Yay, I'm feeling it! ... so, how can I boost it some more and ride it on into the future? Oh, I know! How about ... having an unpopular opinion!?

I mean, I for once have been out of the loop a bit - and ... only got snippets of things going on here and there; And so I observed the way Germanies stance on Israel developed ... and ... it's a bit concerning. I mean, I once regarded Israel as somewhat fascistic to someone in a conversation; And he was like "thank you! Finally someone that agrees!". And just earlier today I beheld a pretty uniform consent on how Greta bad.

But in all that, I do ... kind of have to agree. Not with the Greta part, but ... overall. I mean ... it's a slippery slope. The thing being that with the Pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israel sentiments being what they are, it's ... yea, the good ol' slippery slope. And I understand how Germans might be ... not too keen on placing a foot on it.

And then I suppose there's the propaganda; That really ticks in line with Israel's offensive. So, in as far as people think that Israel is fighting terrorists, there is ... not much that can be done.

Malice or not. But here the thing is, that the more Anti-Israel the Free-Palestine stuff gets - the more Pro-Israel their actions actually are. I mean, it IS a slippery slope. Sure would it be cool if people wouldn't have to heed those sensitivities - but the social momentum certainly matters. It's then in the numbers. It is so easy these days to be misunderstood. So, however cautiously you might pick your words - chances are high that they aren't uttered to a wide enough audience for it to have a chance of sticking in all of its nuance.
It is however not my stance.
I try not to get caught up in that shit - though if my voice would essentially just be drowned out in the sea of "two sides" with either being spearheaded by it's most absurd, nonsensical, extremist positions ... I don't think much can be won.

I mean, for once there's Israel and what they're doing. Like, anyway. Possibly overstepping their democratic mandate. It's the same ol' nonsense - with I suppose a rather slow awakening to the extent of the propaganda machine that has embedded itself into our world.

I further may have the fortune to not be a politician. And if I were, I'd still have the bonus of being more than just that. And ... for me it really starts and ends with Israel; And sure, all the Pro-Palestinian sentiments that essentially align with Hamas.

It's like ... a neat little circlejerk that plays out as an orchestrated dance towards escalation. And all essentially due to decisions of but a few - that somehow have their ways of enticing masses into obtaining an emotional investment in either side.

And so I clearly hope that Germany might eventually come around towards taking a more objective stance than doing the whole political dance of meaninglessness. Now, what does that mean?
Well ...

It might be wishful thinking.

I mean, we aren't in a position of making demands. And that should be a good thing. Sometimes options are deceptive. I mean, there's the "if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail" thing. And maybe sometimes there's a nail that the hammer can't reach - so ... you need to be creative again for a change.

I mean, both sides here are really just ... lusting for something on the other side to be upset over; And in the process of doing the vengeance only get more and more frustrated - and that frustration then turns into more and more violence and a lack of consideration. And voices wondering "considering what?" - are exactly those voices so caught up in this that they don't even see anything but a continuation of the violence from their side against the other. Something that has been going on ... we might say since God promised the land to Jacob.
Whoever settled there at the time raping Jacobs daughter ... being like the first, I think, recorded instance of this being a conflict.

But if Armageddon is supposed to happen and it really is a story of war ... there's no point other than watching the various parties run against the wall. Because ... that's I suppose how the story goes.

The main issue I try to communicate here is, that ... if the rhetoric is bent on violence and consistently ignorant of any kind of compromise ... (something people on both sides would scoff at with scorn in their hearts I think) ... there's nothing left for us to expect to come out of this.
Ironically then people would look at the weaker party and ask them to stop - which I suppose is also often enough how the teachings of Jesus are being applied. I mean, homophobic and transphobic extremism among Christians is really just the thing because it's the stronger side of the whole. Thus asking the weaker side to abide by their "wisdom".
I'm of the opinion that that is a fundamentally unchristian stance.
I guess you could quote "Unto the King what is the King's" - but then you'd have to agree that we are to sacrifice our religion to whatever is the political will at the time. If that's not what you're arguing though, you don't have an argument!

I mean, the nature of what Christ wanted us to have from His ministry among us - shouldn't like ... become irrelevant once we're the ones in charge. And regardless of who got there why and such - or if and could we? and all that - it is out of principle, in all simplicity - that we shouldn't turn into the tyrants our belief stands against!

So if we deem ourselves just as we are in a position of power - the obligation is on us to act justly.

And so the fundamental weakness of the Christian faith - as I see it - is in the fact that we don't innately have a mandate that allows us to impose our will or religion onto others. We merely maintain our own while seeking to increase our numbers. And once coming to terms with that matter, we may also learn to turn that weakness into an advantage.

I mean, that's the point. To eventually be the most in numbers - and produce a better world in the continued maintenance of our faith.

And that would entail encouraging Israel to maybe try something different. I mean ... converting to Christianity ... that is. Essentially.

The same would be true for Hamas, the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world. I mean, the value of Islam fundamentally arises from the conflict between Christians and Jews to provide an alternative while they can't come to terms with one another. More or less. Essentially they failed at some point - throwing away science and enlightenment in favor of Misogyny and ... Superstition - but nowadays there's me also. And who or whatever Muhammad was or is to you - I don't have to comply to your false understanding of God's will, but do God's bidding to be a worthy Prophet. And yea, whatever you might want to call me, in essence I'm still a Prophet ... and 'against' me, Islam has no leg to stand on. Neither does Judaism. Or pretty much anything - ignoring the minor technicalities for the time being.

Anyway. I think I said my piece.