Technically I wanted to work on it some more - as there is probably still a lot that can be improved. That being said ... this book is only going to make sense - so the intention at least - once you've read the extensive introduction. So is this about 'Clarity'. And that isn't really much of a topic to the mortal senses. However, in case you wonder - here it is regardless.

It is however not ... like ... a comprehensive Guide to Clarity or how to find yours or such - as I suppose a lot more would be necessary than I have access to on my own. So is this an individual take on things, albeit with the one or the other tangent into other things you might be interested in - at least did I have an urge to ... have it written. So is this what I bring to the table - and thoughts round and about it. And that because it matters somehow. Clarity isn't this 'me' thing - but a 'tomorrow' and a 'we' thing. SO, also don't mistake this for any suggestion of how I would want to be (recognized) in any worldly sense. Though some parts of it may speak to that, the matters of Clarity itself aren't that!

In other words - this isn't anything final. Not as what it could be, but mostly not regarding Clarity. But right now, that's ... basically the state of things. And as for a final take ... well ... "whatever" I guess. We get there when we get there.

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