My Responsibility

Society, The RULE of LAW and other Things | Part 3?

So, I did the thing where I come home, wash my hands and face real good - smoke some weed and sit down in my chair with a nice comfy blanket, wrapped up real warm and cozy, and just sit there for a bit.

I possibly would sit there still, carried however the waters take me, if something hadn't swept up that made me go ... "hmm ...".

So, I was imposed by a hypothetical situation in which the matters of trans-sexuality were discussed; And a question was posed wondering how I feel about people coming out after learning of me. And to be totally real, it makes me uncomfortable. But sitting there, wondering about it from my own internal perspective at that time, the first thought that came to mind was that I'd try to make sure that nothing bad comes of it.
Same thing, if you think about it.

Discomfort: Not knowing how, or being afraid I might not, such and such.
Insistence: Being curious to solve a potential problem.

At the root of it is an issue - a belief that more and more turns into a social construct. I believe in God, I am what I am - versus how the various layers of society that I'm a part of perceive it - or not it.

And the thing itself - it is itself a complex weave of conditions and assumptions. How I personally feel about it only matters "so much".
So, what aspect of it would we need to talk about?

Well - I myself have experiences; And I'm eager to formulate an understanding. As obviously ... we're having a bit of an understanding problem these days, it would seem. And so I think it is in all our best interest if we "CHILLED THE FUCK OUT" for a second; And assessed the situation. Calmly.

And sure. So, in as far as my presence has an impact on someone, or something, I'm in the realm of personal responsibilities. Or so, where the matter of personal responsibilities matters. So much so in fact, that we've societally decided to impose responsibilities even, as in situations where safety matters. Wether or not we're good at ... following order ... is a different thing.

Anyhow - so, in the contemporary, we might say that I'm not warranted to have a clue about what mine were in my circumstance. So, responsibilities. What am I responsible of? Or responsible for?
And ... how much responsibility do I want to take for things that are ... in one way or another beyond my total control. Let's call them ... 'collective responsibilities'.

Or otherwise, personality flaws?

Now - in some places the Bible calls all of us sinners. And I think we're, Biblically speaking, also not entirely absolved from wrong doing - like, ever. That's why the rule of forgiveness is given a huge weight. Forgiveness and Sacrifice - thereby often go together. To forgive is to sacrifice a potential demand. Per chance. Or we might be persuaded into buying absolution. To give something in return for ... mercy, or as a token, ... whatever.
But seeing it as a universal constant - when understanding, or implying, that we're fallible - suggests that our cooperative should be calmly aware of and curious for competetence in that condition.

So, we work together to compensate for each other's flaws. By sacrificing 'our way' - here and there - we buy absolution for when others make sacrifices on our behalf.

And one will have to be true about it. Before the Lord. I assume. For Him to be pleased with you.
So, God looks into our hearts - is saying, that as your personality unfolds, there are layers upon layers within you that can be categories as separate entities. They are all equally you, and you are always more than the sum of them - but they're yet distinctively different from each other to become a "new self" - in a way.

In the Gnostic Books there's something about 'a thought of common power'. A thought that gives power. |The Big Thought| or something to that effect. "Der Gedanke unserer Macht" - or so, "The Thought of our Power". To me, it was that God is there for me. To learn to trust in it. A development within the Ninedom - whereby the relationship with God is being tightened. Or so, a part of God that manifests/manifested at that point in time.

But apart from that, I can see reason in considering another idea. Like the one that God sees us, entirely - with complete awareness of each and every moment of our lives I must assume - and to walk in the face of that, one must also come to peace with that fact. Because, however we interface with it yet again mirrors back at us. Where, to be truly one with it - engulfed by it - is to let it engulf you.

But more to the point - think about quarrels you have. Or someone else has. Think about the motivation to 'do justice', or 'to avenge' - to reciprocate or do someone one over - if you really 'mean' peace, you have to also 'mean it before Him'. And, in the spirit of how I experienced my thought of our power, think of it as a weapon. A sword maybe. And your first goal is to sheathe it. Or - correspondingly - to learn to control it.

And you'll certainly have to demonstrate true willingness. And true willingness ... really true willingness ... can ultimately only be proven through the test of time. Though ... God has a lot more data available to Him; And all of it 100% reliable. I must assume.
But sure - ultimately it boils down to forgiveness. To sacrifice. To show - Him that He's welcome to settle with you.


Hmm ... time.

I have a Dream

A somewhat recurring one. Right now the tune goes a little something like:

"Germany is closing its borders" - saying "All currently issued Visa are continued indefinitely, new visas will not be issued".

Yesterday it was more like: "Triage of Heritage: Full German: Survivors of World War 2. Full German Family: Their Offspring, including spoused strangers and common children. Guest Family: Legal Migrants from other countries and their offspring - all collectively: Lawfully German".

Perhaps with a little bit more detail and finesse. And some odd years ago it was me envisioning what we could build, thinking of rules and conditions. And so, ... the idea right now would be ...

At first we have to take stock. To that we should probably have a checklist, checking for things we'd want to maintain. And in the spirit of current waters - we want to get a reasonable estimate of how much we can do when adjusted for certain conditions. And to reasonably tackle that requires us to first get organized properly.

If there's a voice of reason speaking against that, the idea would basically be to abandon ship.
I mean ...

Taking stock requires ... a certain peace. Also a given order. We want to be able to concentrate on the matters at hand - and ... if ... you can be part of that 'we' that I'm a part of, I guess we can stand together.

[- spaced out -]

... [mumbles]

We can look forward. And the more we are, the less of a leap of faith it's going to be - to cross over. And while I say 'German' - everybody anywhere should look into something similar. Thereby, we can regard groups by various deterministic properties. Germany itself being a collective; Which, at that point, my dream point, is a social collective. A collective that furthermore accounts for an amount of people. And after tallying it all up, we might be left with people that don't have a home. In that instance ... a refugee.

Now, the big idea would obviously be, that we - Germany - won't be the only one's standing there. That beyond Nations, we have an equally healthy Gnostic Collective.

Now, what we can do at home - that we can share with others. And for whatever that's going to be, a part of it should be culture.
I mean ... when ... can we begin to 'Live'? What does it mean to 'Live'? What's it down to ... this day and age?

Ready for a second Age of Enlightenment? A second Rennaissance?

.. time