Why Therapy doesn't Work?

Knowing ... just what is important versus what isn't ... that, I suppose, is like ... the tricky part of being alive. It is, to my understanding, one of those bigger issues, existential issues, for as we be literally somewhat "dumped" into this world - by divine measures - with some sort of objective, it would seem prudent for us to have a way to figure that out.

So people be pointing places. People, Temples, Scriptures, ... that sort of thing. And then it's "oh, enlightenment here!" and "wait! Enlightenment there!" "but woe! Not over there" and they of course be like "Hey! They don't know shit!".

Now - I would hope that thus far I've managed to clear up the fog ... or mist or whatever ... somewhat. I mean, the Book of Mormon speaks of a really thick, dark Fog. And ... you might go about it scholastically. To say that the Bible or the Book of Mormon in this case is what gives us guidance - and while I might believe that, within my tolerance biases for sure, that's not how I want to present myself or my thesis for that matter.
So, it's just a thing that's written somewhere. I might as well quote from Star Wars or whatever.

But so, by the Book of Mormon, what would get us out and towards the Tree of Life is an Iron Rod of sorts. Understood to be the word of God. What we then do with that message ... well, let's call the issue 'diverse'. As diverse as the many different religions that would spring forth from any one such scripture.

To maintain the modus operandi implied earlier, the issue on the one hand were that we don't know if we can take those words for granted. Similarly a lot of people might not care enough to have even considered it this far. But that might be true for in about anything that anyone ever said or wrote down. And so, as a simple statistical fact, some of those ought to be more valuable than others. Yet would we not be capable of benefiting off of any of that - unless we knew ... well, a certain amount of things.

And thus we're back at square one. "What to know?". It isn't as easy though, as to just go and blurt it out. I suppose. I mean, sometimes ... but that's not the issue here.

The issue is that in this infinite pool of potential wisdoms - it's easy to get lost. And as a part of it, we wouldn't really know that we're lost. It's not like in a videogame where we have some set of parameters by which we can estimate some sense of progress. Which may be why some people would stick to pragmatic stuff. Crafts and Science, something like that. But we're not all wired that way. And it makes sense.

As such it makes sense to maybe as first of all things, try to cut through the many layers of the cosmos and reach out for what highest instance there might be. Possibly or preferably free from any religious biases. To be "rawdogging" it as it were. Of course, should anything come of that, it is inevitable that one would sooner or later be confronted with the sea of many a word. And I suppose ... "I did it so you don't have to" ... in a way.

But, this was supposed to be about Therapy ...

Now - as odd as it might seem - the way I see it, Therapy is a bit of a skill issue. So ... more "good" news. Like, what isn't?
And I do very well relate to being in a position of being confronted with "skill issues". The kind that I ... struggle with. And then the Bible tells us as much as ... that it's OK. The meek shall inherit the Earth and all that. To which I'll add, that ... coming to terms with your own self, while a skill issue, ... is like ... one of those things I'm unwilling to tolerate as something "too difficult". But sure enough, it ... well.
So, God may help us with that - as He certainly has the patience and the insight to do so. Also what power be necessary to support us with force. But that now takes us back to the other thing - and the "how dafuq" ... such and such.

Eventually there are words that can be said - but I suppose those - the right ones - would differ from person to person. Yet, eventually, God is an integral part to my experiences, my beliefs, my understanding ... and if so far none of that got to you, well ... that's too bad I guess.

The main reason why Therapy wouldn't work - in my opinion - is because of flawed expectations. If you have a certain end-result in mind; And a Therapist - in this sense a bad one - could certainly amplify or even procure that problem; You're actually in danger of trying to brainwash yourself. Some kind of conversion therapy. Here therapy may help you to locate, shape and flesh out aspects of your mind that accommodate the ambition - but that eventually contradicts parts of yourself that will resist your efforts. While the same could be said about "the right way", so - parts of yourself that aren't in tune with it ... resisting your efforts to get there; That should make it easier to conceptualize one matter of balance at play here. Although terms such as 'right' or 'wrong' should also be used cautiously and sparingly; At the end of the day 'success' and 'failure' imply a somewhat absolute 'right' and conversely 'wrong(s)'.

Thus we come back ... or unto ... towards the issue of what it is that you want. I would for the sake of this distinguish three types of wanting; Though ... regarding the 12 Aeons at least, there are like ... five. There's the pure wanting itself and the sub-forms associated to the four Lights. So, Grace being a kind of emotional side; Whatever.
For here - there's at first the dominant will. It is what you might associate with will as per a sober and conscious mind. It is also the one most likely to account for whatever matters seem relevant to you and your life as it is.
Then there's what I'd call for now the "Sub-dominant will".

It is, how I understand it, what would 'remain' once all that made up your contemporary existence were to vanish. That because it ... well. It needs to exist in some way, let's start with that. So, whatever experiences had an impact on you - shaping you or perhaps rather your subconscious - over the years, maybe lifetimes or eons, that makes up an aspect of your consciousness that - I'd say - merely by virtue of existing has a mind of its own. Give or take. Well, it certainly is yours - hence the general idea that you know it. Or of it. But ... in as far as we might recognize them as perhaps nonsensical impulses, we might develop habits of negating them. Adding to the mind what we might compare to weight. So, to negate your subconscious you'd build up ... let's call it a hyperconscious, that is in turn contradicted by your subconscious and thus has difficulties "fitting in".

And for the third form - there is whatever obtuse sense of wanting might emerge from the two combined. Basically ... the passive potential of your mind at large that might express itself through wants and desires, passions, fancies, that sort of thing. And it is my understanding that Therapy mostly aims at that as a ... gateway towards a 'solution'. That however can't work once your dominant and sub-dominant will are at odds ... in a way that ... effectively bars you from making progress or ... access the potential of your passive mind.

The main problem would be, that the hyperconscious elements would be what Therapy ... I'd say: Gets stuck on. In as far as it co-exists or includes or such ... with whatever understandings and abilities and resources and such ... it'd generally be taken as "the healthy mind" - if there were an understanding to recognize it as a thing or factor. Though then one is to understand that it isn't really "the healthy mind". It simply 'is' the mind - the functional part - and helping someone get in touch with their passive mind would be a way to fix whatever problems there may be.

So, to my understanding ... it 'can' work ... but the more now one is attuned to their sub-dominant mind ... the more complicated it will be to navigate the process of Therapy; And one is to understand that much of the burden is on one's self.
I mean - the passive mind is ... a good point to start. It is, after all, where it all has its place. And figuring out what's best for you ... is literally what it comes down to. However - all that in a way assumes that either part involved is effectively absolute. Uhm, or how to say ... . Well, my experience has been that on and off my sub-dominant understanding of myself would contradict my therapist's understanding of what's going on - and it came down to me to insist on it - at least to and for myself - as opposed to ignoring it. So, living through my sub-dominant self is what gives me peace, but making it work with the requirements of life as is ... is challenging. And while it might technically play no part to my life - it is the fundamental aspect of myself still. And it is by maintaining that, that I could develop dominant concepts that didn't contradict with it.

And so, without a proper understanding for your sub-dominant self, you would be stuck looking for solutions in your passive mind; Which ... might give you a sense of progress - one that is however as shifting as a surface of water.

... to be iterated upon ... eventually (time's up!)