About the Genetic decline of the human species

Well. Ever so often I get to a topic and the first thing, sortof, that comes to mind that there's way too much stuff that people need to know about. And it doesn't really help when those things are in fact just derivations of common sense. In fact, it only complicates things - because ... well, assuming that all of common sense is flawed ... there's a whole lot of 'actually' that we yet have to somehow get through.

So - this time, I'd start with something like: People speak different languages. In and of itself that is a pretty mundane observation. COnsidering however that language here however doesn't merely refer to the lingo of a person, but concepts, there's a chance that everything that is to be said ... is to be said in a multitude of ways. So, one person you'd have to talk to in numbers, another in terms of emotions. Yet another in form of colors and then another in form of smells. Then maybe you thought you figured it out, you get a smell that's thought to be pleasant, but you run into one of those people that finds that particular smell highly offensive.

It's like ... when I run into German socialists. To me, it's like a whole different world. I'm sure they are mostly in their right minds, certainly equipped with an understanding of that particular history way more profound than mine - while I'm certainly not all that well equipped to deal with the dirt that's on OUR stick. And such I tend to fall into a pit of resignation as any of my wisdom fails to deliver a practical resolution.

Well - other than the hopes that eventually everything has to somehow come together regardless of what unresolved issues there may yet be.

The main point however why I would think of languages is, that what I thought of ... as the headline might suggest ... might speak to a certain type of concern. And there sure is a whole lot that can be further dragged into it.
But before we get ahead of ourselves - or be dragged to places we don't want to be in - we also have to appreciate that some informations are more valuable than others. Like, details don't matter without the greater thing that they're details of.

And so - I've been fantasizing. While ... uhm ... watching some Stargate. And while that would be some long winded story full of details that might matter eventually - I eventually got to some kind of conclusion that renders all of that rather pointless.

I mean - the evidence is ... rather clearly right in front of us. Well, somehow. One sure does require some ... uhm ... specific or some might call 'niche' knowledge - in other terms: Necessary information to the 'common sense' of why incest is bad.
I suppose that many don't really know it - though the information is present enough that one would be reminded of it sooner or later. So is there the simple matter of the gene pool - which comes with the implication that racial segregation is like one of the dumbest things we could hold on to.

And sure. Not getting into the when or why or how - but, if ... well. It's a theory, but ... maybe ... the dangers of incest correlate with the "effective poverty" of the genetic make-up of the given relationships. I mean, once upon a time it had to work out just fine. Maybe, or so I think, it's one of the things that would speak for the Biblical origin story. Suggesting that Adam and Eve were genetically 'strong' - such that the problems of incest wouldn't come to manifest until much later.

In a way, that also means that we're on a clock. Suggesting that any race eventually propagates itself into some kind of genetic corner - in as far as it were missing certain key elements of another. Which would probably how some horribly fascistic dictator~esque megalomaniac might look at it.
But the underlying premise still stands. It's really just the 'how' we deem to "collect the pieces", as it were, that then matters.

What is thereby implicated is, that we look at ourselves as a whole. Humanity. A point of view from which concepts such as "white genocide" or "black genocide" really do not make any sense. I mean, to some people it might, but I'd call those nutjobs ... nutjobs. I mean, it's like ... wanting to be a Neanderthal. And sure, from a modern standpoint we could have sympathies and stuff - trying not to do a genocide and such - it's all ... cool. But also, from a modern perspective, all facts considered, a very ... uh ... peculiar choice.

So, I was fantasizing. And I suppose ... given the magnitude of it ... I might propose it as a concept for what the Furlingers actually are. So, there are those four species. There are the Asgard, the Ancients, some weird ... I don't know and then there's the Furlingers. The latter got ever only referred to in jest, the former two we know a good amount of - and the third ... well, we'll ignore them for the time being.
It is thereby fair to say, that these species are so old ... they're in a late stage of what evolution has to offer. The Asgard basically breeding themselves into extinction ... and the Ancients ... evolving into pure energy. Of some kind. We may think similarly of the third, I'm too lazy to look them up, but as far as I know they're also some kind of energy. Maybe so on a different end of the spectrum when thinking of the Ancients. And saying that the Ancients are like ... the result of a highly evolved intellect ... well, may seem sound. But, I think it really starts to make sense, when conceiving of a species that is similarly advaned, but instead of intellect they might have prioritized ... hedonism or something like that.

The funny thing is, that I think you'd get "the most" kind of warrior race out of it. Als one that is decently intelligent. And everything you could ask for. Being the jack of all trades - without the kind of culling that a warrior race would eventually have to suffer ever so often as part of this so called "natural selection".
The hedonism here would stand apart from what we would or might associate with it, as it ought to be something universal as opposed to something reserved for the privileged few. The short of it being an incredibly rich or strong or healthy gene pool - cultivated within a culture of "peace and love" - or in other terms: Freedom of expression - that would in turn cultivate all sorts of stuff that people Love to do ... without any kind of nonsensical restrictions that a species focused on hedonism wouldn't really have a use for.
So, add to that the millions of years of evolution - and ... . Well. I mean ... I think the Asgard are cute. But they're also kind of the opposite of a hedonism loving culture - and without trying to propagate any kind of negative feelings ... one might take them for a cautionary tale.

It may be fiction - but I suppose the theory is sound. Well, given long enough time with one-sided enough development. The latter being more so the focus than the former - though the former ... I mean ... also warrants some concern.

I mean, we don't seem to be on a good track either way. And ... sure enough, I can't think of a smart reason for why that should be. Except maybe in the tune of 'learning from the faults of our history' - but, yea, it doesn't seem like we've gotten enough of a hang of that either. But I also don't think that it comes as a fault of not having tried hard enough. I'd think that the problem is in the numbers. Some of which come in form of currency.

And, mind you, with that we come to another core problem. Authoritarianism. It may not be implied - but there's an alignment between authoritarianism and capitalism - for once - while, well, authoritarianism is like ... perpendicular to what I think a truly progressive ("hedonistic") culture wants and needs. But, that's like ... a different story. I mean, I assume it's part of why I'm here. Like ... to just be enough of a cause to prevent that from becoming an issue.

Which is how we get to the weird part where at the end of the written we find that we're still living in the world we live in ... so that all of what you just experienced, may have also just been ... a dream.

Case and point ... well, maybe not. What I feel, what I behold, doesn't seem like anything I could respond to, or properly address, with words. It's something that requires action, or ignorance, some might also imply violence.
I mean - I suppose the figures presented here may be convincing enough to get people on board with the argument or proposal that aren't really down for the gist, the essence, the foundation of what I propose - including me and what I stand for.
And with that ... I'm back in a position I haven't felt being in, in a long time.

It's like being held hostage by my own words - as people take them, essentially hijacking them to where I'm left doomed into being merely an observer at best. Unable to demant what we might say is rightfully mine. If that were a thing.

So, I guess there may be people that think they know better - or mean to do so. And obviously the best one can do is not be part of those that are mistaken! And that's as good of a point I can close this with ... as it gets. By just words. For now at least.