Have you ever had one of those Moments? You know, two things coming together, like ... an Omen or something. The thing is - I've realized something during my time as Teenager; Something I found kindof hard to describe. And those that'd get it possibly wouldn't get ... how I experienced it. Maybe. Well - I never stood out as someone all that Special - so, I always felt like ... even if - it'd be kindof pointless. But eventually I ventured into the maze of finding the Truth - Religion included - and the response to that was pretty much the same; As, most of the time I felt like some crazy guy who was loosing it or already out of his goddamned mind. And putting two and two together; What'd we get? Some "weird Matrix thing". Its really hard to be someone if you start out as nothing. I'm not particularly Charismatic, though some think I'm handsome, ... though - it really struck me that as I discovered some of the Truth that should do away with a whole lot of the Religious Bullshit potential - nobody bothered to care or listen. There's nothing I could do other than earning a lot of cash it seemed.

"The One Door" (Track 6: Flower of Carnage (Kill Bill OST))

To get to the shots seen in the Trailer, as the one above, you have to watch 'the Matrix Reloaded', while running a very specific playlist at a very specific time. Finding the right time though is simple. Near the end, after Neo saves Morpheus and the Keymaker from the Highway, you get a few small scenes leading up to the speech of the Keymaker. Right in front of that speech, where the Movie cuts from the Sentinels to the Skyscrapers, right during that Moment you have to hit the Play button. The Playlist goes as follows:
    01. [04:05] Michael Jackson (Thriller) - Human Nature
    02. [07:05] Outcast OST (Videogame) - Oriental Spirits
    03. [03:06] Secret of Mana - Smooth Mana
    04. [03:39] Kill Bill Vol. 2 OST - Summertime Killer
    05. [00:22] Outcast OST (Videogame) - Orchestra Rehearsal
    06. [03:51] Kill Bill Vol. 1 OST - Flower of Carnage
    07. [04:47] Harmony of a Hunter Disc 1 (101% run (Free Remix Album)) - Dreams of Steel
    08. [01:47] Darksiders OST (Videogame) - The Cathedral
    09. [05:46] Secret of Mana - Sea Sky
    10. [04:57] Harmony of a Hunter Disc 2 (101% run (Free Remix Album)) - Where to from Here?
    11. [02:52] Zelda (A Link to the Past) - Dark World Ballad

    White: Commercial
    Green: Semi-Commercial (stuff I obtained as Bonus Material)
    Cyan: Free
BUT - Obviously for this whole thing to 'work' properly you have to get the 'right' Tracks. The Length of each Track is an issue. I have bought one copy of the Thriller Album via Amazon MP3, and - surry I'm too busy right now to find if I can dig this down to the Millisecond - that Version of Human Nature reads [04:06] instead of [04:05]. Where I got that 04:05 version from I honestly don't recall anymore; But - I checked both; And well; Both worked well enough. Obviously the Brain does some 'dissonance reduction' on its own; And obviously, the more precisely that you hit the play button, the crispier the whole experience will become. (Regarding the Video above, I honestly didn't want to bother too much about it since I would hope you check it out yourself, manually)
The Darksiders OST I obtained during a '' offering; And the Outcast OST via a purchase on '' (gog by the way stands for 'Good Old Games').

'' is a pretty legit remix site where artists share their takes on Video Game Music. It may take you a while to figure out how it all works, but - eventually you're getting there - I believe.

Another Thing: The Video File I used is [2:18:17] long, to say it includes the revolutions trailer at the end. That is important because if you watch the Film using VLC for instance and set it to Loop, while using WinAmp for instance (on another computer maybe) set to loop also - well - lets say: There are revolutions.

Now, why do I call it "the One Door" now? I haven't really decided - really. The thing though is that I 'call' those 'events' - once music and film 'transition together' 'doors'. Well, obviously I was just randomly clicking my way through the Matrix movies while listening to some random Music (WinAmp set to shuffle on 500-700+ tracks) - and then it happened. Not that it hadn't happened before - it just struck me at that point, especially since I wasn't really clicking back and forth in the movie anymore, to just let it play out and note the Tracks so I have a record of what was happening. Which takes me to the next part of the story.

So yea - those videos, the music and the film, are all pretty much uncut. 'RAW' if you so will. And thats one of the basic plot points - you would figure. I made a post on '' back in the days under the headline 'The Seal of the One' - and another one headlined 'The Matrix Reloaded as you've never seen it before' - and there I kindof lost myself into rambling while I was otherwise busy writing a whole lot of stuff going further in-depth; But all that shouldn't matter too much right now. The thing is: If you can't see it for yourself, there has to be some bug in the System - or you just aren't even believing that this is real. My side of the story went so, that I was worried - after that post went up - that people would look at the tracks, find 'Smooth Mana', listen to it, and can't really imagine how that would fit into the film. Thus I decided to make a trailer.
So - eventually I came to identify myself with Agent Smith rather than Neo - as there is something, well, odd ... like ... the scenes where the Architect talks to Neo ... it always kindof "triggers" me to see Neo as 'the Antichrist' - though not always. But - in my head the whole thing pretty much revolves around "them" trying to undermine my efforts - which they would seek to accomplish by presenting themselves as the Heroes - and thats a douchebaggery of a dickfight I don't wanna get involved into too much. Thus I called Joma secu on "them" - in that Forum post - basically, as I was pretty much watching Stargate SG1 and Atlantis up and down the whole time back then. And thats my stance. I can 'show you' - eventually - in Real Time/Life - how it is done! I pretty much just need some tracks - while you could provide me with a Flash Drive for instance, with chunks of 512 tracks per folder maybe - and I'd just hit it.

The main reason why I brought up that capcom-unity post of mine was because I guess I mentioned that I wouldn't do any of that Matrix stuff any more - and that basically because I was worried that I'm being spied on; And anything I'd do might get respectively hijacked - so - the less I'd do the better. That hijacking would be all about having fixed sequences such as the one above, where I'm more about doing it live. I mean - looking at the Quality of it, the impressions that its fabricated are pretty much strong I guess. Which is kindof deceptive; Although - not if you consider or conclude that its God fabricating it through invisibly making everyone do what God wants! Which leads on into a whole lot of other questions - but the short version is pretty much that we are free, not saying that God 'can't' make us do whatever God wants! That said - lets move on to the next segment.

"Tidal Wave" (Track 4: ( Secret of Mana - Tidal Sequence)

This one's a bit trickier though. What I did is that I could recall from various "Sync Points" how the tracks are supposed to fit in and I fiddled my way to the sweet spot from there - while I was doing the whole video. Due to copyright claims the Videos I uploaded to YouTube won't show and those that I uploaded to Vimeo got removed. So - I'm looking forward to upload them to my website - my provider has a built in Video thingy, but so far I haven't come to any of that. But - the DIY way ... there are two. Both however require you to have a Video Editing tool like 'Adobe Premiere' or 'kdenlive' (this one's open source/Linux). The first one is to get to the sweetspot as seen in the Video above and to just add the rest before and after; The second one ... well. There is a 'door'-ish thing - matter of fact "The Gate to Zion" - as you'll see if you get into the reloop (thats once the movie is starting anew) - at the beginning of 'Link goes to New Orleans' - which starts right at the point the Gates are shown to close - starting with the cogs. Its a little harder to explain I guess. However ...
    all from
      01. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Ghost Grove
      02. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Farore Lies in Wait
      03. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Link goes to New Orleans
      04. Secret of Mana - Tidal Sequence
      05. The Legend of Zelda: Links Adventure - Thelonius Temple
      06. The Legend of Zelda: A Fate Preordained
      07. Secret of Mana - Things we didn't know
      08. Secret of Mana - Beyond Comprehension
      09. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Dark World Ballad
      10. Secret of Mana - Dark Star Scherzo
      11. (Final Fantasy) Mystic Quest - And he returned Home
      12. The Legend of Zelda - Link's Underworld Pressure Cooker
      13. Secret of Mana - Thicket
      14. The Legend of Zelda: Links Adventure - Zelda's first trip to the Village
      15. The Legend of Zelda: Links Adventure - Temple Trippin
      16 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Bottled Choir
      17. Secret of Mana - Pure Lands (Total Darkness)
    Technically there is a Bonus Track to this - which was one thing that I remembered from my skipping around - and I featured that in my Video, which I'll eventually come to Upload. The interesting thing there is that the respective track is also featured in the Playlist above. Its 'Temple Trippin' (Wrong: Its: 'the Temple Revisited' and starts during the explosion after trinity landed with her bike, during the isometric perspective on it, and ends with neo shutting a door) - and there's another re-occurrance, namely: Dark World Ballad. It really throws the whole 'fabrication' concept to a whole new Level as the timings are totally different! ;) (if it ain't enough anyway. I mean, "The One Door" can be revoluted ... how many times? I once let it run over night and 24 hours in it still seemed all fine!!! And thats where it would become interesting I guess. Like that 'Dark World Balad' is 'the door' in the one, but the 'final/revoluting' track in the other. ...)

So, obviously I didn't stay entirely true to my claim that I wouldn't - but, since at the place of my occupation back then I had access to Adobe Premiere Pro - so I figured I might get a Video out. Though - actually I just felt the irresistible urge to do one. There have actually also been some Donkey Kong Country and Secret of Evermore remixes in the Playlist, but none of them showed up ... obviously.

After I had this done and uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo I ... all of a sudden felt totally confident. My whole worries and paranoia had been blown away. I speculated that based on my claim that I wouldn't do any one of these anymore "they" jumped in and sought to capitalize on it - really pushing it as a fabricated thing or getting into the whole ... exagerating the randomness into normality thing ... which this Sequence does pretty much ... 'do away'.

So, whats the thing/story? I - mean - what can I say? I pretty much just did it - and now there's that! The real question would be 'how' ... or 'why' - [why .... tell 'em that its human nature ...] or ... [coz we do it that way!]. The thing is - what can I do to supplement my Religious findings? And ... has to deal with it? Shouldn't it be/Isn't it obvious???? I mean - OK - if you're in the whole "its fabricated" conspiracy mindset, ... yea, there isn't gonna be much 'God' in that! And "obviously just done to Push my agenda" (though - I suppose I'd really need to have an "ungodly" potential to do pull that off) - and back we are at 'Joma secu' - or: lets see "how many figures I reach". What is enough? From my perspective, honestly: Nothing! I mean - I have nothing else to show you! Next to "the agenda I try to push". So - if you can't get your head out of the "there is no God" zone, I guess, there is nothing I could say anyway! What haven't I tried to 'explain'? But who even bothers to read?
Fact is though, that these "Cosmic Flows/Convergences" just occur normally to me - which to me is pretty much the way ... well ... "God 'the Eternal Mind' makes noise for me!". And thats really it! The same spirit and mind that created, upholds and basically 'is' the Laws of Physics - establishing the entirety of this Universe - is the one who to the best of my Understanding 'claims' in the Bible that "His" ways are higher than ours as the sky is higher than the mountains! And how much higher 'is' the Sky? (Try thinking about the Nightsky for instance!). So - in another sense is this one of the few ways how God can actually communicate to us just 'how much' higher. - end of writing