See the head? See the different figures "he"s doing? If not - yada yada - you know the drill!

Oh yea - why the Mississippi? Well - because its big! That why!

After some e- and unerasing - we can see some things comming together. The routine is to first follow the foundation and check where the big nasty transitions are. As you can see I did start to reveal the back of our horse and followed it to the north of Canada.

Oh wow - with a bit of a sharp eye you can see the guy now blowing a bird! The arrow points to one of those - well - critical sections. Here the topography does essentially align hard - that means, there is a sharp line where things transit smoothely. You can somehow see that the opacity of the deletion is somewhat lush.

This is then an attempt of following the shore of northern america. So - essentially just playing around.

And this is the "final" result - well - final enough after figuring that the whole thing is - well - sensitive. Uhm - well - anyhow - here's 'that' without the underlay:

So - there is still - well - space for improvement. This is however not necessarily the end all be all - I guess - any effort beyond this could as well be way more effort beyond this and that wouldn't be justified on basis of the ressources that I've got! That is my oppinion!