That means: 'the Name'.

Elohim [Godess+(male plural)]: This is how HE is first named in the Bible, the Book of Genesis

Ehieh Asher Ehieh ["I am the I am"]: This is how HE named HIMSELF speaking through the Burning Bush to Moses

Iehoah [A combination of three hebrew expressions: "Who was, who is and who will be"]: usually translated into 'the LORD'

Immanu-El [God with us]: The first mention, by name, of 'the Messiah'

The 'i' is the smallest letter of the hebrew Alphabet - and so is God within our Universe
The 'h' is found in 'Iehoah', 'Elohim', 'Ha-Shem' and more - a letter of the divine transition into existence
The 'sh' is the central letter of the word 'Asher' and so the name; It has a lot of meanings, just as the name. He is who He is, He is through whom He is, He is so that He is, ... and we can go on!
The 'waw' is like the shepherds rod
The 'Ayin' is finally the Vessel through which the divine manifested to us, as one of us, amongst us

- Amen! -