High Time Hollidays - Part 1?

It is what it is. Draw your own conclusions.

I just (Yesterday) started watching PREACHER - and I'm at the start of the Second Season now. And on my way out just before ... on a bus ride ... it suddenly ocurred to me. My Life ... I'm ... basically a Seth Rogen Character. Or ... like one, more to the point.

But anyway. It(Preacher)'s ... a bit disturbing. Or ... hard hitting, in a ... dark and depressing way. In the midst of all that fun. And then there's the Vampire. I mean ... I have to say ... when it comes to people like that, I suppose I've always ever only skimmed their hemisphere - at best. And stuff like Alcoholism ... or ... finding that someone you Respect ... has hidden away a Crack Pipe. Such things also ... ever only skimmed mine. Although I ... may have been neck-deep, or deeper, in "such situations".
And therein I sense a Darkness. A dark and scary pit. Filled with all the things ... abhorrent. Mixed ... with ... all the stuff that seems to get me off somehow. Or on. Whatever ... .

And I do think that addiction is a horrible and scary monster!

For when I'm high and I start thinking of these things ... these situations ... with the festering darkness inside it ... I know I want nothing to do with it. I think ... like ... "Kill it with Fire!".

Right now ... whilst all that is brought on very vividly in my mind again - albeit behind a veil as my mind is focused on the formulation of thoughts - I'm eating Fruit. I stopped by the Store on my way home just for this purpose. To have something ... I would really like to eat ... at the ready.
I'm enjoying Water Melon right now.
Oh ... they sell them in pieces and you basically can get some Tupper thingies there - to take home with it; As a re-usable. So I also have Blood Orange, some Blueberries and maybe a couple of Cranberries.

And yea ... that's ... it feels nice. It's also still cold. It tastes ... fresh, relatively speaking at least; And this right now ... this feeling ... or ... "this feeling" rather ... the one that I had writing about it ... that's the good stuff!

But it's not just about Drugs.
That Darkness. It's everything. And the ignorance of this world ... is like its engine.
Think about it, Please!

I'll try to elaborate: Imagine ... there were a Cycle. Imagine a Circle that glows and whizzes in the pitchblack, And periodically various Regions flash up. And in doing so, it sends pulses off into the void - where it combines with others and eventually collects with other pulse-streams into huge structures. Think of it as Clockwork, in the sense of: The inner mechanisms of a Machine.
And that's a Machine. The cycle is you ... as you go through the day.

And ... you tell yourself, maybe - maybe not, that it's the right thing to do. Or that it has to be done. Or that it's good. And you would be right. In principle. Though I would describe Principles as ... more bone than meat.

The word, Principle. The meaning it contains. A principle. Guidelines. Core concepts of existence perhaps; But less in terms of "Gravity" as a principle, but more-so the idea of up and down and the concept of things falling down.
And principles alone can never make up the entirety of life!

Different impulses flow different ways; And lead to different end-points.

I mean ... a tangent, or digression:
The personified Blonde-Joke made a Tweet recently that somehow ended up on Reddit - that perfectly encapsulates one of my "core worries". We might call them "Woes". It's like ... if every Conspiracy gangbanged the very idea of ignorance and she came into being ... - but, a part of me thinks it's nice. Nice to finally have a face to the feeling.
And the fact that she is who she is ... implies a huge deal of ... "machine power", which must be driven somehow. One idea were, that it's ... entitled constituancy and a lawful clearance for administrative duty or something; That she earned it by whatever means. Who cares? Well ...
The thing is ... it's a real thing. I could see how ... she might just be some average shmuck that gets a camera shoved at her face because somehow she was deemed a sound representative of the people ... . It's one way to have a democracy. But ... if I actually just made this shit up right now, because that for instance isn't how our democracy/democracies actually work - something's missing.
So, on the other side ... there's money. I mean ... of course there is. To have anyone care enough to shove a camera at your face for specifically what you have to say; And to broadcast that - that ... sounds like money is involved. If it is a passion project you somehow have to finance it still - but if it's corporate ... I don't think it qualifies as "passion project" anymore. And if politics is involved, ruling class type shit, ... hmm, I don't know.
But there's now ... different types of Money.

There's the ... you giving me X bucks bonus for me fetching you something kind of money. We might call it 'clean' money. Or "real" money. Then there's 'clean' ... 'real' money, when it's dirty. So it's like ... more unreal. Darker. It might just ... like ... disappear. Say, your daughters friends boyfriends cousin Diego ... portugese/cuban accent, long glossy hair and rastafari hat, whom you never met before offers you 'good business' - it might just be a matter of 'when' it ends up fueling some criminal organization.

And then there's blue money. That's ... the government level cash. I mean - say of the English what you will, but they were one of the driving forces behind cataloguing things. And it is from their perspective like ... their sacred duty to keep a sample of anything that ... is of greater significance. If we expand the Bubble a little and hop onto the same boat - the situation and question essentially remained the same.
And I mean ... 'catalogueing' in this context as ... in a register.
So - to register things. The result would be an index, which ... has to be somewhere or the whole practice would be mostly useless. But as an abstract.
So, there's no literal index, though certain aspects could be drawn together to ... make it literal. Which is to say: I don't know if it exists. It might. It probably does. At least in someones imagination.

"World Capital Index" ... Weltkapitalindex.

Anyhow. That Blonde. I suppose she gets sallary for being a Representative. And by whatever means she got to be that, is however fueled somehow. Perhaps, or probably, she is in-deed - so it would seem, a legitimate spokesperson for some part of the population. That doesn't change that I see her as a very troubling individual.
And so I'm trying to find answers to the question, of why she wouldn't try to tell people that it's all bullshit.

But maybe that's the wrong path to go down.
Point is ... she's basically one 'end-point'. Though her sallary probably may just be a tinsy tiny fraction of 'the 'bigger end point''.

And one step further I find ... the world is fucked for so much more reasons - than any one person with power could control.

Meanwhile on the sunny side of things: Some ole Grandpa in some images that happened in my mind had to say: Look at the world! Did you see that hot Asian girl over there? Or that hot Cuban one over there? Isn't it beautiful? That's what I want for my Grandson! But not someone that would look at them with fear, but with Love!

[a Brief Interruption]
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