The Definite?

I ask the Lord to here be with me and help me to make this good and true and in sync with His will.

So - prior to getting into this, that had been on my mind - and as for where I left (Majula), getting into this I had to think about an earlier attempt that started like this; And pi over thumb, well - its easier to write this stuff in English. Words come out quicker. Maybe my brain is meanwhile just too used to english ... also. But german grammar at times is tedious and words end up being longer. I can also ... decorate my words much more, so - I maybe end up doing too much of that than actually getting anything across. I however think my german spelling shouldn't suck as hard; And maybe I'm all-over more comprehensive. Maybe I should try that for here. Hmm ... //2017.08.18|17:30

//2017.08.14|19:33 : One novelty thus far; And I don't think I'm going to write about it there, is the recognition of "Level 3 Clarity" in behalf of a "Spiral:Mansion" Synchronicity - apparent as a set of "hobbies" or "passions/passionate desires" that accompany the individual during its corresponding existence. || OK, I did mention it.