[This is a {Silcone} bound codex. On it written are the words:

"Oh Heavens, it was not my intention to misguide. How heavy rests the burden of mine failure upon my shoulders"

Encased in it is a collection of writings]

My Elden Ring Arcana Run - Part 6 (Repentance)

Fragment 1

On our way there (possibly referring to the way at northern cliff of caelid), right at the dent of the road a path leads into a cave. In there we find the Bullgoat Talisman. To obtain it we have to sneak past a Rune-Bear. There are no other enemies on this upper Level of the cave though. The only thing to watch out for is to pick the right path when trying to run back out (the RIGHT one!).

[Underneath it a note reads: No Light necessary, but it's dangerous without]

Fragment 2: "Fetch Quest"

Now that we've defeated Godrick, it might be a good time to tie up some loose ends. Back in the Roundtable Hold, you may already have noticed Roderika standing by the Fireplace. If you haven't done so, talk to her and the Blacksmith (Hewg) - talking to either one concerning the other - until Hewg agrees to teach Roderika. After resting at the Grace (accessible in front of the table) she should now sit in the same room and enable you to Upgrade your Spirit Ashes.
On the other side of the hold - left to the door, you'll find Gideon, if you haven't talked to him already. For Nepheli's quest, talk to him until he starts repeating himself. Once resting at the site of grace he should disappear and now Nepheli should stand outside the room in front of the "Vendor's" (Twin husk?), by the books. If you've met the requirements, talking to her will also give you a Talisman. If you talked to her enough, she'll disappear after resting at the Grace and Gideon's Room should be open.
The door next to which Gideon originally stood should now also be Open. Talking to Enia inside now awards you an additional Talisman Slot. Here you can trade the Remembrance Echo's for some special gear; And also other items related to Bosses you've defeated. Note: The Wandering Mausoleum's we've encountered allow you to duplicate any one of those Echo's. You can however also 'use' the Echo for additional Runes.
Opposite to the Room where Enia is, a guy named Rogier can be found sitting on a bench. Talking to him, telling him that you beat Godrick, will afford you his Rapier. It has the Glintstone Phalanx Ash of War on it; It's not the weapon's innate skill. So, you can if you so choose put it onto another weapon.

Fragment 3: "Drip"

From the Room with the Elevator, beyond the Barrikades (probably Stormveil Castle) we can run accross the Courtyard to enter the castle from where we would have come had we done it properly. Simply moving straight ahead takes us into a room with a Grafted Scion. On the Left side - from the direction we come - is a shortcut Elevator leading "back" to a Grace in a Room near its exit.
From the bottom of the Elevator - entering the room with the Scion, to the right we can (if we've unlocked "Roderika's purpose") find the Crimson Hood. It gives us one extra Level in Vigor.
To the left we can find a fog door that requires a Stonesword Key to open. Here we can find the Iron Whetblade.

The Merchant near where we got the Map for southern Caelid sells the Warrior starting outfit. The Body part looks neat.

Soldier's Gloves and Greaves make for an easy upgrade. Together with the Bullhorn Talisman that should take us to 41 Balance.
    Balance: The experts aren't clear on this. But attacks have varying "impact" - and a higher Balance provides more resistence to impact. When getting gnawed at by rats or other seemingly light attacks - and thereby getting knocked out of an attack animation - that is due to low Balance. Improving it will eventually counter that effect. Some Ashes of War have the same effect, generally being a short term benefit intended as part of an attack.

    Weapon Buffs: Weapon Buffs can generally just be applied to Weapons that don't have an affinity on them. We can't, for instance, buff our Bleeding Twinblade with fire or holy damage. It is therefore perhaps a good idea to have a backup weapon without any affinity, or to replace the affinity on the one we use with another for some time being.
    You can try different combinations of Affinities and Effects and see the difference in their "Attack Rating" by checking the inventory (the right side, press [triangle]).

[Beneath it a note reads:
Heavy Thrusting Sword Location: Straight to the East of the southern Grace at the road leading to the Bridge to the Weeping Peninsula, in a chest by the first tents of the camp.]

Fragment 4: "Buffs"

Eastward of the Grace where we first met Roderika, on the plateau east of the Forest, a Knight patrolling on a Horse drops the "Golden Vow" Ashes of War. On the way there a shack can be found where a dude named Bernahl sells various "normal" Ashes of War.
Where Roderika used to be, we can now also pick up a golden seed.

Other notable Ashes of War surmise Flaming Slash - coating the weapon in Fire. It can be found at a Graveyard to the side of Redmane Castle (where the Radahn Fight gets triggered). It can be from the outside when following the wall to the main gate's right. To get there from the inside, the Castle has to be in the state it is when the Festival isn't active, as several of the then open doors are locked while the festival is active. This is also required to obtain the flamberge. To "deactivate" it, you need to talk to "the guy on the chair" after Radahn is defeated.
A Poisonous Slash can be found in the south-western pocket of the Swamp of Aeonia. It's best accessed from the road there. The Scarab is sitting conveniently on a small island.

[On a separate page attached to this one it reads:]

West from here (certainly referring to the Grace from which we left the Swamp of Aeonia after completing the Sellia Crystal Tunnel) we find Fort Gael. It's worth a visit for a few reasons. The most notable being: The Strength Talisman, the Lionclaw Ash of War (the Claymore's skill), and - when passing the ladder, going around the fort instead of up into it, the Flame Grant me Strength incantation can be found. He the best idea is to hop onto torrent before jumping down to it.
The Fort's Captain can be played by hitting him with a heavy attack, dodging out of his counter attack with the Helice's skill and going back in with it and possibly it's follow up attack. (By the way: The Heavy attack of Heavy Thrusting Swords can be cancelled using the dodge button).
The Beast can best be fought understanding that practically it's never done attacking. Saying, you have to learn how to dodge it and find opportunities to bring single strikes in.

One weapon Buff can be found at the Church of Roses. Travelling from where we get the Dex Tear to where we get the Key we pass by it; And along that line, in the water, we find a Scarab that holds it.
Another one can be found along the way from the Sellia Crystal Tunnel to where we left the Swamp. You may spot a bunch of glowing traces moving accross the surface. Find a spot where the path converges and try to hit it as it passes by.

Fragment 5: "A Bow"

As for that (Somber Smithing Stone [6]) however, when following the path beyond the bridge - keeping to the left side - you eventually stumble upon a ladder. It's easy to miss. But there are torches illuminating its basis. Be careful though. The Iron Maidens with the Crescend Blades can pull you down a decent stretch. It may be advisable to try and reach the Ladder on foot.
Up there you find a grace and a graveyard. Beyond that you'll find the smithing stone.

Heading the other way you'll find a siege tower surrounded by soldiers. On that tower is a Bow that doesn't suck ... I think.

A bow that scales with Arcane can be found in an Abandoned Cave. To get to it, instead of jumping over the gap to get to the Dragonburrow, follow the ravine until you find trees that can be used as a bridge accross the canyon. The cave is full of rot however. Getting poisoned is also possible. Getting the bow isn't the problem, getting out of the cave with all your Runes is.

Fragment 6

Now that we have 3 Talisman slots, we might start to think of what we want to use them for. With but one Slot the choice would just be what's most useful. With more, usefulness may scale differently by means of combination. Either way ... pretty much beneath the first Grace we came upon, entering - and overlooking - Liurnia, is a cave. In here we find poisoning enemies - but also a Rune that boosts our attack damage with subsequent attacks. It might be helpful against Radahn.

Fragment 7: Nepheli's Quest - the Ashes

After Nepheli leaves the Roundtable hold, she can be found under a Bridge by the Village of the Albinaurics. It can be found underneath the South-western Plateau of Liurnia. Here, you'll have to help her Kill the boss waiting at the end of the Village. You may find her summoning sign as you also lay eyes on the fire ... beyond the bridge. One reason to go here sooner or later is to obtain one half of the Medallion to the Haligtree. You can find it by talking to an Albinauric that's hiding as a Jar that is however conveniently illuminated. Rolling into it will reveal the illusion.
Once you have the Medallion and want to follow up on the dudes request, you can find Lutenna in a cave that's pretty much east of the same plateau. The entrance is where you might guess it would be. Conveniently adorned by two small and a large ... "island".
Talking to Lutenna and agreeing to help her will give you her Summoning Ashes. Allegedly she's a great long range option.

Once you return to Roundtable hold after you obtained the Medallion, you'll be attacked by the dude standing outside Gideon's room. If you paid attention, yes, Gideon is a bad guy. "Secretly". Later you can find Nepheli down the stairs next to Hewg.

To further progress Nepheli's Quest, you need the Stormhawk King's Ashes. They are right next to the Summoning Ashes for Deenh. Deenh is a Hawk that swipes in at the opponent; But also gives the player an attack buff. If either is a thing you want, head to "the Four Bellfreys". They are on the Plateau west of Raya Lucaria. The Four Bellfreys are actually three Waygates. Each of those requires one Magic Stonesword Key to open, and you'll only find one up there. The Waygate you'd want to open is the North-eastern one. That'll take you to the location where the game began - and thus also the Grafted Scion that welcomed you to the game. Possibly. Here now a door next to the building we initially spawned in is open. The two items can barely be missed.

Eventually you'll also have to talk to Kenny and visit him in his Fort. Talking to Nepheli (if you have it, don't give her Seluvis' potion) will allow you to eventually give her the Stormhawk King's ashes. And that'd be all we can do for now.