Society, The RULE of LAW and other Things

- PART 1 - what the heck am I doing here?

... "and then the Realization hit her" ... - "Oh....[muffled noises]" - kawoosh ...

So, I got high today. By perhaps some mischievious Gambit of mine - though overall, taking it in that I can legally smoke pot here ... it has been short of a terrible disaster. Like ... when a Meteor would just barely glance us by ... as "otherwise Armageddon".

Armageddon ... what a word.

Anyway. In short - what surfaced to my mind was some thinking about ... the Society we live in. What "Rule of Law" should mean. I mean ... . So, quite possibly that is how it works by some chance eventually here and there - somehow; To say ... the Jurisdiction ought to be bound to the popular vote. So that whatever, that political Parties decide, has to yet "lay-stead" with 'the People'. Whereby 'the People' is defined as 'People: a collective of individuals as based on their greatest common denominator'.

And if we loose sight of this ... a whole lot might just crumble.
We forget ... I fear.

What work is, for instance.
Now, in "the Japanese sense" - facing ... 'Fictional Apocalypse', the "effective Horror of "the Dreadful Arrival"" - people flock together and they apply their practical knowledge to maintain a general constitution of the whole facing outward. That is to imply, that there's a machine at the heart of it that is kept running. And now, as 'workers' - in general - we have shared responsibilities.

So, what those now are - currently depends almost entirely on Capitalism I guess. Though we right here, I think ... there's a little bit more to it. I mean ... I have my setup. It isn't nothing - certainly not much, but in the grand scheme of things it is I think quite a lot. I mean ... With help from "the State" and my Mother, I've somehow managed to pull myself together quite well. And "State" here implies quite a lot of financial backup, actually.

The "Big Think" is, that we're ... quite capable of ... somehow making all the things we do. And when scientists warn us that we should do less, and people are asking to reduce labor - why would anyone be against that?

I mean ... work less ... . If we work less ... is good. Why not work less? No Food? Nobody says ... no work at all. Question - how food free?

- We keep the Machine Running -

That's the important slogan. Like in I.T.. I just forgot my windows password. And I must say, I ... give my entire experience, minus a little kink, with that process a Thumbs Up.
The concept that you have a PIN - as from your side an access code and from the I.T. side a Personal Identification ... Array or Database. The issue is ... how does the System tell that "You is You"?
So, you have your thing. Your phone perhaps. The modern ones tie you to a user account, perhaps, of the hardware operator. Each hardware operator thereby provides the system with a running interface, so to the end user, and the competing companies offer different models of solution.
In a way however, their relationship with you is through the product they sold you. And you, in some moment, confirm access to a given system by setting up your credentials. Different 'things' exist in different ways. And in the end you .. are you. Person XY who first made this or that e-mail account in the date 90 oh x plus one or two ... posted this or that dumb idea online ... whatever.
So - data ... is a sensitive topic. Where --- first of course we have to ask ourselves what 'the System' is.

- We are the System -

Dwarf Fortress I guess. It's a neat little sim in which you try to make a home for your 7 dwarves. But, not only them. Potentially ... your entire Civilization. So, from the get go you don't get to control any individual Dwarf, except maybe for when using the Combat Interface. The Dwarves are Simulated - they have and form relationships based on some abstract code; And they have certain habits that the routines somehow check up on.
Whether you'd consider all of it ... a 'realistic simulation' or not ... the thing is you generally just issue indirect commands to make them ... build stuff. So, their entire "life" revolves around 'building stuff'. Whatever it is you ... 'can do'. But to do it, they also need things.

Sortof. They'll certainly need to eat and drink. If they can't ... they eventually die. Unless they're a vampire. Or something. I suppose.
LOL. I by accident caught a Were-Iguana, and the most prominent religion in my fort revolves around a Were-Iguana. Or so, a Diety known for creating the damned thing. Maybe. Now it sits in my Temple ... chained ... walled in behind some fortifications.

... Oh, something just struck me ...

Anyhow. So, the goal is ... whatever. By default the game runs some stuff that potentially spawns new migrants - and weighs that against however well you're doing. So, in general ... for as long as you can provide for the flood of new immigrants, you're doing well. What I however like to do, is to set a population cap ... until I'm ready to increase it. Now, I guess, I'm at a point where I'll have to redesign the Fortress somehow to take another leap.

It's no 1:1 ... comparison with real life, but whatever.

I also had some thoughts on Elden Ring

In the deep of my mind ... driving me to play the game though I might want to do other things, there was an idea. That time is of the essence. Saying, for some reason, I had to have played the game for "so much" by "some time" - such as now, that I ... have a reasonable degree of insight into the ... uh, ... matter.

I would pick it as an example ... when talking of the all-time greats. So, games - from a Video Game Enjoyer's perspective - may come and go but some ... just stay. More or less. I mean, people have feelings about things ... and that is great. But ever so often, a thing isn't only good for the feelsies.
It's more good. For more peoples. Whether that be niche or not ... different matter.

I mean, Elden Ring fascinates me in many ways. And ... I think I understand what Dark Souls and Elden Ring are all about. Well. In the Game, I would think, there is this ... "Greater Will". Or so, generally, the system designed to kill your Avatar. When you beat the game, you defeated this Greater Will. Like in Dark Souls, you fight the Lord of Cinders - perhaps. Synonymous for the reason the game Exists. "The Final Boss". With various ... other places, other reasons. Perhaps ... swamps ... to get lost in.

And then there is the Lore. I'm not sure how much Martin Wrote, which would depend on how 'well' Miyazaki informed him - or by measure of that, how well Martin did or might understand what kind of a medium he was writing 'for' - and in which sense.
... oh, ... I got lost in the high I think ...