Independence ... and Prostitution ... or something

I mean, following what I wrote about the Psychology of Whoredom ... or something ... I figured that the whole matter of 'exchanging sex for material gain' aspect maybe got a little bit too short. And like that there are and possible will further be many things that I might ... not be able to fully address or cover or explore or whatever. And sure, sometimes I am in deed just rambling incoherently - at least ... to some extent. I mean, it is certainly the nature of how I conduct myself here and there.

Sometimes however ... coherence is what you make of it. Just watch any of those right wing dipshits trying to make a point on something they're not really in a position of making points about. Which really might entail the vast majority of life just in general.
I mean, the matter of "understanding life" or how life works is to my understanding something that is woefully misunderstood by most people. I mean, that's what Christian Theosophy describes as the duality between the heavenly and the worldly. The reduction of the worldly into a select few sins really just obscures the greater reality of that.
Like so ... when I speak of whoredom or prostitution - I, one should understand, primarily regard the context of Clarity. So, whatever would matter as per the material world, isn't the primary concern there.

If the primary concern were, whether or not I would turn to prostitution in order to make money, well. For once, I did. Secondly, sure - I would ... though, as should also be obvious: Not universally so.
It depends.

We might so talk about boxes and the question of what goes into which box and what that ought to imply for us in the real world. Here authority is about imposing a system of boxes onto the other - and that often enough stands to defy matters of independence and subsequent freedoms - things we may sort into a box of our own, perhaps labeled as 'cooperation'.

So, if I had to ... sell my body for a living ... and that would earn me the label of 'whore' - there still is that whole range of stories that could be written round about it. Some of it is just Porn - and Generally I'd label it as Porn that I enjoy if it were not for a certain spread of uninspired tropeism that ... doesn't really entice me as much as ... I guess we might say: The stuff that gets into my nooks and crannies.

But yes, by that definition - I am right now not actually a whore. It shouldn't be too hard to figure that out, as to then try to see what the F I'm actually rambling about.

The matter of selling one's body for money - that also really works in a world of money. And there is a range of feelings that such a situation could provoke. And the smart ones amongst you may right away recognize: Mother's Comb. Though I suppose there might be people who insistently reject any and all acknowledgment of its existence, purpose and/or value.

Or was it Mama's Comb? Well - either way ...

I mean, if the situation I imply by 'being a Whore' is one of selling my body for money - then that should entail all the feelings that being in that situation could imply - but, which person operates that way? I mean, if someone wanted to be an Astronaut - would that person then also be fine with being shot into outer space based on some fringe experiment with low chance of success and a high chance of death that would only benefit cold CEO's that don't care for anyone but themselves and so on and so forth?

I mean, there sure is a degree of brainwash that would get folks on board with that. Like ... patriotism. In some sense that's what's expected from soldiers. But yet there's a pivot. Into the one direction there could be war and the defense of the homeland is important. Into the other direction human life is expendable and the wars that are fought are mostly pointless.

And yea, it rubs me wrong, when a discussion that to my concerns is fundamentally about the individual wellbeing would be twisted into an argument of how we shouldn't feel entitled in wellbeing.
And yea, it might sound harsh - but - it certainly seems like Americans have been cucked senseless over these issues. At least there certainly are efforts. It's weird - as - from a German perspective it's like ... what are you on about? And I'm sure it's not just Germans that are quite fond of worker rights and protections and stuff.

And then on the one side they want to make the Capitalistic argument that nobody is coerced into working - to on the other side say: Well ... too bad you have to work in a place and under conditions you can't stand. I mean, yea, I suppose they "chose" to and should just "look for another job" - which then ended up looking like "but nobody wants to work anymore". And sure, I can sit here and laugh my ass off about it - but I'm sure ... there are people to whom this isn't actually all that funny!

But sure. Maybe we're not quite at the point of being able to stem civilization based on "recreational work" alone, just yet, but with the technological advances that have been made - it is at least conceivable how we one day might get there. It certainly is far from being just a pipe dream - as it is literally a huge topic of modern day existential dread. Yea, right next to Climate Change.

I mean - well. Maintenance work is probably never going to die. So, there is always going to be some sense of duty that will inform us of the needs of keeping things going - but right now we're like being steered off a cliff ... which goes along with really confusing messaging about what the hell is going on.

But anyhow ...

I mean - I suppose there's something romantic about poverty. A lot of videogames for instance have you start out poor. Minecraft for instance. Resident Evil. There's just something about ... having to really but an effort into things, to survive, to make something from almost nothing - until one day it pays off and you can live a life in wealth from where on the game is really just ... whatever.

So, should poor people therefore be grateful to be effectively locked into poverty?

It might seem to some, that this is really what being a Whore comes down to. As, the existential dread of being unable to buy food gets projected onto the client producing this esoteric bond where the whore then offers her Love in exchange for the ability to feed herself for another day. From there we may further get this idea of "feeling too well". Like, to get spoiled. Like, what is a Whore going to do, if she no longer needs to lick the breadcrumbs off of other people's feet anymore?

Well - if you think this to be a good question ... let me give you a reasonable answer: She might start to develop standards. And that might lead to very upset people - people who thought that it's a Whore's duty to take their shit regardless of how badly they treat her. People who maybe get off of other people's misery. And if you wonder: Isn't this what a Whore gets off on too? Well ... you might be watching too much Porn and getting a wrong understanding based on it. And sure, between that Porn and the Porn I enjoy there might be a decently sized overlap. And in that regard there's also a chance that you're not 'that kind of terrible person'.
The issue I'd argue is ... that some things might seem aligned or parallel or aiming at the same thing but really do not. Let's call these things ... matters of disaligned relativity.

But I digress. So, the Whore might develop standards. Like ... expecting clients to take a shower. She might blacklist clients that annoy her. She might focus more on those that she vibes with - while also having a bit of a comfortable life besides that.
"How really weird!".

And it is then in this comfort - where the matter of "What a Whore OUGHT TO enjoy" becomes a matter of "What a particular Whore DOES enjoy". And if you're found inadequate or unacceptable by in about every Whore accross the board ... well ... what were the take-away?
I guess ... as per the previous paragraph, it would be ... one of paranoia. Like ... Incel stuff. Possibly boosted by the actual Dipshits that aren't getting any - trying to convince YOU that YOU're inadequate and thus should really get on board of the "let's take shit away" bandwagon.

Like ... hey. "Life isn't a Ponyfarm" - and the same ol "nobody enjoys their work" stuff.

Whatever the needs of survival entail - that's like ... it's own thing. Some people work on the fields - and other's crunch numbers at a desk. It's not the same. But while working the fields may be rough, it's also crude. A form of crude that a Mathematician at NASA cannot afford.
I'd think.

What is fair? Well - one has to figure that out themselves. Basically. So, "Life isn't a Ponyfarm" means as much as, well, concessions may be inevitable. Reality is its own thing - where some things we just can't change. But it shouldn't be an excuse to insist that Life just has to be tough for everyone (but ... smurk smurk ... the select few).

So, what is Sex Work? Well, it depends. I'd assume that performing for Porn is a different kind of stress than that of an ordinary Prostitute. And 'ordinary prostitute' - well - might be a far way off from actually even having a home; Other than the workplace. And that stress would vary depending on attractiveness and location. And one way or another - as is human nature - one would seek to compensate for it. What a Whore would choose to do if survival wasn't a concern ... is maybe not yet to be known. Anyhow do I think that the field is somewhat varied. And ... the more intimate things get, the more I can only speak for myself.

So, from my own experience - Sex Work ... is Work ... in the sense that I'm curious to put effort into providing pleasure - which is emotional or sensual labor - and how that effort is being reciprocated determines how much it stresses me. And this isn't reciprocation in a ... "do this or that" kind of sense. It emerges from the sensual pleasure. As is ... to my understanding ... the goal of doing the naughties. For me, there is - I mean, all of this is per chance to be seen in a past tense - a certain appetite. And if I couldn't feed it, that would translate into a loss of motivation. In that sense, if the client were to merely expect a doll of sorts - I would internally switch off and figuratively count the moments until it's done. And by that I mean that some folks just were seemingly incapable of reciprocating any kind of sensual efforts I was making. So, whatever it was what they wanted - I either didn't have or it just doesn't exist. In that sense. Like ... maybe some people get off of being annoying. I don't know. And by annoying I don't mean ... weird preferences. I mean, I had one client who basically insisted on cuming without direct stimulation. It was ... confusing, weird and somewhat frustrating. And that, so my understanding of it at the time, because in order to get off I'd have to fit into some weird concept that turned him on. But that's workable. Although in some fictive scenario that would give him some infamy of being challenging, it's still workable or even interesting. But if all the demands of a client make you uncomfortable and any attempt at following up on a sense of sensuality in it gets denied - that's ... not it!
That's just like ... frustration for the sake of frustration.
And maybe that's just emotional incompetence. Perhaps ... insisting on a fantasy rather than ... letting things be.

And yea. In as far as stress would here lead to a less sensual experience - my argument were that I don't think that that's what people would want. Or if they did, I probably wouldn't be the best fit.

And so, perhaps all this is a story of how ... catering to people's sense of entitlement is a slippery slope.

*This is legitimately one of the best Music Tracks ever recorded*

And there, at the bottom of that slope - that's where all the abusive relationships and narcissists dwell.
And it seems like ... some people just don't understand what people mean by 'abusive relationship' - if it isn't like ... explicitly violent. And even then some folks might just be like: "Well ... women ... amirite?!"
But, we've just covered that ("Unforgiven II") - where here, I'd just like to sidestep that discussion, supposing that there's a crowd of reasonable people - where it just makes sense to argue against sliding down that slope ... as it were.

I mean, we should all be capable of intuitively understanding the good of developing healthy societal standards. The problem often brought up is that the required sensitivity goes a bit against ... "crudism". Crudism here being ... 'crude-ism' ... like, being upset about people who explore gender. In favor of that, most people have settled on 'they/them' for whatever complexity that entails - and if that doesn't do it for you - that's a you problem ... I argue.
By sensitivity I here mean that ... sometimes things need to be wiggled back and forth a bit before they can fall into place. Scientists - or people who understand science enough - should also be able to chime in here, around the angle of ... "the insistence on finite statements is problematic". And sure, we've been through a couple of years where that's been a major issue and ... it pains me. But I suppose there's no way around it - it is where we're at ... and the problem IS ... that the 'sensitive approach' is something that we have to learn and accept and acknowledge the worth of. Anything else ... won't cut it.

So - to step into a different topic for a moment: The Lab Leak Theory. I don't understand why people insist so much on knowing the truth of it. It is ... inherently much of a black box. And arguing over it will inevitably lead to the point that we cannot look into the black box - but instead of recognizing that this is the end of the discussion people complain about it. Or want people to have definitive statements either way; Which can by definition not be given.
I mean - there will be this argument, that "we cannot trust the Chinese government". Well - now what? I mean, whether we can or cannot doesn't change the matter. If we couldn't trust them - by now all evidence will be gone anyway. If we could ... well ... we might as well just trust them. On the other hand however there's the "accepted theory" - which builds on the very much established theory, that Vira have evolved pretty much before we had any laboratories to begin with. And understanding that natural development - as ocurring within well known hotspots for such developments - is like ... the inevitably "anyway" thing to do. Like ... if we learned that it came from a lab, like - the Chinese per chance just admitting to it - what then? Are we gonna wiggle our finger really hard with a condescending look on our faces?

The sensitivity required does here reside within what we can practically work with. Having a bit of foresight and glancing past the
circumstantial demands that don't lead anywhere. To see that. To learn to let go. To ... roll with the flow. Even if it might ... be discomforting.

I mean - I don't know much about dancing, but ... conceptually I understand that there's one person who leads and another who follows. Typically the leader is a man and the one who follows a woman. And yet it stands as somewhat detremental to extrapolate universal gender roles from that. Arguing like ... men should never follow or women cannot lead. In reality ... facts, truth, the way things are, are a leader we have to follow. Ask a race car driver or a pilot on the matter and I'm sure they'll agree - although they might yet do so from a masculine perspective. "Riding the waves" sure - but if you can't listen to the flow ... you're probably gonna end up in a ditch somewhere.

And it's weird. I mean ... these ... "classically male professions" ... we might say, do require very feminine traits yet. And it is with our distance to these professions it would seem, that men have grown out of touch with that side. Instead it's the stress of the system requiring "men" to be "manly". Whatever that means ... I don't think it's good!

And yea ... I guess I got a point here. And I'll leave it at that.
So for now ...
And that's that!