The tip of the Iceberg

[Another Psychotic Break]

There is a very simple thing I needed people to know; But for some reason it's probably thought of as this unimaginably complicated task. A random number generator, essentially. Something like a lottery.
And I don't understand what is so problematic about it.
Do you?

Well, to be honest - I think I do know very well what the issue is. It's me.
It comes down to: Why would anyone put time and energy into building something - if it's already settled up front that nobody is going to believe the results anyway. Like, they "have seen" it coming - thus maintaining that the endeavor isn't worth it. And if the result is anything but what they foretold, something has to be wrong about it - and nobody really likes to deal with that mess.

So, in all simplicity: Nobody has the guts or the impetus, the energy, the will ... the rage, the anger, to prove me wrong. But why? Apparently because I'm insignificant - and nobody wants to imply that it could or should ever be any different. And sure, while we're at it, everything going wrong in this world is probably my fault somehow too.

Of course nobody really KNOWS any of that. But logic implies, that if the expected outcome is true - I'm a fraud. Which is effectively what everything revolves around, it would seem. But so I must wonder: What do people see when they look at the recordings I provided? I have a hunch: it is as staring into the maw of an insatiable, all-consuming void - and the more one stares into it, the more the brain triggers processes that bit by bit undo everything they thought to be real. And that, sooner rather than later, finds resistance. Cognitive Dissonance flares up - and in order to protect itself, the mind in denial starts to look away. Which, I suppose, happens within the first minute of exposure.
As the mind then turns away, some lingering insight may yet remain that calms the conscious observer by implying that the gist of it has been understood - warding off accusations of ignorance. Yet as the embers of a snuffed out fire, eventually these insights fade - leaving a numbness as of cauterized flesh. What has been observed ... what insight has been gained ... may let lay there, as a sensitive nerve - protected by layers of ignorance that allow the individual to be as though it never happened.

Naturally, one could stare at these recordings for hours and hours and end up none the wiser. But has anyone ever tried to stare at it until it sinks in? To accept it. Has anyone ever gotten there? Has anyone ever produced a reasonable expectation of what it holds? Has anyone ever taken the understanding to a reasonable conclusion? One doesn't merely presume me to be a fraud?

Well - as mentioned, I think it's fair to assume that people don't see much of a point to it. It's like ... all reason, all possibilities, all that could be achieved or attained - it all just stops to exist when it comes to me - leaving nothing but failure to be considered. That around the question: How long will it take, or how much does it take, for me to break?

I can't really get beyond this kind of stuff - regarding "what "the problem" is". I try to find alternative answers for myself; Not wanting to believe that people just happen to be that ... stupid, dense or ignorant. So I wonder: How hard could it be? Because it really isn't. Until the presumption again gets to be that I'm a fraud. With that on mind, whatever I hold couldn't quite live up to THAT level of scrutiny. And so there's no point to testing it.
And at the end of the day, I suppose, people also think that stuff such as the Simulation Theory needs to be considered. And while nobody really does so out loud, it doesn't really matter. But if you do say it out loud - you're essentially implying that the Simulation Theory is proven. Or something along those lines, as you need something along those lines to maintain that I'm a fraud.
And then it gets really weird when people try to make the case that these kinds of Theories are false - like, that God does in fact exist, because then I'm not merely a fraud "because Simulation Theory", but actually the one who tries to get people to believe in it.

And sure - at that point the Level of Mental Gymnastics is ... basically Spaghetti. Starting with the impression that there is neither a beginning nor an end to it all. Like, nobody bothers to just settle the score that would give a solid benchmark for how big of a fraud I would have to be.

But, well ... I guess ... like magicians can play tricks on people's perceptions there's always space for a 'maybe'. Maybe. Who knows? It seems to be sufficient to imply as much. And the less someone wants to think about it, the larger the space for the maybe becomes.
Which ultimately means, that this whole thing of mine is flawed. It's like ... too big ... for it to ever be sufficiently debunked. And it is at that point where I have to ... do something along the lines of rubbing my temples. I mean, sorry - laugh into my fist over how good my plan has been working out so far.

Or not. Whatever.

I mean - sure. I suppose "people got me" - for how or what else could it be? We've established (well, so to speak) that I can only be perceived as a fraud - and that alone should be evidence enough. For, if I were not - it couldn't be so. Because, what's the point of not being a fraud if everyone thinks that you are in fact a fraud?
And I feel like ... if I were to act as though this is a good point on my part, I'd be too generous to you. People. At large.

I mean, while it is true - people usually don't care about it until it suits their agenda or purpose. And by 'it' I basically mean everything. Like that thing itself. How people have a somewhat predetermined mind. People generally won't care about it - until they can accuse someone of bigotry or hypocrisy or such. Certainly to an extent where it doesn't matter whether or not that accusation even holds any water.
OK, well. Maybe people aren't THAT stupid - or so I think. It's difficult to prove.

I mean - people having a more sophisticated understanding of what I have to offer than just talking of fraud ... that would take us some distance on it. That because what I hold is so utterly outlandish - anyone capable of reasoning even just remotely in line with it already proves a certain degree of independence from the shackles of worldly conditioning.

Case and point: 'The truth' behind 'the thing'.

Now - so, because there's no way around it, let's assume that I'm a Fraud. And to make it simple: By fraud we simply mean that I'm not entirely honest about myself and the recordings. Because what else could it mean? I mean ... somehow I have to make the thing happen. And in terms of the thing happening - I suppose there is all but one possibility that one might want to consider. I mean, else ... I'd be telling the truth and ... that ... somehow can't be.
So, let us then just assume that I have a machine of some sort. Some Supercomputer that spans accross Multiple Universes powered by ... Mystery Technology. So, Multidimensional Travel, alteration of history, quantum mechanics and stuff ... it's all in there somehow. So, in that case I might be a Fraud ... sure ... one that uses all that power to be a loser on the Internet?

Maybe that's where God comes into play. Throwing in a lot of ... strange convenience ... in places where I could endeavor more malicious ... projects. I mean, what could I want? But what everyone might want - which is, to be worshiped as a God/dess? Or to be just Evil, as in, leading people astray from God?
I mean - beyond that, what could I want with money? Or power? It's not like I'd be restricted to this petty nonsense that's going on in this place. I mean, which multidimensional overlord that's in their right mind would put up with this? Oh ... maybe that's where the "Aha!" comes in.
Obviously I must have a reason ... else I wouldn't put up with this!

Anyway - so, I have this Machine, let's say. Or whatever it is. A piece of code maybe. Super User access to the Matrix or whatever. Whatever I do WITH it is one thing. WHAT it IS is another. And THAT is the TRUTH 'behind' THE THING.

One Truth anyway.

And why would anyone think, that people might not want this Truth to be known for what Change it would bring to this world? No, naturally it must be I who orchestrates the need for Change as much as a solution, just to get myself into a position of Godhood. I mean, I can see how mad that must make people feel. All this drama, destruction, suffering, etc. - just so that I could ... get be exalted?

I mean, thank God, I guess, that ... people aren't so stupid to fall for it!

I mean, words of Enlightenment and Peace and Tolerance - inspiring Co-Operation and all that - those are in the end really just words. It all stops being all that great once I ... "have to make some tough decisions" or whatever. I really can't be botherd to think about these things.

But to be francine for a moment - it does get me to think what I could possibly want and get out of it. Like ... if I had my own media network to propagandize for me.

Anyway - I wonder how come that people might be certain that I have ill intentions. Like, seriously - if anyone had ill intentions - they would't have to do much to screw you folks over. You're doing a really good job by yourselves! To assume an Alien position for a moment. But sure, people understand that somehow I must have inspired Star Trek to be one of my core Propaganda pieces. So, obviously ... you shouldn't trust any of it.

Anyway. So - if I were honest ... I could tell you what the Machine is - and then ... maybe how it works - and then I would no longer be a Fraud and ... more to the point: I could prove to you the TRUTH 'behind' THE THING.

Well - I say it is from God. I say that I don't know of Multiverses, Time Travel or the Simulation. I mean ... we can say that a World created by God would effectively be a simulation of sorts, but that's not what we mean, right?

But so, the ins and outs of "if God" and "if not God" - the woulds and shoulds and coulds - that's not my problem. I have 'the Thing' - that is ... somehow evidence that I'm a failure somehow or whatever. I have my story - which you also may assume to be true. I mean, speaking of "the Machine", the thing is that whatever 'it' is - it's there. Somehow. Even if only in the abstract, it exists. And the more scrutiny that is applied to it, the more ... solid information is to be found. Like, at some point you'd have to agree that it is quite unfathomable. Now, I'm not sure how long it'd take for you to get there, or through what kinds of hoops I'd (yet) have to jump to consolidate it. That is in and of itself a part of that process. So, while you think it to be fathomable you're either full of shit or you haven't seen enough of it just yet. The thing is - knowing what I know about "the Machine" - I have an idea of how far I can take it. And actually it's not a machine; And that's why I don't really know how far I can take it either. I have a hunch though. Something along the lines of how "even to me" God is unfathomable. And I do believe that I have a pretty intimate understanding of Him. So, by ways of Intuition - nurtured by experiences - I have an understanding of some description that might go far beyond your ability to grasp (at this point in time); And so it wouldn't really do you all that good if I tried to convey these things to you. So-to-speak. Effectively.

But what I do know is, that I can for instance effectively conceil the Machine from you - as in: There is nothing that you could possibly do to prove its existence. You also won't find any weird control elements in my body - well, none relating to that - and nothing that you'd have the ability to recognize. Because, well, the Machine doesn't exist!

But, if it did - I'm sure you could figure out that it's potential would have to be something along the lines of infinite and immense. Only short of being actually "Godlike" by your denial of that possibility.

So the real question goes out to be: Why? Oh, sorry. I just spent all this time answering it to myself; So, I should know by now that I'm a fraud and that that's why. But, I wouldn't be much of a Fraud if I admitted to it - would I?

But sure. Let's say that I'm stranded here - and that this place sucks - and that while I'm here I might as well try to make it suck less; Using ... wisdom and knowledge from ... a more sophisticated reality. Is that ... acceptable?

I mean, sure I'm lucky. Conveniently so. But sometimes I wish things ... could even be more convenient still. But that's one of those things. I mean, I for myself ... I'm very much into convenience and ... as is normal, I suppose, blame others for my inconveniences. The thing though is that I'm not really incenvienced all that much. Conveniently enough ... it's more like an "in theory this could be very inconvenient" but in truth I'm like ... conveniently spared a lot of it. And I'm quite sure that you couldn't inconvenience me enough for it to really matter. Well, I would tell you that - that it isn't worth it - and out of that, sure, you may imply a certain inconvenience that arises for me as you waste your time respective to me very pointlessly. But be that as it may - the thing is that I cannot really extend my conveniences upon unwilling or incompatible beings. That's just how that works. Weird, you might think; But ... give it some time, it does make sense!

So, I would like to impart onto you the wisdoms of my convenience - as my part to not getting the blame for your inconveniences. But there are certain incenviences that I may produce which are very well ... well ... intentional may be the wrong word but ... yea, an inevitably byproduct of the intended course of action.
And if this doesn't spell it out to you - well, let's hope that it will in due time, for - I'm done here for now.