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Well, now that I can actually speak of "my precious time" - in the sense that I feel like my time is precious ... I suppose I shouldn't write these pointless sentences anymore. Well ... I suppose I just want to induce some guilt over my sacrifices? Uhm, maybe not. I really just wanted to say that I don't feel like putting a lot of effort into my output here, given that a variety of thoughts tumble through my mind so that overall I suppose I prefer to just ramble about the stuff moving through.

So, the issue with Guilt ... had me itching to write an update. Though I was on the verge of giving it proper credit, it really only became clear to me in hindsight. That guilt, most likely, is a function of our own ... wanting. Which, as it is with wants and desires, can come in some combination of active and passive features, like ... the term "human decency" implies, for me, some generic sense of compassion and respect that we deem integral to a proper functioning of our society. Along with it come principles we ought to adhere to - which are also really just basics, I'd say, such as 'respectful honesty' - to not right away imply that all forms of lying are equally bad.

And what we get out of such ... 'basic human decency' is ... well, maybe 'not' right away guilt in respects to failure to live up to it; as on the other hand some sense of pride and honor over doing good ... might be the more dominant motivator.
Anyhow - I don't mean to dive too deeply into it, given that I haven't really thought all that much of it. But, lingering therein certainly is the question for ... what motivates us or is to motivate us. I mean, there is that concept of doing good so you get into heaven - which we can turn into a much more 'real' and immediate thing when saying that once we do good we can create like ... a heaven on earth. But ... that barely even scratches the surface of it - so that at the end of the day I'm probably better of saying "you do you" while hoping for the best.

I am though reminded of a thing about free speech. I wrote of it in my book - and all the time was like ... feeling as though I missed something. At the very least is there the matter of what we individually want out of it. For me, I sure enjoy the freedom of speech that I have, in that I may express my religious and political beliefs without much of a need to self-censor. Except maybe concerning some things - but the thing there is that I understand why I shouldn't care too much about ... not doing so. After all, "we live in a society" - and while I might prefer some things to be different, that is I suppose much down to wishful thinking.
I mean, from my book you might gather that at the end of the day "the Religion of God" proposes some form of Anarchy. But that isn't just simply a matter of toppling the governments - as it comes down to our own ability to meaningfully co-exist without the need for a law. I'd say that it is possible in theory while we might further make the case that every form of government is in some way built on the principles of anarchy - and so I don't think there's anything wrong with "being an anarchist"; Though for the sake of what is real, I think one still has to acknowledge that ... uhm ... we're living in a society. And that our ability to make the best of it hinges on mechanisms that take us back into needing some kind of government with all of its structures.

Something that is peculiar about it though, is that when thinking of it - all of our structures exist due to anarchy. Which is to say as much as that by some fortune some person or people had the power and the wealth to accumulate enough of either to impose themselves as rulers - or be voted in as such - while the feeble nature of any government in regards to the on and off shifting moods of the populace also comes down to the fact that any governmental decree doesn't really bind anyone or anything. It's just that once enough play along, it kind of becomes like ... a thing.

Which is then also the problem with doomerism. Or "the black pill" as it were. But to be real, I feel it too - that ... hoping for collapse is like ... maybe change our fates for the better; Given how utterly rotten and apparently immovable the despicable power-dynamics of this world are. I mean, seeing how - in these critical times - the CO2 output of the USA and China doesn't seem to stop - but just continued to grow exponentially - I'm at a loss. Sure, it might not be "the Country" but more so the enterprises operating within them ... but to regulate that is kind of what a government is supposed to do. Which is a whole other can of worms ... alongside whatever is going on on YouTube and the likes.

I mean ... there are lots of smart and reasonable people on that platform. And generally I get that there's a kind of shared common sense - it's like all good until one however realizes how much more popular all the bullshit is. And I'm not sure if I want to believe that - or give it "the credits" for how large the numbers are. Assuming that they might be inflated - or some other heinous bullshit; Given how they seem to abuse the same "oh we're just the good guys" rhetoric to ... get folks to stick around.
And it isn't just that things happen that we would then be concerned to comment on - it is that then people act in stupid ways that nobody voted for - around maybe some flimsy justification - so that we also have to then talk about that. Until then someone else again does a thing - much to the same effect - and any attempt and having some kind of reasonable discourse goes down the drain. Give or take.

And then, there come all those puritanical "everything is black and white" "my way or the highway" types that couldn't find a common ground with someone else if they were bolted to it, only a fraction of which - I'd say - happens to be an artifact of how discourse works on the internet.
And I've noticed that it's gotten increasingly more difficult to be invested in any of it. As I said: Nuance is dead - because for the most part any nuance of any matter that one might call upon is victim to the issue they're trying to promote. To say that the nuance of a thing is nowadays much more a matter of individual parties that are more like at each other's throats than ... something we could productively deal with.
I mean - AI stuff. It's not like us going through the pro's and con's of it is going to do anything. But neither is being vehemently opposed or vehemently in favor of it going to do anything. Sure, both of the extremes have some chance of getting something done 'IN SPITE' of what 'the nuanced position' would propose or want or conclude or how to call it, but at the end of the day we just don't seem to have the tools to ascertain that AI is going to be used responsibly by anyone. Or more to the point: Especially those we should be most concerned of.
Which means as much as that if you're vehemently pro AI - you might be in line with what "they" want, but ... unless you too are an irresponsible douchebag of an asshole ... also only to some degree, arguing that you're likely going to get fucked also anyway and people told you so.

Anyway ... art - anything spiritual - has been like properly corroded by the world we live in. I mean, if you consider yourself a spiritual person in this day and age ... I'd say there's a 90% chance that you believe in some weird and whacky shit that would have me cringe depressedly in my corner at the state of the world.
Art I'd say is for the most part an incestuous mess. Like, for every original "IP" that comes out successfully - there are probably going to be 2 spinoffs next to X number of reboots to other stuff and 25 horrendously brainmeltingly stupid other things that follow. I'd blame it on some conspiracy, executed by some "my way or the highway" type of doomsday cult that tries to be the sole controlling entity over all of it - and due to their exploitative nature they don't know how to ... do art. I mean, they create an artificial 'dome' of sorts - which is like "the world being their oyster" - and the fact that we nowadays speak of 'franchises' kindof speaks to that "habit" of milking each and every sliver of possible entertainment until it's as dry as a world without wetness.

I mean, I've been observing this for some time now. And we might as well return to saying that there's nothing new under the sun. I'm certainly done trying to argue against it. I mean, I do get constantly proven correct on it, but that's beside the point.

So, there's an ignorance in wealth and power we could say. Anyway - inspired by a brainfart I was reading through the passage on the four riders of the apocalypse to see whether Elon Musk and the rise of AI could be read into that; And what I found it is that in todays context it seems a lot more as though the four riders are more of a unified force than something separate and subsequent.
I mean, I had a dream once - which I then understood as a hint on what that's all about. It was settled in the King of Queens universe - but that's beside the point. The implication was, that some secret organization - the "real Illuminati" if you want to stick with 'Illuminati' being that evil shadow organization thingy - operated among us. Its agents wouldn't be like the elite we think of, but acting as civilians - friends and family perhaps - following some agenda. Much like what "we" try, but more capitalistic and exploitative.
But anyway - speaking of the first rider, it is nowadays somewhat clear how ... fascistic thinking or neo-liberalism, that whole nonsense, was advancing almost unimpeded. I recently met with an old friend from school - and we eventually dwelled a bit on how things had changed. And I was saying that it's like ... we lost a war we didn't know we were fighting. The war of the comment sections, we might say. And ... the morons won. Which is like ... the world we live in today. Idiocracy on repeat. It might then be that most popular forms are filled with ... like ... "Sentinels" that are to maintain that any productive discourse is interrupted, while seeing to it that nonsense and bullshit take its place. I mean - how can it be that something that everyone, so it would seem, disagrees with all of a sudden becomes like mainstream? I'd say it's mostly because we exhaust ourselves in pointless arguments - and then the thing happens anyway. But, uhm, be it as it may ...
So, while all that Success that was given to them was happening, we get to the second rider. Like so, we got into a time of increasingly toxic polarization - as for once people disagreed with things that were happening, but not in a way that could make much sense. I mean, I have to think about the whole Gamergate thing. It was, for once, at first, to me ... a good thing. What some people might still insist was an online hatemob that targetted innocent little girls with an opinion on the internet, was to me ongoing critique that was able to constantly re-contextualize itself in the wake of new bullshit. And in support of it I was possibly too blind or naive to pay a lot of attention to that part of it ... well, that failed to properly do that, and instead was really just a hatemob that disguised itself in some cloak of intellectualism. The whole community broke apart as Trump became part of the conversation; And although it was like 'revealed' then who was genuine with their critiques and who was just an agent of chaos ... it didn't matter. The fascists were too loud, and for a time they were in charge enough so they wouldn't have to worry about the solidity of that side of the chaos. But to maybe increase support for it. Well.
Whatever the detail. With the third rider, we might come to talk about Musk. Because ... he's I suppose emblematic of the issue implied there. Where logic and reason don't matter - and pseudo-science and pep-talk are what gets all the attention. One of the issues is, that Tesla - for all that it seemms to be worth - doesn't actually 'do' all that much. The one thing it does, that it also keeps getting praises for, is that it promotes a technology that might just not be quite there yet. I've heard talk of a new battery type that's going to be cheaper and cleaner - so, scaling up lithium ion battery production might just be the most horrible investment mankind might be able to make. But it's not only Musk.
Or things he's got his fingers in. So, glancing past all the "because I can"~ism of it, there is still this odd dynamic between what the first rider implies and the common sense of "we, the people". So that necessarily - for the first rider to ... "be the first rider" ... things have to be somewhat out of whack. And yet ... despite all that chaos ... there's still some sense of 'human decency' that we ought to live up to. "Wow!".
Well, give or take. I mean, sure. Even as we get to the fourth rider - we have like that whole "denazification" or "defending against terrorists" "we're the good guys actually" thing going on. And it reads ... I mean, it's a little bit funny at first, saying: "And the underworld followed him" - implying that all those people in support of the warmongering and invading and such ... are like ... demons. And yea, I mean, that's ... what IS happening. So or so. Then we can argue that the Bible gives us a concrete percentage as for how many they are ... 'actually'. And, yea, a fourth ... isn't 'Everybody' - just saying. But maybe I'm misreading that. However, then it gets weird. "By sword, hunger and death - and by the animals of the earth". Does that mean, that ... the lab leak theory is actually kind of correct? Even more so, that it happened on purpose? Not that it makes a difference!

I mean, even more so it makes the case for people who would try to take it seriously; As between miscommunication and misconstruing things - that is really just more of the same kind of bullshit that I've been writing about so far.

Well, for what it's worth ... that means that it's like over soon. I mean ... that's the word written in my Bible to describe what follows. Where I think what it means by "the slaves and the free" - isn't to say all and everyone on earth - but those within the Doomsday Cult. To say that God doesn't discriminate when it comes to that. So, it's not just those with wealth and power, but also all those little goons that just tried to get something out of it, or those that ... I don't know ... were into being their bitches. Who cares? "You do you" I guess.

As for me ... I don't know, but ... "it's about damn time" is ... what best describes my feelings on the matter.
I mean, I'm still working - so ... I don't think that this particular doomsday scenario will be particularly ... well ... "doomer friendly" I'd say. It'll be more of a 'done with the one, now on to the next' type of thing ... while 'they' might throughout all that have difficulties letting go of the belief that their whole thing might still work out somehow. Or whatever. Maybe I'm misreading things. Anyhow ... I guess that's however that for today.