[The next part appears to be missing some pieces. Visible stains of wear and tears hint at it. Overall it does however still appear to be usable.]

My Elden Ring Arcana Run - Part 5 (For Boss Time!!!)

Margit: Upon trying to enter Stormveil Castle he'll greet you. He's a bit sneaky with his knives - but eventually he'll charge up a slam attack with his staff. Here you can just walk around him until the attack comes out - and then Charge an attack. We should deal enough damage to make this whole thing not last very long.

Godrick: You can either do Stormveil Castle proper or rush in through the gates. The latter is harder, I think, if you don't know exactly where you're going. You might also drink the Physik for additional protection while doing so. TO get through the gate, talk to the dude in the building right next to it. Note: Dying in Stormveil Castle, prior to defeating Godrick, has a tax on it. So, you'll retrieve less than what you dropped.
There's good stuff to find here - but nothing we're really interested in.
Technically all you need to do to storm the gate is follow the road, through another gate, up some stairs, through (or around) some barricades into a saferoom.

Before stepping through the Fogwall, make sure that you've been to the yard in front of it. Here a giant and two soldiers guard the entrance, further in you'll find a Golden Seed and next to that a Room. Here you can talk to Nepheli, exhaust her dialogue and have her help you fight Godrick. Godrick should also not be a big issue at this point. Just try to keep some distance. When it stomps his axe into the ground be prepared to jump the second quake. Once his second phase triggers, run straight at him. He has good openings to get charged attacks in - so ... you should know the drill.

Visting Ranni

Whether we visit Ranni before or after we beat Radahn isn't important. But it's nice to mix things up a little - and maybe get an extra Level or two before facing him. So, get into Caria Mannor, make sure to not walk over these finger tips looking out of the ground - and leg it to the site of grace to the left side of the mannor. There, make it accross the ramparts, find the elevator going up and take the grace. Here you'll then find another Golden Seed. Rather than stepping through the next arch, look for a ladder around the left side of it - move along, make it up the stairs and step into the Large room. Here a Ghost version of Loretta is the boss. It can be difficult to get in on her, but some of her swiping attacks make great opportunities to use the Helices skill against her.

Ranni's tower is the one furthest to the west. Move up, talk to her, accept to help her, go back down, talk to everyone and then rest at the grace.

Radahn: This fight, to me at least is very chaotic. The first part for me usually consists of checking all the summoning signs while dodging his arrows and to then approach him. THe thing is - I find his moveset very irritating. So, I think the most important part is to keep a cool head. Mind that if you're standing right in front of him he might just slam his swords into you.
What works best for me is to try and stay in front of him. But also to get basically between his legs. To attack the horse using the Twinblades. Here you're kind of safe from a bunch of his attacks, but try not to overextend. When he's swinging around wait until he's done.
My headcannon here is this: Radahn and his Horse have somehow become one. Maybe it's even just the Horse, and Radahn is just some weird extension of it. And the Horse is freaked out - which is why Radahn appears to have gone mad. It's actually however just the Horse freaking out.
In his second phase it's probably best to try and stay behind him.