The Truth is a vigilante thing. It doesn't abide to anyones rule. The one rule that there is, is Dominance (authority, power, influence, autonomy) - and the Truth is: There is a God, that God has authority - and the reason why there is war, famine, etc. is that He isn't concerned of being a God to our worldly measures.

The reason we, as human beings, aren't -inspired- in our day to day existence unless we pray for it is that there is right and wrong in this world - the recognition of good and evil - and all of us are entitled to our oppinion as to share it with each other.
As social entities we're further allowed to socialize, to bond; And unless we independently bow to Gods divine Authority, He won't force it upon us.

And there are many Truths - 1+1=truth, 2+2=yet another truth; Mathematics is truth - but "as higher the ways of God are to ours", as much is His Truth the more important one. That why we should care about it!
"And the ignorant shall perish beneath the insight of the Enlightened!"

The History of Protestantism

"Say: We believe in Allah and in what is revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, ishmael, isaac and the Decendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and truely, we are Muslims [God dedicated ones]" Sura 2:136 and 3:84

"And neither shall you name anyone on earth your Father, for only one is your Father: the Heavenly one!" (Matthew 23.9)

"'The days are coming', declares the LORD, 'when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and with the people of Judah. It will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors [...]" (Jeremiah 31.31++)

"And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if thse things are not true; And if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost" (Moroni 10.4)


Quran means recitation. Asking what the Quran says about 'Islam' (true Religion/dedication to God) - it does condense the idea through visualizing the struggle between the true believers and the hypocrites around pivotal statements as the one above. And so does it continue to emphasize the 'written tradition' of the Jews as Holy Scripture, as 'from God', as what was given to Jacob, Moses and Jesus.
"Making no difference" - well, I don't see the Quran in the position of telling me what I must do - but think about it: Prophets and Jesus alike 'spoke' 'as Prophets' - and although Jesus was special; Even the Quran mentions explicitly that he was special; Thats not a difference that matters in this regard. Isn't it? Jesus didn't speak against God - the Prophets speak for Jesus!
Why I'm quoting this verse of all the verses I could quote? Because it nails the 'the Truth' thing best in my oppinion. It needs to be known; And it has reason and purpose. Simply enough: If you understand the real meaning of it you won't have a real problem that we also refer to our biological procreators as Fathers; But as those Fathers are just Children of other Children, leaving Adam and Eve that are yet again Children of God - and in that regard we're all equals. We can say that this verse doesn't concern us for as long as we don't really get the grandness of THE Father; But it should at the very least make you think about it - and what the title Father so implies from a religious standpoint.
Obviously - the Jews have a thing for not looking at it the way Christians do - and now, centuries past, still, Jesus is the one thing that actually made it real. But it is true that this prophecy does kindof remain unfulfilled until the people adressed there see it as well. But like the Apostles got sent to the "Gentiles" at first; There is no point in waiting for them to make anything happen!
A biblical counterpart to this is [John 14.15++] (compared with 3 Nephi 11:35(+36)); And [John 10.16] does leave us a hint that is maybe not directly referring to the Book of Mormon, but - the not knowing is even more so a verification of what has to be done per se.

The one really big-bit to ... yea, let it be a thing: You refer to a religion by what you know about it. So, know one thing about Mormonism: Know about 'the Strange Act'. Find it in the book called Doctrine & Covenants; And make it a staple of the Mormon Church saying: "We ain't done/there yet!".


The Muslim that wants to know more about properly dealing with the Quran should ask his/her "Instructor" about Suras talking of ... if I remember ... a Tree and Bees. Something about a cursed root or something like that ... I'm not sure. But quite the same as at the start of Sura 3 - the first couple of verses. (Please forgive me my 'chills' right now)
Whats written here to the left, does it also apply to here? I think most educated people would agree that the Bible is a bit more sophisticated in its content, more pragmatic. The Quran compairs to the Bible as the Book of "Sirach" or "Wisdom". Do you know these books? They are in some collections part of the Old Testament. And - aside of pointing fingers at the bad guys - ... - it is in that Light however that Apokrypha, well ... become a little bit more interesting ... !
And here does my "run from the mill" knowledge of Judaism end - ... - ??? Well, let me settle this straight. I don't know too much about Judaism. But I know one thing: King Josia found the Scriptures (so, they were once lost ... makes for ... good fantasy by the way), and after they were recovered it took some time for the enemy to fall down upon Israel, take Jerusalem and Prisoners - and that so as according to the Bible. Then we 'narritatively' (so, Moses is about Genesis to the Arrival in Canaan, then follows the conquering of Canaan, then come the Judges, Samuel introduces Monarchy replacing the Order of Judges, then so follow Kings and Chronicles as a record of those Kings - Elijah being one of the hidden gem stories there) get to mostly just prophets. Firstly Daniel draws a pretty clear significance to the Israelite spirituality - and thereafter we get to Esra and Nehemia. This tells of how the 'then' (I assume) Jews recovered after being released from exile - whereby 'Jew' derives from the name 'Juda' as one of the 12 tribes.
Arguably, looking to the left once again, the Makabees did happen. And some would throw them in as excuse for the fourth Beast ... like ... "duh". Yea, whatever. That didn't deliver the anticipated Salvation however! To say yes - maybe look at/think about Jesus! (And yes, what about Dragons?) - but - Jesus isn't that far fetched ... its just one inch forward in the records of History.
"O-oh say can you see - ..." - oh no, the other one, ... "Lets sing - and lets shout - with the a-armies of hea-ea-eaven ... " ... anyway. "Praise to the ma-an who communed with Jehovah ...". "I am a child of Gooood! ..." - OK, thats enough!

Yea ... look to the left! ^^

The Truth

To mention holy Scripture and the Truth in one sentence obligates us to differentiate - as both are incredibly complex things (and I don't have time (space) to explain why I don't have time (space) to explain - why and how and what). However - there is a Truth of 'what happens when'; As a matter of consequences and pragmatism; And so I want to ask you: "What happens when you earn "Zen Points"?". What 'Zen Points' are? When we speak of 'ones Zen' as a value between X and Y; And things one can do to increase and decrease it; 'Zen Points' are what we can call that which increases ones Zen (inner peace, harmony with self and universe, ...). The answer:" That ones Zen grows" may be a bit simple, but that simple of an insight isn't without consequences either! The 'true' insight of Zen growing says: I don't need to be a Zen Buddhist in order to work on my Zen. Actually Zen is also a Christian concept, just that there is no such word that is being used.
Mormonism: If you're familiar with Mormonism, as a skeptic/offender/anti-believer, you certainly have a whole lot of points to jump up and say: Hey, this cannot be (except this is to say that Mormonism is false). Once however devising a pragmatic concept of the Divine in frame of a scientific theology - Mormonism stands out as 'the only one Christian Church/Concept' that then has sotosay been right from the beginning. 'Then' we may enter the scope of Mormon scriptures and concepts; Which 'have to be right' - somehow - with the alternative of there being no 'right/true Church' of some kind we can build on. Since God however testifies the Church as true - in whatever frame of criteria (I for instance was told through the Testimony that their scriptures are somewhat false/falsified) - the Mormon Church is true subject to proper scientific interest; Where taking a false writing in order to Label the Church and Gods ministry for fake is essentially the worse of all bad practices in the Universe. I say.
The Doctrine: A wide variety of speculations wrestles around this topic; Or to say it with humor: as "The female menstruation is a topic of a lot of misconceptions" it is so with this.
Don't drink/no drugs, chastity, ... these are just the tip of the iceberg. One can study the past and find how the Christian idea of Christs Legacy evolved. Some withdrew entirely, others made a "cash cow" out of it. So, no big mystery how come so many technicaly refuse to hear anything about Christendom!
"What does the Bible tell us?" - my oh my - yea, what does it say?? It is difficult as it is easy. There are two different lineages of Christ (one in Matthew, one in Luke), to get going into -the real depths- of the Book.
The ones will tell you stuff written in one of Pauls letters, but the real story of Gods will is one that begins in Genesis 1; So much for context!

There is that ... I love it once a biblical expression of the Old Testament has a counterpart in the new one; In this order since it is possible to learn the Gospel from the Old one. Freely quting Ecclesiastes: "Hence I tell you: There is nothing better for man but that he eats and drinks and lets his soul be of good things beneath the troubles of the sun" (this expression is present trice!) compares to Matthew 15:10/Mark 7:14 where it is written: "That nothing what so enters the mouth of man defiles him". And so there will be those that say: "But in corinthians it says: The human body is the temple of God and we shall not defile it!" and I'll say: Yea, I didn't say we should! "What comes out of the mouth defiles man" - thats how the verse continues!
What is the doctrine??
If you care to do some homework: Write an investigative essay on Baptism.

Why do we get baptised?
What is the meaning of it?
How does it tie into Salvation?

Or if you feel like its too simple, write an investigative paper on the Doctrine as found in the Book of Mormon and how the New Testament confirms or contradicts.
As much as some folks can add to this, spinning it into a different direction, the favours can be returned! In all simplicity one of Gods cliche statements is that He's pissed, simply speaking, about Humans taking Human Laws for His! What I mean? - well, imagine a Life without Laws; As the totally open-minded interpretation of the Bible would elaborate; And then just being critical about it will take you to a whole lot of reasons regarding why we arguably can't possibly have that!
[This isn't a perfectly deployed insight; Means: You'll have to think about it to get one!]
But so, what is the actual gain or difference of a higher Zen?

The Bible is my Shield - and if you want to 'reach me', referring to me as a lost guy that wastes his time on doing/writing weird things, you have to teach me better - better than what I know of the Bible; But if you fail to recognize God, if you want me to believe that there is no God; Well - auto-fail!
I say: reading and understanding the Bible comes together with a high Zen. By understanding we can ignore the idea of believing in any of it - such struggles are "struggles of the world", dispositions magnified by psychological distractions; All symptoms of a low Zen. The opposite of peace/harmony with self and the Universe - thats an addiction-ish dependency on the worlds ways, ignorant to Truth, prone to confusion; Like a rotten apple and fuel to a nationalistic world perpetuating its wealth through conflict and exploitation.

Reasoning is like a boat; And Zen is like peaceful waters. This world, the world we call Babylon, is like a Hurricane. Cool by the looks of it, but not so cool when being stuck in it! For instance: How long will it take you to 'properly' (it is an objective thing) Understand 'the Blessing and Curse of Israel' in correlation to our days today?
People like to yell how stupid the Bible is and how unreal and what not - but what are they referring to? "Adam and Eve" they say - or similar things; Anything miracolous that the reader is possibly supposed to believe. OK. But ... that shows to me just how little that person knows/understands of the Book! So we can go and ask questions, that are supposed to animate the one who is asked to 'think', to so come to a calm, to ponder, ... To gain Zen - questions aiming at lifting the facts that are EASILY accessible to the persons attention/eye. But who even knows of the Blessing and Curse of Israel? And don't ask "why is it so?" - unless you want to be able to 'tell us': Why! Otherwise it just is or isn't - and you'd have a hard time telling folks the latter!

Quran and Bible reflect reality in a way thats clearly casting a shadow on themself - but in the same way do they reflect the Truth as it is. And I believe that this is an important thing to understand, clearly; Because 'the Truth' as simple or complicated as it is can here be both - that Scriptures are Nonsense and that they're the real deal. Labelling it as either of the two demands a corresponding interpretation that however ignores the respective counterpart and is therefore evidently destorted - and not in favour of actually understanding them the right way! What the right way is?

Effectively the only way to properly wrap that question up is to refer you to 3 Nephi 11 - where you have to skip in a bit until the part where Jesus begins his speech. There he instructs us regarding how we must baptize; And finally what THE Doctrine is; Also speaking about Testimony and being like Children. Those are obviously not part of THE Doctrine; But appended. It are things that so come along with repentence and belief and baptism; Though it seems these verses want you to be sure to understand what it all revolves around. For a pragmatic as me the 'being like a child' came automatically; And so it stands there; Just as the Testimony segments; Allowing us to be a bit more in-depth with the matter. How do you meet the doctrine properly? To repent? Where to? To believe? In which version of Christ? To get baptized? Isn't every baptism equally valid?
Certainly can not every baptism be equally valid once there is 'a single fold' that God wants us to join in - so, every baptism that separates us from it; How can it be good?
Now, I don't say that 'the Trinity' is as literally three-fold as Mormons claim these days - and if you investigate the differences between the 1830 version of the Book of Mormon and the todays version of the Latter Day Saints you'll find just the right verses that say things the way they work out for me. Jesus is the Eternal Father - as Colossians 1:15 puts it: The body of the invisible God. So, the body of flesh and bones that the Father is supposed to have is Jesus - and the body of flesh and bones that Jesus is supposed to have is Jesus. But - Joseph Smith Jr. wasn't really making a huge effort of covering that there is something foul about the official version of the Church! This I yet only mentioned to have a context regarding the 'which version of Christ?' question - meaning that this isn't what Version is to refer to. It doesn't really matter 'how' we believe the Trinity exists; What matters is that if we know Jesus, we know God, period - but which 'Church of Christ' is there as 'the' Church of Christ?
See - without Mormonism I could have still done what I did; Except for getting baptized the right way. Its as simple as that: A physical thing. Authority. Priesthood. The letter to the Hebrews hints at their existence. Something worth checking out.

For everything to come together in peaceful harmony - into a perfectionalistic unity - we need to see things as simple as possible. There is one God, there is what He did to communicate with/to us; And by putting everything that is earthly as second to Him, we learn to learn of the Light and from there see the differences between right and wrong. So I don't want to say anything about it - trusting that its gonna come together way easier that way! [Matrix of Thought]