Society, The RULE of LAW and other Things

- PART 2 - Cannabis (Pot) Enhanced Culture

So, I suppose ... 'Congratulations' @ the German people for having ... legal Pot.
I don't know, but, I've gotten the impression, that it's actually a big deal.

"In the days of Enlightenment ..." -

we've acquired what germans have dubbed 'Aufklärung'. Enlightenment in a sense, reconnaissance, clarification ...
"Up Clearing". When put wordly.

It means ... a set of principles that are 'understood' about reality in contrast to "wishful thinking", 'belief' ... as in Superstitions. And there are various matters currently ... discussed; As in a way of ... what takes precedence. Or 'is to'.
Wishful Thinking ... or Up-Clearing?

Things are the way they are; And ever so often that isn't terribly obvious. For when we think things to be in a certain way, while actually they aren't - we have a hard time conceiving of the right answer.
And so there is the scientific method. A toolkit invented to have some methodology behind ... analysis'.

Now, I - as a Trans-Woman - inherently believe in 'scientific data' that confirms that my identity is valid. If at times that might lead me to getting duped by one thing or another, it is yet inherently true for me. And I better hope that that, that which is going on inside of me, when properly appraised, does also reflect in what we might call 'science'.
So do I have an inherent bias given a certain matter - and so I would also argue to further cement it. Because "I have to say that ...".

As for weed - it seems that for the time being, our voices have been heard. The discussion around whether or not Cannabis should be legal has overwhelmingly stood in favor of legalization, but for one single argument. Psychosis.

So, what is Psychosis?

Do we know?
Can I tell you?

Well. I was invited to a joint yesterday. Stupid? Well. So, we smoked in some spot; And from there I had to then walk to the train-station and so on ... and for once I had to take a break on my way home. It felt like I barely made it home. Today as well, but that more due to constepation.
And ... the way this made me feel ... afraid I might collapse on my way home ... could be described as psychotic. A weird feeling, intense, unlike anything I ever felt before - even if I have felt it quite a few times already ... something pulling at the fabric of my sanity.
But, I can tell that the way I physically felt suggested that this 'psychosis' is actually ... warranted.

My body was in a weak state, my mind was entering a meditative state, and yet I somehow had to carry myself home.

So - the fundamental aspect of this discussion today is that of ... how the mind works 'on dope'.

As for disclaimers - I would generally forget to mention that my musings on being high for the most part exclude stages in which 'cannabis' was used as some kind of party drug. There to me is a clear difference; And I'm not sure if it's environmental or ... if there is in-deed a 'silly phase' everyone needs to go through.

well, first of all: rather than saying that I got high, I would like to refer to it as 'my inner eye opened'. The inner eye sees things differently. Me, perhaps after having 'practiced' ... and 'trained' my mind to do mental work with the inner eye open, I noticed that it would let me look at things from a new perspective. So, after I have worked something out in sobriety - I'm perhaps stuck - or couldn't think of what I'm missing - looking at it with the inner eye ... reveals ... like, new possibilities as the many facets of the conscious reality begin to 'open up', emiting their light into the cognitive horizon.

And when not having opened it in a long time, one may describe a kind of 'blinding effect'. As for the physical eyes when exposed to Light with darkness adjusted sight.

And while beholding it so - it came to me as a hunch, that ... many people know this. That ... looking at someone else is like looking at a whole different person. And one might get ideas dissociated from reality?

I guess ... one thing is that our inner eye also gets to consider our current situation. And a common experience for me was ... to be alone with my own thoughts. So, the things that I looked at with my inner eye were ... whatever. I didn't mind whom I was smoking with, or whether they appeared strange to me in some way.
But ...

more to the point ... what we might find could be uncomfortable.
Like for me when I notice that I might not have the strength to make my way home.

I've also gotten paranoid over ... germs and viruses ... and so the first thing I did when I arrived, was to properly wash my hands and my face. And ... it felt awesome. I mean, self-massage, in a sense. And though I got to bed late ... somehow I woke up ... incredibly invogorated. Or ... free of tension. Like every itch in my being had been scratched.

So, of course I would then go and recommend it.

So, you should however prepare for ... chilling out for a while. Without much action, preferrably, from intake to relaxation.
And you should prepare for an escape. To be with yourself. I mean, if the inner eye first opens - everything might be strange because it never looked at any of it at all. It may have always been there, somewhere, in the back of your head ... and the things that desturb you the most are probably the first that will spring to mind. Have you made the right decisions? Can you actually trust him or her or them or whatever? Has your heart made the decisions that you've committed to?

Well, I've gone through this ... adjustment phase ... quite often so far. As I've been smoking on and off. For a long time.

And ... what could I recommend here?
I mean ... there is plenty of space for plenty of different ... ideas. Solutions if you wanna call them that. Whatever. So, I might want to try to stick out ... to offer a unique experience.

One thing you could try is to figure out what ... you really want to do. Something positive. Something uplifting. Something ... that you and your inner eye can really dig into. And then maybe start to pursue it. Get a sense of success by satisfying some initial curiosities. Or ... understand the merits of problem solving skills.

But ... maybe not all at once!

I would ... right now want to lay claim to that term, to say 'Chillax, to' - a state in which the individual is concerned of their own inner vigor, with the ambition to maintain a culture of harmoneous peace.
In specific a moment of inward rest and restitution, given to grant ones self to stretch out and per chance redefine, adjust, upgrade or otherwise beneficially alter itself.

I would say, that there are two principle forms of growth. One is Growth as a function of time and circumstance. The other is a function of maturing. So, the function of time and the function of maturity - view the individuals persistence as for once conditional and otherwise in potentiality. There would so be a best possible self, that could be you, given that all your inner potentials had unfolded into maturity. And one goal with Chillaxing is, to give one's self the opportunity to dedicate itself to its own inner strength.

As so for the day-in day-out of lifetime we're submitted to is one of impressions produced by our environments, say ... rules, normities but also the vicinity and other ... environmental conditions. And eventually that ... tightens us up. Makes us more efficient perhaps to ... just exist. And so we get used to the routine; And that eventually restricts us in our potentiality.

But so .. I got to go!