Identity Errors

I guess, there's a lot that I want to write about or get off of my chest here. More or less closely related to the subject at hand. That being, ... what I want to write about. A particular thing, herein dubbed: Identity Error.

So, this isn't about me, my identity or any fault or flaw therein. I think we should be able to agree that we all have more than enough of those than we often times care to admit - as it would also be pretty darn scary if we were required to solve them as much as we'd sometimes like to have them fixed.
But say, hypothetically speaking, that there were people who didn't understand that. Who thought so much of themselves that they couldn't be arsed to comprehend this position of mine ... with that we get a little bit closer to the thing(s) I want to, or have to, write about here.

To 'actually' preface this, there's a neat little thing we like to utter or have uttered. Here and there, at times more and at other times less so, it's part of common speak - for instance when addressing things that aren't - as we might say - firmly embedded into our common sense just yet. It comes as a reminder, perhaps a look in the mirror or the casual virtue signaling from all across the spectra. In that regard we might even dare speak of a thing we all have in common, a thing we all agree with; A thing we may even be capable of building upon. And that is this neat little expression - in whatever form fits the context - of acknowledging your own mistakes.

We like to say it, I suppose, because it's an easy thing to do; For anyone who truly cares about the truth at least. Sometimes maybe things look a lot clearer to one person than they do to the other; So, the intention or premise or context or what isn't always as simple as we'd like it to be - and so we might speak of a next Level to this. To acknowledge the scopes and limits we individually move in; And subsequently the different spheres of understanding we individually move in. But that ... isn't the topic here. Though, technically it could be the same topic.

Anyhow - to say that it's easy ... is true until we come to what is the topic here. When the flaw or mistake to be acknowledged is basically part of one's identity. We get to that, on and off, as people say things like "standing for something". Or in other regards, once we're simply convinced of a thing that we really care to make a point on; And so we move our entire weight behind it. Or, perhaps more generally, a faulty conviction (we don't recognize as faulty) that a lot of our existence is built upon. That doesn't need to be a physical construct either. I can be social. Like, a thing of how you're being perceived. Maybe you were cockily sure about it, loud and proud, so that an amount of social currency, ego and pride are dependent on those convictions to stand.
And this isn't all too different from matters of discrimination, except that discrimination rather aims at things that the targeted individual cannot change; Twisted however into a fault of theirs. Nowadays we might once again, perhaps it's long overdue, talk about Jews and Muslims - and remember or appreciate, regarding the next Level of acknowledging one's mistakes, how difficult it is to step beyond the familiar spiritual environment. I mean, Christians that treat Yoga or Tai Chi as though it came from the devil themself are another instance of that lack of appreciation for other people's cultural roots. And in that environment where everyone expects the stranger to come to terms one themselves imposes - we are all confronted with that difficulty. And respectively so can I take a stand to discriminate all of you on that basis. But, I don't want to write myself into a corner here - and being discriminating isn't really a skill I've developed.

Anyway ... discrimination isn't really part of the topic. It is however basically the opposite, in a way. Where Identity Error is like ... taking things that might be subject to discrimination (cultural inheritance like religion for instance, or so any belief one might hold that would subsequently have them belong to a group that could be the target of harassment by some other entity) and basically turn it into a tool of discrimination; Whether out of malice or just naive conviction or whatever doesn't really matter.

But, so, if we want to live up to the mantra of acknowledging our mistakes - fixing our Identity Errors would need to be a priority. For they are the most difficult ones to resolve. Or as the New Testament tells us: Before thou triest to pluck the beam from thine neighbours eye, removeth ye the splinter within thine own.

It is a beam that more often than not has us misidentify the flaws of the other. There is a pretty simple equation behind it. If the truth were a harmony of knowledge comprised of absolutes; Anyone who holds a conviction in disalignment with that harmony will believe a thing to be true that actually isn't. Therefore wisdom requires us to be cautious of the things we insist on. I sure do ... transgress that good advise ever so often - so as when I regard myself as "leaning out of the window" - or when I explicitly or not implore you to bear with me, I'm aware that the things I'm arguing aren't all that clear in and of themself. And no matter how highly I might speak of myself, I cannot ultimately give you any kinds of guarantees of infallibility. Which is where the 'acknowledging ones own mistakes' (Level 2) comes into play; As we can on that basis move into a productive space of cooperation. Given our numbers and stages of development, it might sooner rather than later produce a relatively concrete and widespread foundation of consolidated ideas that anyone new to it would need some time to fully adapt to. And further down it might even be somewhat difficult to 'fully' adapt to it in a completionist's sense. Some keen observer might recognize that what we here might project into the future, is also similar to the problems we face to day. That the width of available knowledge is rather vast - and our ability to deliver information is rather extensive - so that overall, between good, confused and bad actors, we're in a bit of a precarious position.

I mean - one of the most mind-boggling "old news" that I frequently get baffled by is the fact, that people have managed to recreate sound from the visiual recordings of the vibrations of a bag of chips. Or something like that. Apparently all it takes is like three electronic devices to scope out a room, no cameras or microphones needed. We might not question these things "because Technology" - but as we think so, "Technology" is basically akin to magic. Without an understanding of how what works - it might as well be. And we could be deluded into thinking that everything is possible. Some people *caugh caugh* might even make a business out of telling you so.
And ever so often when I watch or think about Stargate - I get to wonder how the odds are for some megalomaniac oligarch to reset civilization into the stone age to use the available technology to impose as a God. Realistically speaking there might just be too much stuff for future archaeologists to find - so people would possibly always have a way of knowing that it's tech and not magic that's at play; Which leads me to wonder how much targeted destruction would have to go on to eradicate that possibility. It would be easier in certain parts of the world ... with the odd thing being that the parts where it's certainly not (easy) - would also be the most likely targets for some world-ending power play, at any rate.

And with so many science denying, book burning, pseudo-science loving, religious zealots on the rise - well, you can consider me concerned. You might want to brush it off as too far out there - but ... when it comes to thinking big ... it might not get bigger than this.

The point I was trying to make is, that by our stage of technological development we are FAR far beyond simple. In the mean time some of our understanding of certain issues is still just rudimentary at best. Psychology being one of those. Though I think here too we've come quite a way, but ... I also realize that the corresponding understanding is thoroughly absent from the modern Zeitgeist. Well, people that do try to impose that understanding onto it are shunned for being Woke or Libs or Softies or Lazy or what have you.

The issue is that here too, the proper understanding goes beyond what would at first appear to be 'atomic' reality. Atomic here being used in the technical sense, as a way of saying 'base component'. Like so, once upon a time, we might think of the world as composed of primary elements. Fire, Earth, Air and Water - if you're of my persuasion on this. I always find this topic weird given how some would regard Wood, Metal and Plants different Elements - but whatever. Wood actually works just fine for my purposes here. For, if we look deeper into the matter, we find carbon. And I'm sure carbon isn't really isolated to any one system of elements ancient humanity has conceived of. Like, if we showed a sage of old the Periodic Table they might think us crazy. Until we explained it to them - for, it isn't unlikely that they might comprehend.
The issue is that whatever logic you might derive from the "philosophical" elements - just doesn't match the logic that scientists derived from the physical ones. Well, some of it might - like, using water to extinguish fire is a thing that does for the most part still work good enough. But then there are fires that might not care. And why is that? Like fire that literally burns on the sea. And sure, with a good enough understanding we might explain it in philosophical elements; Like ... the fire burns due to fuel - a.k.a. 'earth' - that is on the water does fuel the fire. But also is earth, or perhaps air, in that sense ... used to extinguish some of those nasty fires. Carbon Dioxide or Powder. Make of it what you will - it's easier to go with the science.

And I'm sure not the only one that is alarmed by how ... massively un- or undereducated some people are; And especially how strongly their various movements have spread. So, there's like a 1/3 chance - give or take - you're one of them. I hope that is a very generous upper margin.
But I get it. I mean, technically I'm one of you.

Depending on how we want to slice the pie, that is.

Though there sure are ways to slice it that make fairly little sense.

I firmly believe that there is some kind of ... "higher sub-conscious". A shared telepathic field of sorts that I imply when speaking of Astair or ETP(Emotionally Telepathic Phenomenon)s - though when doing so I also always get to mention NTA(Non Telepathic Astair). For, whatever we can ascribe to ETPs - we can also, even if some might find it dis-satisfactory, describe in terms of NTA. Like, whether we feel that something is wrong with the world or we just see it and develop an emotional understanding therefrom - well, is neither here nor there.
And then, possibly, along comes someone who offers you a solution. An answer to the 'wrongs' that you perceive. And if it is as outlandish as NASA covering up an ice-wall surrounding the Flat Earth. I would at this point recommend you to watch Stargate SG1 starting with Season 6 - not to apply it as a 1:1 metaphor, but a recorded play of the various struggles.
Anyhow ... that answer - or the variety of answers given that attract different kinds of people - might just be wrong. I mean, from my perspective there are various concepts of what reality is and what's wrong with it; That are all essentially somehow at odds with each other but still somehow they flow together into a singular movement. The bottom line being for me that none of them has enough of an answer to convince the other of anything - outside of the things that motivate them and their members to be skeptical against "the world" - or those parts of it that don't go along with "it". And sure, technically we could have an open and honest discussion about Vaccines in an attempt to solve which side is right - like ... once and for all; But ... oddly enough is this also how I get back to the topic at hand.

See ... the part where Anti-Vaxxers (sorry if that title offends you) will proclaim proudly that those of us that did get vaccinated "will see" and that "soon enough" - that is a typical Identity Error. Sure, if what they believed in there had turned out to be right it wouldn't be an Error ... but so far no tentacles have grown out of my arsehole. Which I use as a somewhat mocking way to sum up all the various "possible" things that ought to have happened to us by now.

And people might still be going on, trying to tell me or you or them or others or such - well, to ... uh ... "wait for it". "Any time now". But then, sure, at some point I'm commit an Identity Error myself - regardless of how much the facts have turned in my favor. So, sure - it's some weird new Technology; Neither have I done my own research on whether or not Vaccines cause Autism but I have watched a rather thorough HBomberguy video on the matter. And so who does what here?
I, by my own understanding, don't try to convince you of my Identity Error - but am merely digesting out loud. I will however say that as I first heard of COVID my first worry was, whether or not our Governments would react properly to that. You know ... mask mandates, lockdowns when necessary, that kind of stuff. The basic stuff. The common sense things that one should do in case of a global fucking pandemic. That the whole Virus turned out to be more elusive and simultaneously non-Day-of-the-Dead-like ... that could be luck or misfortune, depending on how you want to look at it.

So yea, I did subscribe to a somewhat hardline "trust the system" kind of approach - because I believe that it's necessary. Even if it fails us. And it fails us all in one way or another. At least by the various things we say. If you don't like the COVID response, well, the System. If you don't like Police, well, that's the System too. And Police ... that's as controversial a topic as that of COVID. Where ACAB people might ask you how come that you so thoroughly trust in 'people' that 'serve the system' - to then imply that you're a racist because there's no other way - given how lowly you think of people in the responses to other people's beliefs.
And you then got the answers right there. Though you might name them as "Law and Order" - it's still predicated on some fundamental, perhaps irrational trust in things that just are because somehow we need them, whether or not it can be guaranteed that people in charge live up to the mandate imposed upon them.

And what applies to one also applies to the other. Like COVID deniers will throw around with arguments, ACAB people will. From Germany, there's talk of how Police is far more harsh when countering left leaning protesters - while barely countering right leaning protesters at all. And that in turn informs how people get to think of the Police, because ... well ... it's them that are doing what they're doing. And if that doesn't fit into the image of the friendly neighborhood friend and helper - that's ... not my issue; As there's only so much good will I can expend.
That and they took some weed off of me once.
But I'm not an ACAB person either. I'm more of a ... well ... concerned citizen; Not to be confused with THE concerned citizens. I try to believe that it all can still somehow be fixed yet - and ... I guess that's something I stand for, something I want to make a point on. Though it's less about making a point and more about ... holding on to the thing. Because I believe it is a must.

If that doesn't convince you to get vaccinated ... sure. But you have to understand (acknowledge your mistakes Level 2) that you are in no position to oppose those that do.

On top of that I however also try ... hmm. No, it's more like ... given to me, as a happenstance, though I also try to ... not draw unnecessary lines in the sand for people to trip over. And yet are there some - which stand as expressions of a worldview ... that may or may not be the most aligned with the greater harmony of truth. One that is very clearly anchored in the more fundamental absolutes it contains.

At least ... I happen to think so.