Witch Tarot - Star 2

Since the trains didn't drive today, I'm having time off today - and so I fancied to do some programming. But after arriving back home and chilling out for a bit - I fancied working on my Oracle Cards instead. It have after all been around 5 years now since I originally conceived them; And since then - give or take - I've also been working on a digital set I might get printed some day. I've been working on that on and off - but ... always got stuck somehow. And since I had to stay sober, I've also not had much of an opportunity to dive in all that much. But now I kind of want to have it done; But thus I also chose to leave out all the text I wanted to have on them. Quite a few have text on them already, but ... I think I'd have to be high to properly continue with that. So, just plain and simple ... this time around.

And so I arrived at the Star 2 card. "Evil in Good". This and it's counterpart "Good in Evil" might be the most ... yea, complicated cards in the set.
For, it's easy to think - per chance: "Evil but in (ways that are) Good" - as much as "Good but in (the style of) Evil". Leaving it up to how you individually conceive the individual words. And between what the Cards can tell and what we may want to know - there's sheer infinite complexity; To which the skeptic might relief themself of a cynical agreement.
Yet, if we really want to do 'Fortune Telling' - or 'True Telling' ("Wahrsagen") - we have to break this infinity down into something that is more objective and quantifiable than not.

Like so, it should be easily understood, that Star 2 and Star 4 cannot have the same meaning. As also - once either of them really just turns into a "Good Actually" card, it's apparent that ... something's wrong.

The sheer infinite complexity does however arise naturally from concepts such as these. What is Good? What is Evil? Though we mean that they are reasonably self-understood and immutable, the fact remains that concerning what we're "asking about" - it's no longer that simple.
Unless we can make it simple again.

So, taking Star 2 as such, the object is clear - unless you really just read either card the wrong way around - that it's about something 'Evil' (or bad) in something that's 'good'. This applied to the understanding that "the thing" itself can range from really really good to terribly bad - saying that it's actual goodness doesn't matter - leaves us with the task to differentiate the good from the bad and focus on the bad as the thing that's highlighted.

Which is fairly easy ... in theory.

In practice, as how I've come around to it, there are two parties and two ways the individual cards can show. There's the 'target' - or the person asking or wondering - and the 'medium' - or the person laying the cards. For me, both would usually be the same, but whether I read the card as unto myself or from the perspective of the medium would still make a difference. But, I don't have a lot of experience either.
Anyway, I had that card come up once - and if you're looking for a simple image, easy to draw, picture ... worms in an apple.
I don't remember anymore which way the card was facing, but I do remember having ... a particular feeling as it came up.
I assume it turned 'my' (medium) way - but, I mean ... good question:

So I was thinking of a particular person. Just being curious as to what the cards might tell me about this and that individual which I perhaps should have a properly adjusted alignment towards. One of them was Madonna. Maybe it might not ever matter, though it should; And my issue is that while she appears to be of major significance within my spiritual or clarity related reality - I can't help but be a bit paranoid about it. Or lean into whatever skepticism my mind or heart have to offer.

And so up came Star 2. As - I think - the fourth of the five cards. That would matter in as far as the first three did paint a strong picture for me. One that cleared things up.
Now, going with the 'identify the Evil from the Good' part - or whatever - I might then be looking for whatever bad there is. I guess I might take the good that the previous cards had emphasized - and see what's missing. But the way I felt - and that's important, I'd say - it was meant for me. To see the Evil inside of me. So, maybe "the Evil within" would be a better title?
I mean, it has roughly the same meaning - being furthermore more versatile in that the simple "Evil in Good" implies a certain contrast. One that I could not really see in this context.
So, I took that particular card as a reminder to try and get rid of that paranoia. Implying as much as that this skepticism might lead to some trouble or ... complications, even if just a little, further down the line. Whatever, it would contradict most if not all else I ... "make of her" ... but now I wonder how the cards might tell me the opposite.

I'd say, by cards that relate negatively to what I'm thinking about her. I mean, if my position is that I'm confused about this and that - a card such as "Babel" wouldn't tell me ... much. I'd possibly go away from it thinking that the confusion is justified and dig further into why that might be. Inner Conflict might tell me to ... come to terms with what'd troubling me, if there were anything. If the cards that came up would however just not relate to what I was thinking of her - the Vampire for instance - I would get onto the other side of the confusion. OK, Vampire. Allergic to Sunlight, Ancient Wisdom. That would be what defines that Card. I guess I could twist that into alignment with my Wishful thinking - but since she's overall a ... uh ... very luminescent persona to me ... it just wouldn't ... gel all that well.

Now, concerning Monica on the Other hand - I can totally accept the Vampire. It's almost like ... 'uh ... duh!'.
Ancient wisdom or not.

But ... sure. Using vague or ambiguous images to make sense of our wishful thinking is like ... it sounds dodgy. And if that skepticism within my wouldn't present itself so clearly as ... something like a thorn ... a negative presence ... I might consider that more seriously.

Anyhow ... if things got a little bit clearer ... good! If not ... well, ... not so much. But anyhow. The time is already spent ... so ... that.