Counter Measures

WaelLL ... I just got to ... uhm ... appreciate ... how much of a time-sink writing these things was and is. And it's odd that I got to do so ... while under the impression that what I thought to write about here would come a bit short. I mean, if I have to spend time on this, it better be worth it. But on the other hand ... time really isn't what it used to be ... anymore. I mean ... the one moment I have too much of it, the other not enough, it's all a big confusing mess, and when I really get to sink into something I ever so often find myself exhausted sooner than I would expect - or am/was used to.

And I think the really weird thing about it is, how my mind - or so: the psyche - adapts to certain circumstances or demands. I mean, one of the first topics during rehab - 1 1/2 years ago - was about managing my impulses to write, stress and a regular schedule. What I figured out for myself on one end was, that my habit of writing like ... all day long ... procured a habit of rumination and consequential restlessness. Rumination being here a sort of mental health condition in which the mind keeps on churning through stuff, leading to various issues such as troubles falling asleep.
So, me writing a lot conditioned my mind to look for stuff to write about - being in a sort of mutual feedback mode where my mind would expect me to process my thoughts in writing as much as I would expect my mind to produce thoughts to write about. And that got to a point where I effectively couldn't sleep until I was really, thoroughly exhausted to the point that going to bed was the only logical option.
Or ... going to 'Matrace'(?) ... as I don't have a bed.
My solution was to - while under the pressures of a regular schedule - watch out for stress; And to not write anything after stress would set in. That way I got to bed more peacefully and subsequently woke up with more energy for the day.
This, I would suspect, eventually created a new norm for my mind to operate within, in which I would generally only get to deal with more adequate volumes of information.

For better or worse.

Anyway ... this is a bit about ... how our expectations, or the margins we're conditioned to think within can ever so often be part if not root of a problem we try to escape. Sure can you arrange these words such that expectations and conditioning are the key to all sorts of solutions - but to find the right ones is oh so often the tricky part, I would assume. Which, actually, is a great segue into my actual topic.

There so is, what we might call: Offensive passivity. I'm expecting that a good to large amount of people know it. It's the "I just have an opinion" type of nonsense, usually coupled to misinformation, bigotry and/or that kind of stuff. There one impulse is to debunk, to rip apart, or whatever - as the heinous thing about it is, that from the get go it would seem as though there were no victory possible against them. All one could do is to keep countering their narrative - but at the end of the day ... it would never seem to be enough to stop whatever cruel advancements such nonsense is a part of.
To concede is akin to giving up, a victory on their end, and concession - in this regard - would seem to be anything short of actually, physically, stopping them.

There is however one thing we can do other than doing some "final solution" - or at least one thing, well, really just one thing I can think of right now. Outside of just hoping we can get to "the finish line" faster than them. Or how to put it. And that is ... to give them a taste of their own medicine. Though I suppose it's different enough for the technique to deserve its own name. We might call it a ... passive counter-offensive. The idea is to rebut not by trying to be smarter - as we should have learned: That shit don't work. Which is the part where we might feel like giving up, throwing our hands in the air, along with tables and mannerisms and all that. But I don't propose to counter with stupidity. The thing seems to be the following: The personal freedom to believe in whatever the hell they want. So, what we/you have to counter with, it just that. Something you believe. Preferably something that is at odds with what they put forth - to effectively stress the limited enlightenment of their issue - or to further expand your/our familiarity with the substance.

Well, whatever. 'Till next time!