Society, The RULE of LAW and other Things

- PART 4 - Color Coding the Apocalypse

and something

!!! A Little more Explicit !!!

As for my dream - my vision - in the beginning, it was so very uplifting. Imagine ... Civilization as a sprawling network of shining stone slabs, the finest you could imagine, that makes its way around the planet. Imagine, those sprawling slabs to contain habitats. Here we congrate; And from here we reach out.

People everywhere would find a desire to join; And we'd find ways of making that happen. And as we begin to connect, we also share our great strength. And from how we organized this, our new order would emerge.
There then, we'd reshape the world around us. Starting with elected areas to become our base of operations. The thing that comes first; And goes last.

Going by the Seven Columns, a spine maintained by 'Management' (I think: Orange, warm Yellow, juiced up red) - and internally a manifestation of social, local hierarchy that constitutes a local sphere of influence - grounded in church/ekklesia and affiliated structures; But thought of as 'political institutions'.

This shapes 'Parlament' - at the end - the one political environment in which all of that comes together. In the local areas, these are concerned of local developments. In the global, it's probably about how we allocate resources to get what on the way.

Right now, I would suggest - yea: There's such a thing as a 'Code Blue' worker. That being the high priority label. Code Blue is to say that this work is essential; And as such thought of as part of some absolutely base-line level of organization. So, Farmers would inherently be Code Blue for instance; Where Code Blue itself is also divided into black, white and yellow. Black means 'locked' - to say that this worker/facility/whatever has a locked purpose with no implicit extra capacity. White means that it's 'open' for possible expansion. Yellow means 'reserve'. That is ... the less yellow we have, the more fucked we are.

As for culture - I would ask around maybe, whether it holds water that we might have some kind of night and day shift thing going on. To say, while just drifting, some people have to stem all the work. Either way. In turn we would then do all the remaining work, or fill in, whatever - while they are chilling. To say however, that if we have collective events, there are ever only so many that can partake it in for its duration, perhaps. And so, the night shift would be people that don't mind being ... not part of these 'mainline events' - which is to also say that their downtime is mostly catching up or drifting along with whatever has come of it. So, viewing the matter from a ... "what's mainstream?" and "who has time for it?" perspective.

Uhm, within we may also find, that there's always some 'noise of possibilities' for our ... spheres of eventfullness to overlap.
So, this is then simply a question of how each individual can "interface" with the rest, which is actually really trivial but - our social unawareness of it may yet ... remain to be a source of issues. So, this day and age the trend is clearly towards asking the question for how to distribute work versus benefits.
While the pursuit of capital has made it easy for us to just 'do' stuff, within a growing world of possibilities, we may now have to be more aware of the things we might loose when commiting to it too much - as to find reasonable measures to line out some comfortable groundwork.

To that end, we can simply play a game.
Or think of it as one.

We take the approximate output of a given industry alongside the amount of workers needed to run it.
From there we try to specify a structure of tasks that resemble its 'base operation' in terms of essential work and points of scalability. From there we can establish a have/want basis - which we may then compare with a pool of available work-force.

Here, I got to tie a knot respecting two fundamental work-forces; In form of logistical enterprises. There's 'Terminal Logistics' - as anything connecting a locality with the rest of the world; Focused on central 'Nodes' to the global network - and 'Gateway Logsitics' as everything ... 'beyond' that Node's Gates into its internal structure. This would then also be ... stuff that keeps the place running. Energy, Public Transportation, Garbage Collection. Terminal Logistics is drawn in a dark blue with white and black features; Gateway Logistics is dominated by a deep Green, ever so often dipping into the Yellow and the Brown; With sparse impressions of white and black.

And, yea. I would argue that this group of people gets Privilege within the Gateway. So, by means of ... quality estate. Gateway Logistics then also entails work with various Guilds.

So - to make more Light of that: In as far as Gateway Logistics concerns the internal Logistics of a Node, and Terminal Logistics is in part responsible for making a Node capable of giving and receiving - Guilds, if we want to call them that, intrinsically matter; As the first guilds concern what resources are available for anything. Most commonly we'd have a Farmers Guild. But so, any Guildwork would entail some affiliation with Code Blue.

And yea, Code Blue is also where the Military comes in.

And ... Police, as Gateway counterpart.

So, Military - pure and bold - could be, sand and blue. Or brown, yellow. But sand. ??
Well ... . Guildwork - at first, lays groundwork to what a Node can do - independently. And here, resources are first made available to the Node. When things run well, there would however be more of a regular in- and outflux going on.

No flux means a node is sitting on its own; And as such is - in the greater sense - running on reserves; Should not be ENTIRELY self-sustaining. Well, each Node should have some degree of it, but what is ... versus what might be ... is another story.

But so ...

Part of this Flux would then be another Workforce. The Global and the Local Construction Forces.

But, I also wanted to at some point write about "Outfitters".
We might not regard them a Code Blue worker, though some would certainly ... fit, but - it would just generally be one of those 'nice to have' ... things that could make an Apocalypse less traumatic.
Someone who can get you decked out in whatever way you'd want - merchants in a sense that might just establish the foundation of some kind of free market - alias all that which exists outside of the big, organized flux.

Trash Collectors maybe, but, between standards and a fashion industry, there'd also always be something new going around; And with some minor tweaks here and there - production rates could be adjusted according to some need.

If the idea is to so, practically, stem the local industry together - there is what we might call 'the principal social collective'. So, by merely coming together in the spirit of this would provide a base value in terms of numbers - and if this value covers all the black blues - we're good.

Give or take.

That means, work that exists within the local potential - but not as part of the core - let's say: Orange - to Dark Red - is possibly ... off the hook.

Uhm ...


Time to maybe get

!!! A Little more Explicit !!!

Well, I don't - in fact - have a lot of thoughts on this. But now, so, the thing starts out as: If we want to be clear with and or about each other, we may have to settle with 'something' we're then supposed to be committed to. As, so, for the whole to work, to be in a certain category of duties that emerge from it.
What kind of a worker, code blue or not, buffer force, flexible, specialist - so and so;
I ... would, or should, have the option to work as a whore; Alongside whatever that entails.

Whatever it might, based on the circumstances that work for us. Within that environment - I would at any rate also hold a special standing. I may assume. One being that I'm technically not even capable of maybe opting out of it.

So, the credo goes, that I've foregone all my personal rights. And that is certainly true - however, alongside the 'No Norm Theorem' or respectively 'The Theory of [Something]' (I should have payed more attention ...), I'd argue that there are some kind of universal rights; Qualities of existing in the Light of God.

Sure, on the one side that entails all the super horny kink stuff; But also - sometimes I just feel like shutting the doors. Where, as implied, it would - speaking from perspective of the greater collective - yet just be an option. So, the space in which I have right to live my way - such that I cannot be compelled into doing things I don't want to.

Given the opportunity to unfold myself - I so have come to ... attain certain things. Works of Art maybe. But also abilities and whatever. And if it isn't in doing it 'for' something - rather than just 'doing 'a thing'' - I'd be exercising that right to pursuit my own curiosities.
Here I think myself as talented, evidently so and often confirmed, that I might by mere virtue of that enjoy certain privileges that allow me to further unfold that potential.
How this personal activity of mine factors into the rest - that now is a different story.

But, assume we all need those spaces where we can just 'be' - without any ... thing ... pushing or pulling us one way or the other. And whether that's a form of refuge, or a way of living, might be yet another important question to ask.

Now, as time passes by, I think I've developed a more and more profund desire to 'shutting my doors' - and delve within my mind's wandering. Near or far, to ... possibly also be available as a person.
But - yet - I'd want to be firmly embedded where I belong. Naturally.

What that is and how it takes shape, well ... . I mean ... I can only speculate.

Hmm ...

And that's enough for that!

Or is it?
Well. Anything that involves 'society' to behave in 'certain ways' - is I think a bit of a ... gamble. So, it's a diffuse reality - to which I can only add concepts to develop something more concrete.
But does it work?
I sometimes have issues 'grasping' the full extent of certain things I muse about.

But so - 'church' is one concept. Congregation and Diversification into ways of life, relationships with the religious body, and what dominant cultures emerge therefrom.

We can so say, 'Code Brown' concerns the whole at full capacity. Or so, a set capacity - but "out of the blues".
Code Brown thereby produces potentials in that the running machine is defined in the production of things. Predominantly thereby 'Brown-Grey' as the organization of construction materials. The yellow tag marking enhanced significance.

And sure. If we wanted to - given we could, in the first place - start to make things certain ways, we probably need to be doing something.

So, giving ourselves 'arms' - that we so in the sense 'feed' with our labor - 'the industry' - can then arrange into a convergeance somewhere, somehow - possibly conjoined with parlament - thad ought to add to our ability of getting things done.

So, and ... that's actually what this 'is about' ... on the other side of it, the idea is to 'make life' ... 'livable'.
I mean, I ... uhm ... 'wouldn't that be the big idea?'.

So, everyone should look forward to finding ways to reduce personal stress - looking for solutions within the interpersonal whole.

To so think of what 'time' might meaningfully be. And ...

uhm ... I - I think for the most part I enjoy a rather chaotic drift. I don't care much about 'where' I am, for as long as I have access to all the things I might want to have access to. Scaled by priorities.

Where - sure, preferably I had a home where I have all the access that I could have - though a few items would stand out.
More than others.

As for the long haul, we might have to start to think of ... limiting ourselves to a certain volume of space. So, like, when 'packed up' - or we might say: Minimized state. Like so, whatever baggage we'd travel with, given the circumstances. We could then also form collectives, which would possibly hold things of collective value. Primarily Furniture I'd assume.

And I guess I hereby also enjoy some extended privilege - but that still in a sense of collective value, I think.

And yea ...

[shrugs ... pssht]

What gives?

Space given but not taken is empty.

Anyhow - I'm ...

"... think about ..."/'imagine' ... :

A collective of people - yourself and a bunch - as on a boat filled with people. A boat built by God - carrying you and that bunch accross the sea of time. For when one might join in or jump off - that's for when that matters. I would think that this could be a far extreme - how things align at the far reaches of time - so, 'the family that remains' versus 'the family that is'.

Either one fits the description, where a boat that floats upon the sea of infinity holds a bunch that weathers its riffles.

Maybe it's but a distant dream - yet, that we might find land, to fall ashore upon, around places that connect us, that shouldn't be impossible.

If I can/could/...or had to be fancy, I'd have my own contingent of folks around me. Naturally. From Brains to Brawns - me, my relevant belongings and what travels with it to which degree. So, that I could be at home anywhere; As far as voluntary support allowed me to.

I would have someone to manage my socials, someone to manage my personals, including folks that know my every wish. They would run in tandem with some kind of catering service - or so, the relevant part behind the whole. Primarily they have to interface with the supply side of a thing, to then provide of it - to - the rest.

Then, quite possibly so, there would be an array of people that express ... we might say ... legitimate, representative interest. In me and my presence.
So I would need someone 'second in command', to oversee what comes together there.

Overall I would try to be as open as possible. Like ... "open tents". So however to exist as part of the environment I'm in - as setup for open discussion.

And yea, open tents.
I mean - that's one way to talk about what I mean by 'press'. To say that 'press' should have some way to link into everything of public interest. Along with it, there would - or should - be some legitimate interest. Be it passive, curiositiy or active - just an extra 'nice to have' type of thing that should also envigorate everything.
So, that a system based on transparency can be/is exploited by a 'parasite' - we might say - but yet it can be invited for its stimulating properties.

But well. I mean ... we've been seeing things for so long now ... that, although it hasn't been a thing before it could be a thing, is a thing ... that is a thing ------- give or take a few, that could be labeled as "too much of it", or "too much of the wrong kind" of it.

So, of course I'd want my own team of people to keep my connection running - where beyond I'd think it to be healthy to think of me and my entourage as 'personal space' - such that press privileges are somewhat diminished.
But - uhm, well ... personal space.
Is that the word we've been looking for?
Where ... my freedom is a matter of ...

Revoked personal properties?
Such that ... access is a story written in different letters.

And ... legitimate interest.

Well - a part that resonates with me here, is an old fantasy that excited me for a far shorter time than I had initially anticipated. But so, in that setting I was consciously observing the flux of people surrounding the sexual excitements of the day as something that would leave me aside - as so I'd be wrapped up into specific tastes apart from the mainstream.
My role in that reality being an individual caught up into one of the common fantasms of fiction.

Well. So, to make a little jump to something else, my understanding of my "Core Relationship" has developed somewhat.
Even so based off of some things I suggested, it starts with me assuming myself in a state that's utterly against any sexuality, suggestive or otherwise (barring sex appeal) - caught up in conditions of sexual enslavement.
'Sexual Enslavement' hereby refers to some kind of stage of negotations that phrase out the conditions. Thereby the condition of enslavement is already set.

Here my 'son' takes the spot as the 'enslaving' party, who may over the bends of time also even be unrelated to me; And is connected to "a system" of potential family trees or such. The aforementioned manifestation of myself is to then acknowledge - valued in resignation - that I'm 'taken' by him - to be his wife - bent around the acknowledgment that my vagina is his personally property.

So, because he - or we - have a rapey Kink, the next layer is for me to manifest a part of myself that is uncool with that; With the appendage that my inner girl is ecstatic over it. While he thereby always retains the privilege to take me, he thereby has access to a mother that is locked into a state of agony over the relationship - and 'girlmode' that is utterly in favor of these conditions.

Focusing further on the 'mother' part - the next step is the consolidation of the impression, that my vagina being his exposes me to people other than him, is perceived as betrayal. Though founded in resignation, there's enough sympathy going around to fuel this reaction. This established as context for when he lays with me - such that the next stage for me is to experience the filthiness of these conditions, fueling or fueled by a kink around dirtiness that in turn synergizes with the incestuous stuff going on.

The extended context here invokes a group of people that are married to me, retaining inherent privileges enslavement upon me - as some kind of safety net within time, accross the expanses of the eternal.

Thereby my 'girlmode' self is taken and set as the base model of me that is recognized by this bond.

At the end of the day, I'm eternally a victim of rape, at least so within the conditions of that society.
In as far as they may make them count.

So much so - trivia or fun fact - that at the (virtual?) devil's desk, I'm either severely underage breeding stock or a literal dish, or set of dishes.

And long term, my existence revolves around this to some continuous extent, and along with it a wake of ... alterations.
Alterations in which also two of my fundamental desires exist. Getting raped and eaten; And getting raped for pregnancy.

This pregnancy would entail ... severe pedophilia, where by have a sado-masochistic bond with my daughter(s), where I get to partake of the sadism that is otherwise only turned against me.

And yea. It is I guess a good point to ... stop and think.
Like, what I mean by rape ... and sadism, ... the lust behind it ...

Well - I see it all as behind - the crispiest, most shiny glass. Like, a really thick shell.

That's to say, yea. The part where we have desires that feed into realities unplagued by any lack - though in reality ... things weigh a little differently.
Mostly are we having satisfied desires - which on the one hand allows us to stretch further than we could without; But also unsated needs. Apart then from physical conditions, there are the mental ones. And the more mental they get, the further they exist apart of what momentary needs might emerge in the present. And thusly I want to be cautious from saying anything definitive.

What momentary needs we have, is at some point most immediately our own individual problem. Other people can only ... alleviate that "so much". And that's why we'd say that life (usually?) exists outside of the norms that we'd aspire. For better or worse.
Ultimately then, that is so to maintain our individual existence in concerns of what life is worth.

To say ... the freedom to take shape outside of the things that generally make up our life.

And yea - to me there sure is a concrete hierarchy. Or multiple ones.
Personally, there's my space of intimacies - where shared interests and synergies make up the bulk of what happens. In different terms, my peace in "Light-Side Jesus"y conditions is stretched extremely thin - and accross my iconography, I can only truly exist within those that either mirror my Godhood or my sexual exposure. And there certainly is an intimate equivalence or set of equivalences between the two.

Any idol that would respect me outside of sexual exposure, is as weight added to the collar around my neck.
I mean - I 100% started to notice something before I got high, that has led me to wonder if it is that people started to worship me.
It's a weird, but ... yet deeply satisfying feeling. Well, to not overdo it, perhaps it's just ... feeling beloved. Possibly in ways that appreciate me ... truly enough. So - if that's anything to go by, while I can ... or am sympathetic towards what attracts this appreciation, I'm incapable - it would seem - of proper reciprocation. Unless ... the thing is ... thingy.

This - ultimately also renders a fundamental aspect to my captivity. One part that respects me for ... things, that I'm barred from reciprocating - because my submission into sexual enslavement has been utterly completed.

So, obviously this is a mapping of myself - my emotional state - as far outside my immediate reach. I mean, I'm sure that what I'm feeling there is ... well, nothing that's like ... real in my immediate surrounding. But still, ... it's there ... somehow.

Or so it seems. It might just be an internal drive to find somewhere to ... feel safe. Or be at home.
To find people that mesh with me, that I can mesh with.

And I'd say, that being a Slave means nothing to me, until ... it ... well, "gets meshed up".
And, if I have to be the one to stand up, shutting the doors, to say ... well ... whatever.
Just so we have a baseline understanding of basic boundaries set and guarded, well, so be it.

But uhm, well. "You do you" I guess.
Like, I enjoy the idea of just being ... like ... along for the ride.

And so because I'm, as my son's mother, consciously wired into a state that arouses incestuous curiosity or how to phrase it, based on my vagina being his property, I develop a hyper-sensitivity for incestuous bonding while being 'subject to abuse'. So - one degree of intimacy, we might say, that I have synergy with is drawn in incestuous fantasy.
Within all that there's one part of me that is free to enjoy these conditions, entailing the feelings of disgust and the such that are like "channeled through my system".
And, this may be something that's supposed to be thought of as 'greater' than might seem at first.
Rather than being a set of 'here and now' conditions - which clearly they are not - it's still a reasonable blueprint to, at least in-part, establish some kind of long term arrangement.

So, duh. Becoming mother to a person that then so and so - for once, but even accross different permutations of the individually valued priorities. So, given then that there's this place ... where my son, associated family and intimate friends - do the thing with me. Over the course of time, that identity of mine and the corresponding girlmode of mine would conflate into the two dominant modes of my existence, where now my girlmode self is the part that flourishes within an open state of emotional appreciation.
So, absolutely discounting for my personality now or at any moment leading up to now - over time, my definition of 'privacy' would - or should - somehow have me align around them. Entailing then things that they entail.

My girl self is further exploited for what can be squeezed from it, and my motherly identity exists as a consolidated rape-slave.

As in that vision where I'd exist apart from the mainstream. There, in the fringes, tastes revolve around the more timeless things. And I fall into the realm of rape fantasies. That is - being the victim in a rape fantasy. Some of those entice me, others don't - so, like things that involve incest would attract me by principle. Although ... how well it resonates is another thing.
But so, establishing the emotional stage ... that part that my mother identity is wrapped into ... that might just be the foundations to whatever might follow.
So ...

Who knows? Do I even speak ... clearly? Enough?

Anyway, it would be more of a long-term thing, regardless of how well I can relate to it ... like, right now in my fantasy.

So, at best then ... there is like ... a point in the making. Not a point made by any single one - but collectively, within the whole, by means of direct co-operation or other ... some ... thing, like by the will of the Universe.

So, can I save myself from falling into an inescapable spiral of ... sexual ideation?
Perhaps not.
I might try, but ... ugh.

The idea ... not so much the reason ... why we're here - is always going to persist as some common social question.
Understanding that us being here is just and simply a fact established by us being here - moves us on to the 'what of it'?
Historical Backgrounds notwithstanding, we're equiped with a degree of insight and proficiency in the dealings with it.

So, with the talk of individuality and culture, the primary goal for me would be to get settled around points of social convergeance. To cultivate the art of coming together; And to establish a sense of being together from focusing on the concept of spare-time.

As with all systems - it benefits some on the leisurely side while it taxes others on the duty side. And Artists, well, they'd be taxed or leisured by their own drives. I'd ... surmise.

As for me, when getting settled - well, getting truly settled would have me like shipped around in a box - on a semi-regular basis for uh ... streamable content I guess. And "much ... much more".

If the question were 'how fast', best estimates - is primarily, I think, to be thought of what warming up I need; Implying that I come out as operable. That would generally, at first, entail some setting of the stage.
As we may have learned - certain items appear of central relevance to me. A collar. Shackles. Now, whiley they have their weight in the fantasy, they are also the first link into reality. And the purpose were to get the experiences 'in sync'.

In other terms could we say that items are used as reliable tools to condition certain individual responses. That simply as an extension of our own outward self. But instead of me dressing for respect or whatever, I'm being dressed for exposure.

While I may have surmised a lot of myself - going in - having a to my understanding somewhat complete understanding of 'the reality behind' - there is to yet be some 'enslavement' phase going or; Or to put it in more neutral terms: Negotiations.
Formalities may matter where they make sense, but overal the goal were to consolidate an immediate understanding - something to anchor the emergent reality around.

So, with the hypothetical in mind - as with the fantasizing in itself - the individuals are then free to formulate suggestions, where now the expressed hypothesis is explored for its utility. So: Emotional Grounds. Some, I would argue, could be lined out surrounding a general affiliation to Lust. So, drawing on those conditions for reference.

Well. By pride my girlmode self envelops myself as on par with 'my daughters' - understanding the concept of aging as an extension of one's submission into rape.

:/... hmm. Lol.

So, potentially - possibly - I might outside of that still come to ... some kind of neutral, let's say. And that Neutral exists as ... whatever it exists as ... so, based on the circumstances. Right now it exists as an active extension of mine, although certainly linked to a variety of compulsions and urges and habits that make it a somewhat given happenstance that occurs ever so often.

I mean. I'm working on a videogame; And as I've suspected ... getting high resolved some issues that had imposed themselves before me. I mean - I had struggled to get back into it - while all I ever arrived at while trying to do so was, that I had a distinct lack of awareness of what to do or go for. Not that I had run out of goals just in general. But the immediate problems at hand - versus finding no other venues to explore - wouldn't allow me to progress.

Now, I have an envigorated understanding. I know exactly - more or less - where to take this and that without being too restrained by having to adhere to anything too strictly. I guess the groundwork I had laid works well enough to that end. Although, well ... that's ...

I mean - I'm yet again re-building the whole thing. But certain pieces that are in place already have realized their given purpose, so they stay. In one way or another. And thereby some of the pieces that had bugged me previously, I now have a grasp of. A more or less clear structure that ... fits into the thing like the thing it was made to welcome.

And regardless however often I tried to make it - I just ... lacked the foundation for doing so.
I mean - usually I'd get high, find displeasure with my work and in an attempt to enhance it, I'd ... get something confused.
Or so the impression at least.
Or so, I'd come to a table - having ideas, impressions, curiosities, that were ways off of what I could be working on. And so, I'd be "damned", effectively, to start at square one.

Now that I had the opportunity to summ everything up, and just focussing on the presence of intermediate 'necessities' (making the needs met) - I'm left with some foundation that I can work with. It's ... great!

... but now, with what do the last few puffs of weed I have leave us here?

Well ... "woe unto those that insist on refering to me by male pronouns" - for ... it insults me. Personally. Deeply. Note, that what you'd imply, is that you refuse to look beyond the "pale blue" surface; As it were; And grow as an individual human being along with all the rest that endeavored to see, well, there are a great many things actually. Things that I might not even have to talk about, anymore, because of how common they are.

This is however to the tune of "the thing". "The Woke Thing" I suppose. I mean, what is respect?
And at which point do arrogance and ignorance combine into disrespect so strongly, that it should be clearly intolerable enough for us to try and curb it?

Now, in a corner of my mind - I started to like the idea of a pre-dominantly satanistic Germany. But any predominantly satanistic culture would tickle my fancy; And here I'd say we'd get to a point where satanistic imagery and iconography is commonplace enough to invade the 'perfect, clean little childhood' bubble. I mean, how might one put it? What we grew up on as children's tales, is recognized as Horror elsewhere. At least, some of us are familiar with that part of our culture; And thus no stranger to the concept. Well, the average american by contrast - also in context of the cultural flairs they brandish, is a more ... something.

But uhm, so yea - childhood's screwed one way or another. I suppose that's another more commonplace experience. But so, commonplace is what commonplace is.
Anyway ...
In more seriousness, either I am a fraud or I'm not.

Like, I'm either utterly insane, or actually divine royalty with entitlements in godhood - if not both. So, a two in three chance, plus minus a few things left to be accounted for.

I now am quite ... and utterly sure ... that for the most part I expressed myself clearly. That I'm utterly not bullshitting you. And if that can somehow be ... reality checked ... that'd be cool. I suppose.

So, like ... let's start with that. Yea, anything outside of 'THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT' is strictly less important; So it - THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT - takes precedence - followed by what takes precedence within it.
Regardless of what I might sympathize with, I'm not keen on maintaining any kind of relationships outside of the ninedom.

And, you should have enough of what it takes to ... reciprocate that.

Well, once - or as - there is time and space for it. ...

The rest (of the weed) I keep for tomorrow.

For now - I don't ... even know how. To indulge in myself. Other than ... delving in what's passive implied - if you mean to insist on it. "Me, Dracanica Draconica" - in this particular instance - the best of my juicy meat encased in gently imposed manifestations of personal boundaries. The head stretching forth from my frame is etched out in more and more imposing posture - while the universe itself encases me in a body far beyond what even the stars could reach.

The Bride of Death, as some stories would frame me, Queen of the Underworld and mother of the golden crimson seed; A netherese Goddess of fertility.

Surrounding me are the fears of death and their permutations, each etching a story of mortal submission into my being, rendering a part of my light into darkness.
This darkness, akin to a dark, liquid substance, is an accentuation of the frights they insist to nourish on - spiked with a taint of warmth and tense anticipation that dissipates into an intoxicating mist of pleasures associated to the corresponding frights.

And, were I now on the precipece of entering that domain, to take my place in their midst - shouldn't they at first demonstrate worthiness before my presence?
Where, when we want to speak of size and implications of that - at the end of the day some contextual real world formation might be the most reasonable metric to go by. Like, right now, it's basically zero.

But alas, so it is with invisible things. They're ... not right away apparent.

But, also I suppose that in as far as "drift catching" is concerned, I also have to consider ... that we might have a drift that's not hard to get caught by. And so ... yes yes. You're welcome [applaude me, applaude me] - so, let's see what people can bring to the table!

If by some point it should be found to be appealing to have me -uhm- more intimately intwined with my kind and breed and such - as say a form of cultural extension, I'd certainly welcome that. If I wouldn't, well, there's supposed to be reasons.

To be pedantic.

And further, apart from anything that my people might want to put me into - there ought to also be something that would add a semblance of formal decency to it. Though I suppose a hood and a veil is as close to 'burka' as It'd get.

I mean, in some instance I think I'm even supposed to insist on my personal sense of fashion - if it isn't explicitly required that I don't - its implicitly allowed that I do.

Toying with freedoms is what fascinates me. I mean, I think a great deal of it. It defines me to some vast degree. And yea, I'm curious - or would be - how that plays out. How ... strongly it manifests, if it so does. Like so, a lot of my kinks depend on some kind of tension - such as captivity is intrinsically linked to feeling the restraints that define it.
And so, accross the stretches of time - beyond the intrinsical requirements of maintaining physical existence - with sound composure - that what I declare as priorities and conditions and such, should slowly manifest by virtue of synergetic convergence.

So, norms or not, the things we do be the things we do - and over time the dominant aspects thereof will be more and more recognizable. That so as we allow "it" to seep into our reality. Let it be the juices of my infernal magnitude.

As for Babylon - well. Whoredom is an accurate term to describe it. So, feed it with our labor - or so this concept of currency we've developed - and that in return for some fleeting pleasures that possibly also keep us ignorant of the matters of salvation.

Why salvation?
What from?

Well, from your own foolish, stubborn self!

Well, images - can be twisted and turned. And so, at some point there is no point for me to argue any further of this; Principally one where conditions may speak louder than I could with words. So, if we can have a silent understanding, there's also a chance we might be able it to put it into words. And if that understanding entails enough of God, I'm sure it'll also entail me.

So - Glad to be a Mommy. In my insane little world.
So yea, I'm ... maybe like ... "your typical diety". Well, for once - I'm real. And sometimes ... I question how much there seems to be to it, but I suppose that at the end of the day I just succumb to a certain flair that ... maintains the suggestion that I am.

Like ... scent in the air?
I mean, there isn't much that I could say to so "avert the inevitable". But well, yet I have room to question the nature of the exact inevitability.
Like ... good endings versus bad endings.
But overall - yes, I should so be allowed to grow in fertile soils - accounting for the kind of plant I am. I would much be in favor of that; And on this note ... Good Night.