so the story goes: With great power comes great responsibility. Yet, the aimless person ... wouldn't know which way to channel it.

In all this, I'd argue, it's somewhat easy for a woman to become a whore. Like, offering Sex has I'd argue been a woman's most potent tool at appeasing the male nature. And in a world drowning in chaos, governed by people who aren't likely to give rat's ass about you - what other 'meaning' is there? I mean, some people rightfully claim that marriage is really just prostitution by a different name.

Now is there however also still Love. A thing that's like ... 'supposed to' ... make this work out somehow. From Love comes respect - good will - and joy and happiness if life would allow for it. It aligns with the male urge to find some way of settling down - be strong and productive for - and similarly the female urge of providing shelter and care. (Which yea, is the Biblical angle to argue for Matriarchal structures, by the way).
But looking at it we may also find how Love has lost its way. Or how civilization lost its way - along the lines of Love.

In this sense, Male Love is like a Prison that the woman 'ought to' be comfortable with ... "or else". She's "employed" - in a sense that respective men don't want for themselves; As then they'll cry about emasculation, the death of the nuclear family and what have you.
But there's more. More that is lost due to this ... self-centered form of "Love" - though 'ill craving' would possibly be the better term here.

The issue being, that here ... Love "ought to be" something. Something for which people would have to bend over backward, waive on rights and opportunity, challenge the cosmos and the fabric of reality and stuff; To say: It's a dream. An ill conceived one. It's like ... beautiful things can happen if you're fortunate. If life so gives to you - some of the good it has to offer. And people may want that, try to recreate it - and horrible things can happen as a consequence.
And then, on the other hand, you have people just give up because everything they see gets measured by unreasonable standards.

It's a "Love" that turns into blindness - failing to see how that 'one thing' everyone's focused on is what causes their misery in the first place.

"Save the rod, spoil the child" is ... a somewhat related concept. Here is an argument, for how Love may entail ... things that don't fit that warm and fuzzy concept of Love. But when bending this story around the matter of truth - people can agree again, like ... all of a sudden ... saying that Love is ... not afraid to tell the truth. But if instead of truth you uphold what you want to be true, or think is true while shutting your eyes unto everything that disagrees - all you could do is fail the very important first thing about it.

I mean - there is Love out there. Finding its way in and out of situations ... that people would call "degenerate".

"If you understand the me, then I can understand the you" - is ... a somewhat interesting sentence here. It is ... for once speaking of the problem laid out here - but is simultaneously something ... worth focusing on. So, on the one side there's this understanding that ... if people only understood you, things would be better and no more suffering and salvation and stuff. But often enough that is really just a demand - unto others to abide by your antics and reality. So, well intentions alone ... they don't matter much ... in reality that is by all means: actually its own thing.

From the other side however, it is also a plight from the person that holds that against someone. The person that isn't understood by the one who insists that their own is the thing that matters. The only difference being the power dynamics at play. Or how the given relationship fares in the greater waters of reality. Or really ... how much who is actually giving ... or sacrificing. As to say, eventually there is one side that understands the other really well - but eventually grows sick of it, unwilling to sacrifice more and more while being themselves disregarded around every corner.

But so - the issue here becomes, that there is 'actual' and 'real' Love that is being called "degenerate" - and I'd argue that nobody wants to argue that 'actual' and 'real' Love 'is' degenerate - and so ... what follows?

Like, what is 'supposed' to be? How can anyone ... really ... say? And, it follows - as a gut reaction per chance - that people resist, perhaps to the point of taking authoritative action, to ... throw themselves before the bus, as it were. So because it harms this ... normative worldview - homogeneous and uniform as a suburbian hellscape.

I see it when people do their "two genders" thing. And there's a Meme I wanted to dig out but I don't know where to find it. The point being that across sciences there's such a thing as 'simple' basics. Like: Negative Numbers have no Square Root in math, three states of matter in physics - or, two sexes in biology; And then there's the 'advanced' stuff - which adds i as the square root of negative one, there are 5 states of matter and ... gender as a spectrum.
Also there's a cool video by some black dude with funny hair that explains it really simple and quick - but if I search "biologist explains gender" it's nowhere to be found. [sigh]

But anyhow ...

This ... 'throwing ones self in front of the bus' ... is also ... toxic behavior. If we want to live a society of truth seekers - we can't have that!

And yes, so the term: Bigotry. Or narrow mindedness. It's basically just ... what A.I. does. To say, one's mental faculties merely do their thing - and any form of individual agency one has over it - is lost to it.

So is there however what we may call "the broader kind of love". Like, to see something flourish. To show compassion. To nourish one's curiosities and interests - to help them grow. Sure, to become a better person or whatever - if we're concerned of rights and wrongs; But that's further a matter of what is right and wrong.
And it's difficult to have that conversation with narrow minded individuals.

To say: Live and let Live. Where we're not to mistake cultural or societal integrity with one's inability to see beyond their own horizon or worldview.

Also is one to be careful about appearances. For sure. I mean - a famous Internet Misogynist once stated something along the lines of: "Woman are magical - and when a man fucks a woman, he takes some of it; So that magical men have fucked endless women, and woman who have fucked endless men are without magic". And I found it perplexing at first - because ... it would seem, to me at least, that ... maybe? But there sure is an extent to which we can project our own expectations onto a given situation. As upon something called confidence. Or self-confidence. If you find your confidence in having sex - it'll grow with every time you have it. Or, conversely ... it will make you an Incel. On the other side - if you're a self confident woman that goes out there, dating men - you might lose all hope in life depending on what kind of men you're running into. And, arguably, it doesn't take 'a lot'.

On the other hand I hope we can all agree that John Oliver is an exceptional specimen of a man!

Anyhow - as for whores - I'd argue that we gain self-confidence from getting fucked. We're sluts that way. And it's a kind of confidence that is directly self-affirming. Which is not to be confused with "bitches" a.k.a. women that hustle for some kind of sugar daddy.

But ... now it's weird in as far as it took a dipshit for this segue to come about. And right now I want to be weird like this about it.

Sure, in some sense we could talk of that Dipshit as an expert of sorts. Perhaps even a connoisseur/woman enjoyer. And as I'd suspect more wisdom to come from the silent members of that vaguely existent group, I'm suspicious - thus, taking it with a grain of salt - or a can of pepper spray.
Well, I mean - I suppose there's some attempt at honesty - victim to the ordinary bullshit of the world, a.k.a. the main reason these narratives got so much traction. And these women also exist - no doubt - where, I find it perplexing just how resilient to common sense people can be around this. Because, yea, I suspect there isn't a lot that common sense can do - as there's its very own common sense that aligns with these very simple gendered interactions.

Outside of that I don't think there's much of a way for concepts such as "bottom bitch" to persist.

So - how could I have written this?
Well - there is the matter of interdependence and passivity - where rather than thinking in terms of balance along the lines of "swimming in the rivers normalcy" - they can constitute a way of living. Regardless of how independence and activity were to factor into that, or emerge from it. As I'd constantly point out, does this necessitate a given social backbone - like, yea, protection. Respect as opposed to exploitation. Love. Where one's sacrifices don't come in response to a demand, but are given freely as they're adequately reciprocated - as opposed to what I'd call "bullshit reciprocation" a.k.a. abusive entitlement.
But, sure, the big caveat to that story is ... that this isn't really 'in' the world we live in right now. So, people have to ... go crawling for scraps. With ... fantasy being the little bit of sanity people can have outside of it. And, depending on circumstances, it's enough to bridge the gaps - even. Although ... unhealthy and bad and toxic and all that. And apparently there is no 'telling' them that. One has to figure out themselves whether or not they deem their situation acceptable. Where - I'm clearly an advocate against that.

In this sense - I maybe have no place to ... "get involved". Certainly. I'm in this sense also mostly just trying direct myself at sane people - so, BDSM folks and ... other people that have figured out how to deal with reality in a ... well ... mostly sane, honest and rational way. I mean, you should be able to read the residual vibes of resignation in my words when it comes to ... dealing with a certain type of people. And in as far as I get the sense that they'd be trying to get involved - I'd respond. If I feel like it.

And the rest is like ... how trying to fend off a rapist would be seen as quasi trying to shove the feminist agenda down one's throat. And I guess, in that sense, I have become an SJW of sorts.

Yet, as opposed to the ordinary type of dipshit - there is a certain overlap of interests that, we might say: Holds me captive. Yet ordinarily I think to ignore them, because - at the root of it is a way of life I can very well understand - and the rest are just societal problems. These however turn those ways of life into sentiments that are just incongruent. So, in as much as I would try to "improve their lives" by trying to get my message across, they're still just Dipshits as they insist on the structures that make us miserable because they found a way to benefit from it or something along those lines.

And yea - in that regard, it's inevitable that I look a bit closer. There's like ... a law of attraction at play here, also - not to be mistaken for sexual tension however. From within the Unity of the Ninedom and through self-actuation of Clarity, there's ... this hypothetical structure; Or ... a vague sense of societal and cultural norms as emergent from some concept of co-existence involving certain preferences. And I'd argue that it's somewhat easy to present the esoteric matters to esoterically minded people. When it comes to Sex and Sex work however, we're further talking of a very unique ... situation in regards to the world and how it operates. Money, fame, status quo, power, ... all of that does somehow factor in - as well as biology, hormones, sexuality and what. And so is there also a ... well ... Clique, we might say, of people who deem themselves like ... the Kings or true authority of this world. And it's weird how they're like ... flirting with "traditional Christians". And while I'm curious about how that would play out - I really don't want to hang around to find out. I'd rather watch Handmaid's Tale instead and get my harrowing that way.
And this ... "authority" is something I assume sits at the core of those vibes I'm getting. And it's an authority that does, at least in the abstract, hold certain aspects of my vision captive. Similar to how I assume the conservative right would try to impose itself as an authoritative entity that we need the permission of, sotospeak. Like - if we speak of cooperation, they'd be trying - I'm sure - to step up as an entity to be cooperated with - in the wake of which they'd have a list of demands or something that we'd have to abide by to ensure their cooperation; While the end-game were clearly that it's meaningless because we wouldn't agree with that and so they'd have an argument against us.

But it is so, that once you power up a body of opposition - you're already defying the very principle of cooperation. So, if you as an individual need your own flock of brainwashed supporters - you're just trying to intimidate and bully, as to make demands you as an individual couldn't make. And that ... is certainly an aspect of how politics works - but it is also a way to sabotage political discourse.
So, if you're against us ... you're against us. Simply put!

And sure - it's complicated if we want to entertain it that way; Yet sometimes we can achieve more by keeping things simple.
So yea, we can talk about "what if Aliens" ... "when Aliens".

I mean, concerning Diplomacy - I'm not very open to the idea. I have a message, a story - which I do provide on intellectual grounds as that's what it is. And what it implies socially, culturally and all that - that is a story of us. How we individually interact with it. So is there not much in terms of Diplomacy for me, outside of ... basically communicating its sense of unity and order as an effort to help people get a proper understanding of it.

And the moment you try to defy the very essence of it - you're not trying to interact with it. So, I have my things which I contribute to the discourse and science and stuff - while outside of that I'm all for an enlightened world regardless of what, why, how and such. Give or take. So yea, I may be cynical towards atheists and Christians and everyone, for that matter, that isn't my type of Gnostic - but I don't exclude myself from the conversation. Though maybe one day I'll be a part of an actual 'body', I'm either not the one to talk to - if I failed - or we have a clear understanding of certain things that define our unity - if I succeeded. And either way - as for my part - if you can't deal with the premise, which is however generally as open and freely accessible as it might get, I don't know what to tell you. As it were.

And in that regard I have many reasons to not sell out just to be someone's bitch! But the primary one would be that I'm divine and so are my standards.
And besides that, people wouldn't want me anyway.

But - other than these issues - the psychology of Whoredom, going by myself, is really simple. Although ... perhaps somewhat specific. But I think, for now I've rambled on for long enough.