You can see the hoofs - you can see the thumbs up and you can see the Kung-Fu stance. If not - go back to step one and read the respective comment there. If you don't know which one I mean - F.U.!

OK, what we got here is now - well - since we did throw the Nile there where it is and if we move onward counter-clockwise - this one goes in line with the Euphrates. In GIMP - that is minus 135 degrees. There is even a logic to this order and orientation. As Kush is in Ythiopia - and you figure that it might be relative to the origin - then the Nile goes there where it is now.

Now we're looking for how to put this sturdy thing into position. Here we figure some - 'melting points'.

Which don't quite fit after removing the water. Yea - should have thought of that before.

But just a bit closer and we can find a more official symbiosis. The black lines follow the "drawings" of the topography. That means, we got a - natural looking shape there. Later you will find how critical it can be to find the right positions. But also that terrain isn't always that critical and unforgiving - but - sometimes it is.

Pretty straight and simple! But now - since we got this bad tear there - what shall we do? I figured - this is enough to call it good! After all yet missing is the Tigris.