Your X-Box isn't worth going to hell for!!!

But, alas, a long time ago I've heard one such statement. Followed up, or intermingled with, some weird conceptualization regarding heaven and hell and where they would have X-Boxes.

And it's a thing. I feel like there are people who would ... well, we would basically have to pry their consoles from their cold, dead hands. And I get that. I might just count myself unto those.

They are a great thing, I feel like at some point we took it too far; But alas, they exist anyway and ... yea, the current gen/PS5 is kind of awesome. But ... alas, this is a bad way to ... try and make sense here.

So - first and foremost, there's a good case to be made for how Videogames can train the individual in a variety of skills. But they're also games. As in: They're not meant, or designed ... to train us in skills. Or useful ones anyway. But that is less due to some malicious conspiracy; And more due to what we look forward to spending our time with. And that can go either of ... like ... two ways.

If we want to just stick to a good vs evil kind of filter, well, there's a lot actually. There for instance are games that prey on our weaknesses. But one can't say that that's what all games 'do'. At least ... it's not quite as simple, even if all games do in a way prey on one or more of our weaknesses. Like ... wanting to have fun. And back we are at the heart of it - but so, what is fun?
... Do I care?

I mean, I am in a way asking these questions because I'm working on a game myself. And whatever I get out of this might change my approach on it. Maybe it's not going to be a game at all. But so far, the idea is that I'll just ... it's complicated by I don't really open my notepad to figure out what 'fun' is.
I suppose, if we wanted to, we might arrive at a conclusion that enables us to be perfectly satisfied with Cookie Clicker.
I mean, has an artist ever wondered about what 'beauty' is? I'm sure many have! But at the end of the day ... it's not only incredibly subjective at times, but most art that we'd consider beautiful is most likely not the product of a scientific study on beauty.
Because ... that's like the one thing science ought to be really bad at.
Producing a marginal understanding? Sure.
Producing 'art'? Well ... nope!

We can think of AI art for instance. Initially it was all "wow!" - but now we, at least some/enough? (or is it just me?), eventually see the oompteenth "oh wow!" A.I. image and every time our interest in it drops exponentially.

But more to the point - art ... is often times not as concrete as the beholder might think it is. "I feel" - is enough for an artist to go off on something and produce something awesome. That feeling might take shape in whatever manner - let it be a wild fever dream - and in becoming concrete, that initially subjective idea becomes comprehensive and relatable. And then, eventually, over time - it might even enter the Cultural Spirit.

And that certainly is one thing that exalts Videogames from bad habits. So, the question - rather than looking for what 'fun' is - would be for what makes a Videogame art.

While so ... fun games there are plenty. And if the argument is about how much fun one game is versus another ... I personally yet again resort to my analogy with beauty. So yea, some games so might be more akin to Porn while others are more akin to the Mona Lisa, or a Picasso ... whatever.

Not implying that Porn can't be art. I'd rather do the opposite - but ... uhm ... it's a ... uhm ... very peculiar art. I'd say that different rules apply because ... well ... it's PORN.

And the same goes for what I would call "Franchisification". The thing is that ... at some point the 'art' has already been delivered. So, conceiving the world or universe, Characters, tone, general concepts and all that. So, at that point that aspect of the creative process is no longer ... there. It shouldn't be there. The art is more so in understanding the different pieces and doing something with them.

With all that being said, I'm left with the concern that videogames are ... like ... debauchery. And some would go one further and compare people who play too much games as 'lost'. Lost to the world of the living. A wasted life. And here we have a different duality of games. 'Casual' and ... uhm ... "Hardcore". Here the matter of Microtransactions doesn't as much ruin a game, as it is a device to make Videogames more casual. Rather than grinding for things in game, you have to grind for things IRL. You then get to pay a few bucks - and also to enjoy "your" game ... casually.
Where over time, update after update, there's even a sense of progression. Time in motion.

But, my spidey senses tingle. There is a strong surge notifying that people would really like to jump to the conclusion that Casual games is what we want. And if so, I might just ... stop whatever I'm doing because my being is repulsed at the idea.

And so - to make this now a work of art - blessed by the Spirit - I'm going to leave it at that, saying: It isn't mine to meddle with the evolution of culture. All I can do, all anyone can do - I would say, is try and contribute to it.

But what now of the voice of reason?
Well - one thing to keep on mind is to understand however often the voice of reason was also one of deception. We hold a claim to being the species of reason - and yet we pride ourselves in utmost stupidity.
There is reason; And there is the sound doctrine. The healthy teaching. Lithargoel - the holy Stone.

It is foolish, to not say blasphemous, to consider it as on par with all the other conceptions of human mentality. For so, exalting 'the Truth' above all that is, aren't we forever prone to exist in darkness if we fail to recognize the things Eternally True? It might require wisdom to understand this - or the will to defy one's egos drive of hubris.

This is why humility is a strength. To also humble ourselves before the unknown - and to equip our wisdom with the relics of salvation.

Well, is it a riddle? Really?

Given that what I feel is one thing, often a time apart from what logic might imply, what can I do? If not being myself is wrong, but being myself is wrong also? It's a form of captivity that enslaves the mind - for anything and everything might just be as wrong as we think it's right and reverse. So, take the Key ... that opens the luminous door ... and come step into the freedom of the redeemed.