True Democracy and Stuff

As per usual, there's a bunch of stuff on my mind. Not sure what of it really matters - but progress is progress ... .

So is there a matter I've been writing about - or as such: Musings that eventually become a matter.
Be it the forces that be, or the nature of society, democracy and the likes - there's also a lusting for Power, corruption; For whatever reasons - and subject to that: The heart of men as it may be swayed one way or another.

It is in-deed a rather broad topic; And in as far as God would not bestow us with the POWER to enforce our ways, it is in the end still a matter of democratic rule.
That is: We sway whom we can - and hope that it is enough for our hopes and dreams to not get squashed by the malice in this world.

I mean ... we may, for sure, imply or assert that our way is the right way. That it is ... this or that, however great or comforting we may make it out to be. It may be the correct way according to all things that logic and reason may assume; But at the end of the day: That is just an individual belief to the other.

What we make of it, what is to come of it ... these things ... are part belief and part ambition ... at any rate.

And so ... at the heart of it resides democracy. Whether society would turn towards fascism or not ... eventually too is just a matter of how people choose. Yet may people be turned towards certain choices, say ... by bribes, delusions, lies ... - and for as long as these things plague our hearts, we may also reluctantly sigh over what tasks are laid before us.

And - let's call that for now: The principle of Anarchy. That, for whatever system we envision to govern us - it is in the end an emergence from Anarchy. What Laws there are that man has elected to exist within, they are but a choice away from being broken. And if we do so collectively - turning towards something else - so it will be.
Even so are legal boundaries towards what we aspire just boundaries in as far as we elect to respect them.


And all that aside - or taken to heart, ignored or whatever - beyond the theory are the politics of the day. And 'Justifications' are a huge part of it. Justifications are a way of saying: "Why I'm right though" - regardless of what makes you think differently. And it is within those that we consolidate our hearts - and turn resistent to whatever sway one may think to hold by whatever means.

And since I'm not really "there", I suppose, where "|the politics happen|" I find myself ... standing at the sidelines. And yet it is sometimes a good spot to be in. At least it is a spot that holds certain value. For, once you're in the middle ... "in the trenches" as it were ... you're probably pre-occupied with things other than the bigger picture.

But then again, standing outside respectively doesn't come with proper knowledge of what it's like in the trenches. And that ... complicates it. For the cheerleaders of malice would stand there - in the trenches - giving people reasons and purpose to fight each other. And while those standing outside might hold there heads, wishing for it all to end - the thing is this: Our sense of Justice eventually forbids us to give up a fight we deem just.

And in as far as we can speak of a war between Heaven and Earth - or whatever the sides may be - there is a war that either side may find to be just. And the question to self is: What side are you on? And how could you answer that question?
What do you believe in? What do you want? What do you expect? What would victory look like?

The thing is that since Jesus came - something has changed. That is ... assuming that this war has been going on for longer. Perhaps even for longer than this world has existed.
"The war of the Immortals".
A part of that comes about as people dare to look beyond "the mortal toil" and question the nature of existence. "Why" are we here? "Why" is the world as it is? And though answers exist, they might not be satisfactory.

And so - in a sense - people took the Light that Christ had come with; In an attempt to take God hostage. To bind Him - at least by the rules of this world - and impose our own demands instead of His as what is to resolve this conflict.
But ... is it really ... 'our' Demands? I for sure can say that it ain't mine. And if God had wanted it so, they would hold no power to stand in our way.

What I so am trying to get at, in what few words I may have, is perhaps best understood in regards to a simple concept:
    What we may understand as a toxic or abusive relationship in essence involves a perpetrator that convinces its victim that they (the victim) are "in fact" the perpetrator; And that they (the perpetrator) is "in fact" their victim. And once the victim acknowledges that - something changes. Sort of. They accept, in essence, that their mere existence is an outrage such that they should for ever be indebted to their oppressors. For implying that the victim holds no true guilt, their existence is all that it takes.
    Though, if we want to dig deeper, it is their weakness or inability to speak up against their oppressor. But that's a different story.

    And then - once society asks the victim to yield to their oppressor - the toxicity or abuse of that relationship extends into society; As society accepts the victimhood of the oppressor; Thus adding the weight of society to the "guilt" of the victim.

To some, God may be the Oppressor. After all He holds all the power and by that could not quite possibly be the victim. But in as far as God withdraws himself from our actions - it is among us, that there are Victims and Oppressors. And the Oppressors would seek to convince us - by virtue of being their victims - that this God is unjust; And that we should therefore side with them in their revolution against God. And yet, I doubt that this revolution is anything but a Ruse. A Justification to not heed. A Justification fueled by our acceptance of its validity.

God is Nature. Or more to the point: God determines Nature. And sure, in part Nature is merely a frozen Reality that God simply chooses to maintain. And we are of that Nature. Whether we are born of Chaos or of Order - it is our part in existence. Next to all else that may claim to be such.

And yet - some may argue that I'm a traitor. Because ... I side with God. They might continue to argue that I have no idea of what YOU, ordinary person, go through - and to that I say that YOU have as little of a clue of what the poorest on this planet go through. You might however blame their suffering on us - though, their suffering isn't yours - as yours isn't mine. And in as far as you may boast to speak on their behalf, I may boast so speak on your behalf.

Matters of Opinion

You want to know what 'stupid politics' is? That were: Someone asking folks of an opinion on something - and then somehow enforcing one side of that opinion to make it all utterly meaningless so who cares if anyone even tries to argue in good faith over what opinion is superior to the other. But yea, be wary of people that only care about your opinion - regardless of what facts would have to say to the matter.

Anyhow - I would trust that most people don't have these issues. This whole "war of the immortals" is eventually just the bickering between a handful of individuals - and yet we somehow have to resolve it.

Now, if you say that we - where our Lord has given Himself into the hands of terrestrial Judgment; And further His religion into the hands of this world - or how to put it - are the oppressors, I would then ask what it is that we ought to do. What are we to give? And understand that simply making demands ... isn't really how this is going to work! I mean, "you" would have to start that way, but whether or not God is willing to meet them ... that's a different story.
But if it all boils down to "what Justice is" - well, let's have it! A discussion on Justice.

I mean ... I guess I understand where this is going and it has been clear for a long time now. It's not that it ever helped anything - for, that would require them to be sincere. I'm sure they can be sincerely pissed or upset ... let's call it "the stress of Mortality" - but at the end of the day they would have to come up with a solution to the problem that they themselves pose to our peaceful co-existence.

And is it not so that they live in ... unimaginable wealth? Virtually without lack of what one needs - and yet they don't seem to ever be satisfied? Or am I generalizing?

See - God ... isn't one of us. He's ... different. It makes no sense for us to assume to Judge Him as though he were like us. Subsequently ... this whole thing is a thing between ourselves. And sure - God provides a side and I happen to be on it - but that's not to like ... "spite you specifically" - it is to cherish those that are good natured or chose to be so. And if you call that a traitorous conspiracy, well, you're too dang full of yourself.

I mean, I think I have learned on thing: Everything that the Antichrist says - implies, imposes, such and such ... can be boiled down to one thing: Narcissism.

So ... like ... Anti-Christian or Narcissist ... where's the difference?

Democratic Value

Anyhow. I feel like it isn't time yet for ... a lot of what's on my mind here. For what burdens me. And ... I suppose ... it might be something people will have to tickle out of me over time. After all ... a lot about it isn't up to me. And it is only barely that I might even suppose that it could be up to me.

... Mind Blanks ...

In closure ...

I do have thoughts - I know there are words - but somehow they won't come out. So, in the end it seems - it is right now all about "them". In a way. And yet I think that people might over-estimate how many people actually care about it.

There's a thing: The smartest person alive couldn't come to a conclusion of "their thing" if they missed one piece of information. The dumbest person alive might not know shit - but could believe that this one missing piece is real - and by virtue of that could be considered "smarter", because they "know" what the smart person doesn't.

It's a metaphor of sorts - regarding how reality itself is itself - regardless of what we know or can know about it.
And so God did care to make this world they way it is - and distribute power as He did. Which is: He didn't create much to consolidate it - and subsequently its up to the "mighty" to take it.

On another note - there's a thing about bad arguments that came to mind. See ... when it comes to why Pedophilia is bad, people tend to say that it's about power dynamics. And while it sure is true that the power dynamics can cast a bad spell onto any relationship - it is also an awfully bad argument for the matter at hand. Like so ... are there Parents ... for once. If you want to maintain that the "power dynamics argument" is the dominant stance to take - you're also arguing in favor of class separation. You might ignore that because you think yourself a communist and hence in favor of abolishing classes - but is there an actually peaceful way of getting there?
Well ... maybe so. The thing isn't bad per se - but the thing yet is that there will always be people that hold power upon others; And so I'd rather talk of honor and responsibilities.
You might yet try to maintain the power dynamics argument - just for it to then fall apart once the matter of responsibility is brought up. Whether they can live up to it or not.
And so it is from the get go more valuable to understand what these responsibilities entail - such that they won't remain in the dark.

For ... what I worry, looking at the state of the world, is that we might fail to understand how to deal with the violence of those that reach for power. I mean, like so, parents - or "would be" parents/parents at heart - that are convinced that LGBTQ+ is code for Demonic Powers, they already don't care about what you think about power dynamics. They are set up to double down on what you think is wrong - regardless of what bad comes when such ignorance persists in darkness.
Even more so: Once that violence is what brings about change - it is hailed as the power of salvation, the virtue that sets things right and the responsibility of those who shape the world. None of which entails a proper understanding of what it ought to adhere to.

Sure, the one or the other might believe in - and also see it established to an extent - that certain degeneracies are bad; But if we move on to build walls around our homesteads rather than living together in peace - who's to say what happens ... ?

Anyhow ... believe it or not; My argument might not be that much better when it comes at "convincing them". But it makes for a better start. And in as far as people DO care about sound reasoning ... it's also the winning one.

But, as for dealing with the violence - what's important is to not fall for it. I believe. I mean, we're Christians and I suppose that inherently does entail some kind of Masochism. You know ... having principles to die for. What's important is that we don't let them. Which can only work if there's enough of us.

Well. To put this into words for the not so intellectual crowd ... is that I'm THE ONE, nuff sed.

I mean - if you can boil this down into simple statements that everyone can understand ... go ahead. But eventually all of us have to learn to embrace the dark. For the smart ones that's the silly side - and for the stupid ones that's the smart side. And ... I'm sure we can find peace that way. It may feel weird at first - but, I think ... or understand as from experience ... that most people share this "live and let live", "normal doesn't exist", "we're all different" kind of sentiment. And that's the strong point. And if all of us - wherever we are on whatever scale - can stand unified with our own ilk - on some shared thing - there's no more confusion. So, if all the smart people come together and say "this" - and all the stupid people come together and say the same, just differently - our problems may disappear.

Then we may come to agree that "radical" was yesterday. And 'today' ... we can start anew.

And ... yep ... that's ... that!