Apologies | and: What if God was Woke?

First of all I would like to apologize. I said some terrible things, we could argue, that I probably should walk back on. So, I said that this world sucks. That everything is horrible and things in that vein. But, to be fair, it's not all bad. More to the point would it at times just appear to be ... that way, while for the rest of the time - it's us fellow humans that give us a hard time. Overall, life is just life. Whether it's good or bad, to some extent, is just a matter of happenstance and attitude ~ and stuff. Nature, the world we live in, gives us the both of it. The world can be as beautiful and pleasant as it can be horrifying and unsettling. And while it is is easy to find the good in bad circumstances, it is also easy to find the bad in good circumstances.

Which is, a good way to get into this topic.

See: To my understanding, this question - "what if God was Woke?" - should get some gears in one's head spinning - as to produce, per chance, any compelling argument to the contrary. Now, to me - I don't think there's much to be found, but ... I understand that ... people aren't necessarily tuned into that kind of understanding. Which is why I thought I should write about it.
The thing is that ... the type of arguments that people would present ... might not all be clear to me. That's a thing about how ... the human mind works. We have our beliefs, from those emerge biases - and that's how we end up with a worldview, one way or another. To say, that the thing we don't do to get there, is to really look at each and every possibility carefully. Simply put, we for the most part wouldn't have access to all that we needed in order to make a properly informed decision. [!]

In yet other words: The reason why I believe what I believe is because other philosophies(worldviews) don't make enough sense for me to be the thing I actually believe in.
So, asking: "What if God was Woke?" - that's a simple hypothetical. And yet something that may come as a difficult challenge. To me, who believes that God is woke (or "woke" or woke), it's ... a simple idea. That because I'm already aligned with the idea. Or so, I have an idea of 'woke' where that happens to be the case.
If you however for some reason don't believe that - or maybe you do and you just have issues with words - you'll struggle to ascribe the things you don't like to God. Or if you're an atheist - with some antagonism towards the idea of God - you might struggle to ascribe the things you DO like to God.

So - I'd try to give you an idea of my perspective; As anyone else might try to share theirs; And sure, it might help to define what we even mean by woke. Now, we could possibly come up with different definitions - and by virtue of the fact that God is the most absolute truth in existence - some would align more with that than others, while each definition would produce a different hypothetical.

The reason I thought to write this down is however not to run you through mine - but rather to address some "but no!" type of responses to the question. This type of response would dwell on the premise, that "woke ideology" is in effect a vessel for evil to usurp our beliefs. And sure, someone grown up within that kind of mindset might not get just how dissonant that concept is to me. After all, cognitive dissonance isn't much about the facts of reality and more about the impact of a concept on the harmony of one's psyche.
And it cannot be avoided. I mean, some people might try to argue that the perfect worldview wouldn't produce cognitive dissonance, but it should be relatively clear that they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Maybe there even isn't anyone like that. But I assume that people who aren't all that familiar with the matter of introspection also don't really know/understand cognitive dissonance. I mean, it's easy to mistake cognitive dissonance for some mythical way of reality to tell you something is wrong. Though it really just happens to be your mind that has a hard time coping with the idea put forth.

On a sidenote - there's ... a matter of depth that ... uhm ... . OK. So ... : The thing is, that any ideology can be turned into a mantle of deception - as to usurp one's beliefs, better reasoning or any of that. Whether it be discrimination disguised as inclusivity, or discrimination disguised as law and order. Or ... however many other ways of it.

So yea, what matters is what's under the hood. So, what an ideology entails, per chance, beyond the misrepresentations put forth by its detractors. And so I try to make an effort of focusing on that - and I ... am convinced ... that there is some kind of "greater good" embedded in most if not all of the dominant ideologies that provide us with a common ground.
I mean, after all - things such as familiar bonds and tribal affiliation are pretty much universal. When we however come to matters such as tolerance unto things that aren't firmly embedded within that cultural understanding, things do get messy. Whether or not a culture is open or friendly towards strangers ... that would be a matter of great nuance. I have to think of how we might appreciate other culture's openness and friendliness - while never even considering if the same is true in reverse. So are there matters of having and not having, giving and taking. And all that. And these issues are really ... the next step, in a sense.
And Jesus clearly spoke out in favor of ... some kind of liberal wokeism. One phrase people should know of is how it's easy for us to be good towards family and friends - and how we shouldn't expect a great reward from what really just happens to be a simple baseline of our existence.

But I think this is as far as this goes without turning complicated. At least for my tastes ... right now.