Reality Check - one two one two: Tales of a broken record

Today was a somewhat miserable day. I mean, for purposes of measuring how objective of an assessment that is, it ... well, could it really be as in "one of those days" when there really aren't days like that? I'm not sure. But sure enough ... if there are days like these, it's one of them. The thing being ... it's been "one of those" days that apart having been incredibly mundane had one thing sticking out like a sore thumb. Like a theme. The theme being anger. Frustration. Being myself angered and frustrated, then seeing a couple fighting; And yet another - that already makes three.

So - it's an Omen of sorts, I suppose, because I don't think it really matters otherwise. Which, for those that aren't into this superstitious kind of thinking, means as much as [shrugs] I guess.

Although ... maybe I should channel this anger and frustration - both, my own and that which I've seen - into whatever I care to write about here. To let it be the conductor. I mean, being all chill and comfy and then also having the matters on my mind elude me ... that may be the issue.
I may have internet again, but I have absolutely no desires to tune into the ... thing. I've watched another video recently and ... yea ... nah ... it's not like I have all that much time like at all these days outside of weekends ... . But sure, I supposed that kind of nonsense is what did get me into 'the mood' previously.

And so I keep telling you that there's a lot of stuff that I want to write about ... but I never quite get around to. Previously perhaps because what's been getting me into 'the mood' distracted me from all the other stuff that's ... give or take ... queued up.
And then I would start sounding like a broken record. I mean, I'd be getting ready to dive into things - for my mind then to be wooshed out of it and ... what's left is a sentence or two hinting at what I might have written about while instead I keep coming back to the same ol' same ol'.
Not that it's wrong though. I feel it to be a little like: me: This is the way, others: But we can't do it! me: But this is the way, others: it can't be done! me: But it is the way, others: And yet we can't do it!

Like so - I would like to think that what I'm offering you is ... a lit Station as it were. An Airport perhaps.
What you do with your life and all that would be none of my business - and yet I feel as though I'd have to make it my business.

And yet I'm overcome by this odd feeling, that this time around won't be so different. So, instead of actually getting to any point of interest - I might just be ... decorating their absence with words of consideration.

There certainly are a couple of reasons as to why it would be so. Imagine perhaps a treasure trove of wisdom. All the answers you seek. It would be odd of course if those could put the assumed contentions to rest, since, I don't think we're having them due to a lack of wisdom or knowledge. Per se. It's more like a carrot on a stick I think. That "problem" that needs fixing ... whatever it may be.
I mean, sure enough: Ever so often a thing doesn't come without a rather long rat's tail - as "they say". And every time a new issue emerges, it's an invitation to those who beg to differ to ... well ... do that.

But then there are fundamentals. Laws of Physics per chance. But it is moments such as this that make me wonder why it should matter to point that out.

But surely, either can be true - like at some crossroads without any signs ... who can tell?

I'd think that this is why I ... uh, you know the drill. And there it also begins. I'm sure that if I had to tell you about it, it wouldn't be as much of an issue ... . I'd still try to wrap my head around what the particular issue might be ... until I start feeling cheap to dwell on it over whatever else I might rather dwell upon.

But - uhm ... OK. Anger and Frustration. ... .
Not sure if it's helping. However ... I'm reminded of this analogy I wrote - in Zeitgeist, the stuff with the river bend - that also popped into my mind concerning ... whatever the hell I'm trying to accomplish here.

There, for the most part, the analogy is just that. It should be clear as water ... nothing left to add. But to spell it out for the sake of ... moving forward ... I figured that there's a future. And the issue with consequences implies as much as that it isn't settled yet. But amongst all the things ... there are some that are more likely to change and others that are less likely to change. And insisting on something is a way of ... refusing to be the one that changes in the wake of things to come. Much to the anger and frustration (eh!) of people who ... might want to change certain things. And so we also speak of the forces that be.

Now - to come back around to the subject of me ... I would hope to seed enough ... understanding for the necessary changes to become possible. After all - only ONE is Absolute. On the other side I'd be thinking of things that I might write about ... to seed even more understanding; This time perhaps on the more practical aspects of that change. But this is also where I see ... problems. Does it help? Does it not?
Either way, right now the issue is this: in a sense, things are set to progress in a certain way. Regarding all the participants. Be it a highly noble, or some lowly lowlife. Part of it is that there's a lot of talk in which various entities try to pursue their own interests - while a pretty large common denominator happens to be the continued operation of the thing we generally refer to as 'the economy'. Not because it's in everyone's best interest or what the majority wants however. And when maintaining that course, the irony might come to be, that Communism in all of its depressing grey might in deed be a utopia by comparison.
Or maybe not. I mean, spelling out D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y. in consequence of whatever goes against ones own interests seems to be a rather simple thing these days. Because ... well ... one way or another it seems to be inevitable and given how we don't know how to prevent it ... it's an easy thing to foresee. And because monkey brain smol - we can point at one tiny little wheel in the machine and blame it all on that - while after all it's the sum of it all that causes the problems.

And in all that we may easily fail to properly ... think about the future. In as far as societal collapse is inevitable ... that should be what's on everyone's mind ... and I suppose in the meantime we have to deal with things getting more and more expensive. It seems correlated. And yea ... even those that just wanna chill and not panic get it all rubbed into their faces that way essentially.
But then we maybe also tend to see things ... too grimly. Or otherwise severely overestimate or other times underestimate the scope of the problems. But who cares? I say. Hinting at the whole "the future is what you make it" thing.

How things would turn out if things just ... progressed ... does it matter? I mean ... to paint you a picture: Some award show has MK1 versus SF6 on the 'best Fighting Game' category and MK1 wins. Though vibe checking the FGC on that, or my echo chamber if you so will, ... it's just one other award show handing out pointless awards. I mean ... there's what I would call the "Mario Barth Effect". Mario Barth was/is(?) a German comedian who, by the time I got aware of him, was already filling Stadiums with his program. And that left me a little bit perplexed. For a brief moment there were, I think (as in: Legends speak of it), people who thought he was funny; But overwhelmingly the general consensus seems to be that he is not. Well, objectively ... I think he's funny ... but ... he's not THAT funny. That does play very well into my confirmation bias ... but, so the fact that he did for instance, not that I knew of, appear on shows like the Quatsch Comedy Club. So, every comedian - big or small - including the Michael Mittermeyer's and the Ingo Appelt's - would appear on there ever so often. And to then have a comedian all of a sudden being "Germany's most successful Comedian" without ever stepping foot onto any one such "lowly" stage ... is what had always rubbed me the wrong way about him.
One might further attempt to examine his comedy program and find it to be ... well ... oddly "streetwise". Like it's the result of some "hippie dippie" youth that's full in the life "secret society" brainstorming it up.

Taking it as a red flag of sorts - Minesweeper style - may help us move on. One idea of mine being that the understanding of the implied failure of that ... experiment ... requires "them" to try a different strategy. Like ... uhm ... getting people involved into things that can then be ... hyped up ... into being "more important" than ... whether or not Mario Barth is the result of some weird Deep State conspiracy.
And such.

Not saying that some of these discussions are literally not worth the time - but that would have to be considered in light of the substance and its context.

While we so might speak of a facade onto which illusions are projected - a part of it is a mere inevitability. People put their stuff onto the wall and some of it sticks. What sticks is subject to a wide range of factors - and a part of it is that not everyone is free to put stuff onto just any wall.

For the most part it's fair enough to just stick to what you like ... and beyond that mingle with likeminded individuals. The Mario Barth effect however also suggest the opposite. That is ... likeminded individuals creating a community that might ignite your suggestibility.

And all that ... further sheds some light onto what forces there be.
I mean ... implying some 'will to change' ... for instance ... suggestions need to be made. One of the simplest consequences, given what we face, were a streamlining of our economic endeavors. And why would that not be a thing that might just so happen? Well ... I suppose that's an easy one to figure.
Which, in turn, leaves us with ... a good idea of how things will progress.

Now, I won't say that you have to give it all to me because you don't. Though depending on how you or I or we want to dress things up, we might argue that it's kind of what it comes down to. But, to leave the Church in the Village, in as far as we can grow to become a factor of change - that will come down to what we can affect. To that end we'd have a much easier time if all the eggs were in the same basket, as it were.

However ... the thing is that 'now' one of those seeds that I have, concerning "the more practical aspects of that change", isn't as much a proposal for change but merely an example that might give you an idea of what I think needs to happen.
I mean, the economy is very complex. Possibly there is no one way to make heads or tails of it - as - over the decades, centuries or even millennia it has grown to be an enormous network of interdependent skills and practices. And, well ... yea, that may be were to start. Skills and practices. Because, for as long as we get to maintain those ... we are equipped with the best odds of 'survival'. The rest is really just about ... the many agreements that make it ... "spin".

And I suspect ... therein lies our culprit. Or one of them. I mean ... 'agreements'. And when it comes to whether or not I can produce something agreeable ... I might just have run out of juice to find yet another way of doing so.
And don't tell me that it can't be done!

But ... I guess ... as it stands ... there's a concerning development I spot within me - that's best summed up as a growing incline towards racism. On further observation it's more a matter of religion; At which end I'm returning to why I'm a Christian which then mingles with the urge to drive some sense into people.

The development is, I suppose, due to overall rising tensions and subsequent flights of fancy or insanity.
Religion being there a rather flexible way to increase the size of whatever group might be dragged on board of a particular thing - which would per chance ultimately accumulate into one amorphous blob of some vague belief in God conjoined with all sorts of weird ideas - and a subsequent splintering due to xenophobia and similar issues. How successful either one might be would depend on the place - as for the most part it's a solid cultural lifeboat for where or when society collapses. And it's frustrating and upsetting ... as it's simultaneously understandable and even "normal" - but also just ... so wrong!

Like something else I've seen today. I don't know how it's called ... but I remember doing it in Kindergarten ... I think. The idea was or is to build a lantern, light it and ... walk around ... possibly while singing songs or ... something. So a hike with lanterns. Now, we used to build them ourselves. Sort of. I mean, I'm sure we made the paper and ... overall I don't really recall. Today I saw some kids and their parents walking around with lanterns ... but a lot of them were just ... I'd almost say "industry trash". The light was some kind of LED bulb - and the lantern itself like ... machine printed and cut. Yea ... "Skill issue".

And I don't want to come off as a Ludite ... but if we can't assume that kids who spend their day in Kindergarten have the time to make something themselves ... what's happening?

It's just a little thing ... one that maybe cannot be translated into "the big stuff" easily, but ... a start ... for the start.