My Elden Ring Arcana Run - Part 9 (The End)

It may overall be too late to go back and correct a few things. But still are there a few things I think I should mention.

For once I mistranslated some of the Starter Classes (Thief is Bandit, I wrote 'Warrior' but it should be 'Hero') and also kind of forgot about one small detail: The Starter Class DOES matter if you want to respec, because when respecing(???) the values are reset to that of the starter class. Some values will be below 10 and some above 10. And you can't get any lower than those. So, if you plan on ditching Arcane, there might be like 5 or more levels worth that you'd rather have somewhere else.

Like perhaps in Vigor. I mean, one thing that still worries me is that the Radahn fight might be a bit of a roadblock to newbies. Especially when ... like ... still getting one-shot by his arrows.

But at the end of the day it is what it is. Which is - by the next day ... probably a problem. I mean, so I went on and beat Morgott because I fancied to try out his weapon. It's an arcane weapon; And from a first glance it seems to be an interesting complement to our build. It is in a way the opposite to the Bloody Helice - in that ... the Helice is good for defensive play, it helps you get out of the way and back in or whatever; While Morgott's sword has a very offensive skill attached to it. But I also didn't have a lot of time to playtest it. The caveat being: It has a high Dex requirement. Above 30 if I'm not mistaken. So, if you did as I suggested and went Dex 20/Arc 30 - it's ... like the opposite of what you might rather want.

So, anyhow I figured that shoving Rennala out of her ... whatever kind of trip she's on ... to allow for a respec is the next best thing in preparation for the DLC. Now, obviously you can do as you will - start over, not play at all, do the same just with a different starter Class to ... then go and respec while perhaps taking a somewhat different route. It's entirely up to you.
Therefore I also won't guide you through these things. I thought to write a few lines about fetching the Somber [7] from the Subterranean Shunning Grounds and perhaps get to the Deeproot Depths; Without having to fight the two Gargoyles. But then I also keep on wondering about what you might do in case Radahn is really too much of an obstacle. In that case Leyndell will be closed off ... unless you beat another Runebearer. That could be Mogh, but ... without the stuff we get after beating him - Rennala would be the next best ... goal. I think she counts ... . She doesn't give us a Rune per se, but we also don't really get to kill her. And I think she counts. ... [sweat-drop]

But so is the thing: If you can't get into the game ... there probably isn't much you get out of what the game yet holds in store. And from my own experience, it seems like there isn't a lot to come after beating Morgott - but ... if you can somehow get lost in it, there's still a lot yet to be explored.

And there's another topic I yet meant to write about. I mean ... 'is gaming good?'. Or, is it good ... that games like Elden Ring exist? But more in the vein of: can we make a case for such games to exist in whatever future we're trying to build?

I mean - for all we care, Elden Ring might be no better than watching Gladiators back in the day kill each other. It may have been great and good for morale and the economy back in the day ... but I think we're better off without.

[... attached to it you find a note ...]

Whetblade for Magic Infusion: Raya Lucaria
Whetblade for Holy Infusion: Leyndell ("Roundtable Hold")
Whetblade for Fire Infusion: Redmane Castle