The inner Child

Now, the thing is that I'm no true expert when it comes to Psychology. I'm willing to admit mistakes, but I don't like being wrong. ~The more you know!~. So, technically there's a bit of a Kaveat with what I recently wrote, that I might not be aware of - but I am aware of one thing: I've been introduced to something called ... as per a somewhat literal translation into english ... modes. There's the inner Child, the responsible adult and the strict parent for instance. And this ... conceptualization of ones mental health ... I found it to be pretty accurate. And I think many can find these little aspects within themselves. So is there a bit of an issue between the inner Child and the strict Parent - and the responsible adult is to make peace between them. So, this is an instance where Psychology would be aware of whatever I tried to line out previously - 'and then some' as the model goes a bit further - talking of Protectors for instance. And my whole situation can be explained pretty well using it. Like a Textbook example.

But then ... I'm not sure how to ...
My inner Child "was" basically the girl I could not be - burried deep inside me, locked away and guarded by all sorts of habits that would get me through the days and years. Nowadays I think of it as the part of me that benefits off of me being a bit carefree at times. Buying silly things, doing nothing, whatever. Just today I bought a Lego Bonsai Tree since it'd make for some neat decoration for my new home.
At this point I kind of want to share this: - alias my "worldshrine".

But anyway, back on the inner Child versus the sub-dominant mind, or not?

I feel like I should let this ... just sit for a while. So, while I'm at it ... here's my "kettle on the floor" situation (: