This is a part of the previous flipped by 180. You should be able to see the - although slightly deformed - Kung Fu stance stuff while it ain't even part of South American soil anymore!
However - the whole section between North America and Mesopotamia doesn't quite - harmonize well yet. So - an inspired thought, and we'll add:

If you don't see the hands - "same procedure as ..." - you know! Don't need to tell you! Right?

This is the first cut I did. You can see the line I followed, and you can see India bleeding off - well - everything else would be wrong - kindof. So, we essentially cut off that sack of that Big mountain - some know it as the Himalaya - and that's it.

Second cut - also straight lines! All straight! How the ... - well!

Moving it into possition is difficult. Guessing that I've messed it up a bit anyway already didn't make it easier. It is however still rather simple. Essentially I put eye to eye and now that Guy is wearing a mask. See it? If not - ... .

Playing around a little revealed these melt-points. Where I messed up was I guess at the transition from Mesopotamia to North America. However - sometimes nature really has some rough edges - so what? I mean - sorry. Just ... whatever! Onward!

Following the shores and stuff did reveal this little - "second" - problem. The green is where the Ganges is - what is here of mesopotamia is essentially otherwise water around India. The rest does however melt quite easily.

This is after a bit of playing - rotating it by 180 and another 45 to put the horse into perspective and that's it! I skipped a few transitions - but - I guess this does the job as well! Thanks for reading!