The History of Protestantism


Do you know what Protestantism is? Protestantism is actually part of a pretty serious conflict - and the really amazing thing about it is that the Roman Catholic church actually even still exists. Reasons for why it does still exist ... well, what comes to mind is money and power. Do we take religion seriously these days? Some people do, others don't - and even the earlier stories of the Bible indicate that this isn't really new. So classically there are people that don't make their decisions on base of whether the religion they side with is legitimate - or, legitimacy simply comes in another currency - a currency other than the Truth.

To start with Protestantism, well - a heart: "Welcome back to the Middle/Dark ages" might do - and thereby it is interesting to know how it came to that time; What had happened before Luther did his thing. If you want to know more about Luther you can easily investigate what he did, so, I'll save the time and space for other things.

It shouldn't be missing though: Luther had a point; And that point made many "fall off" from the Roman Catholic church - but since then the 'struggle' hasn't been resolved. Why? Well, most likely because "someone doesn't simply remove the Roman Catholic church". But yea, what 'is' the roman catholic church?
For ages people have believed it being the primary Christian Authority - and though we can say that 'Luther tried to undermine its authority' - it sounds like he had a bullshit agenda. We can say that the Roman Catholic church is either what it claims, or not. We can also do the entire "blackmasking" thing that "atheists" Love to do - which is to pretend there is nothing special about the whole story. So its "just a church", "flawed as any religion is" and hence "conflicts are a logical consequence". Settling on this does however one thing specifically: It undermines the protestantic point of view. The arguments of the protestant are no longer regarded as in context to the roman catholic perspective; But to the atheistic perspective - in which case the atheist protects the roman catholic church against the protestantic point of view. Though if the atheist were really interested in demolishing false religion they should be embracing what protestants have to say about it!
The roman catholic church is, as we can see and learn from history, like a wall. A huge friggin wall. It basically came out of nowhere. Or, after ages of persecution; Some roman emperor finally decided to all of a sudden make Christendom the national religion and somehow someone was found that somehow could claim to be a legitimate successor to the Apostle Peter. Being supported the by the Roman Empire the Roman Catholic Church was finally capable of establishing dominance amongst the Christian strongholds - and perhaps mostly because it kept close to the crowd and essentially had a more effective PR going for itself. Or simply: The Romans never stopped to "hype" it - and eventually applied force to establish roman catholic "nodes" - essentially playing 'command and conquer'.
Naturally - what Luther did was naive. The roman catholic church should have said: "Yes Martin, you're right! We're evil" - but that wouldn't have helped it survive, don't you think?

Instead a war broke loose - a war that ultimately climaxed in the conflict between Spain and Great Britain. Spain naturally being the Roman Catholics and Britain being the Protestants. While the inquisition is something we usually connect to the dark ages, Spain still had an ongoing inquisition in the 1800s. And what is legitimate about it? I believe the Inquisitions are the single best thing to look at when thinking or speaking about governmental legislation.
The coolest thing about the whole story is the story of how Spain finally tried to invade Great Britain, Great Britain being on an economic low, just like a ripe fruit waiting to get plucked from the tree - and then, well, Spain failed horribly - fallen to the hands of Nature! "He blew with his wind and they were scattered".

I imagine it to be an embarassing fail. Well, being vastly outnumbering the enemy and then running into one misfortune after the other; I guess that was a breaking point in military thinking though. It emphasized how much smarter it would be to rule out 'all' possible errors at first - which in the end might have made them stronger. Still, victory is victory, fail is fail; If I may say so myself!
It happens to stand that the roman catholic churches strengths are ignorance and arrogance and things of the likes. The enemy has a point? Who cares - pretend it didn't happen, call them heretics, makes sense enough (for the fools, and yea, the world is filled with them!).

But I was saying: Lets look at what happened 'before'. So, there is what some know as "the brotherhood of poor knights" - and those that know who they are know enough to know roughly what happened. Firs these knights escorted people from europe to Jerusalem; Growing more and more popular and finally practically invented the Banking system. They grew richer and richer; And eventually were recognized by the Roman Catholic church as order. Then, all of a sudden they got accused of idolatry, were persecuted and annihilated. I believe if I mention 'Rare' (the makers of Donkey Kong Country) - the story all of a sudden looks like someone was interested in getting rid of concurrence. But, who could have guessed that Warcraft would gain such a hard upper hand against command and conquer?
Unrelated? Maybe - maybe. But far fetched?
Essentially there is just a limitted pool of corporate entities that 'could' be the ... you know. Times changed; And the Roman Catholic church never, throughout its history, failed to live up to being this ... dark and scary "phantom menace"; Where, is there a 'but' you can throw in that isn't actually a reason provided by the Church itself?
Here the conspiracy is however real - as real as it gets - and all conspiracy theories that try to desperately find another bad boy start to grow racist for no apparent reason. Its like in Resident Evil Retribution; The Roman Catholic Church is Umbrella selling their biological weapons to the big nations by showing them how they could annihilate those whom they hate.

Another thing the Roman Catholic church does is effectively subjective enough to not really register as a thing. But yet does our time today demand an eventually unprecedented ability to handle information from us; And so we can easily see what it means to be 'impositional'. The Roman Catholic church just shows up, does its thing, well knowing that its nonsense; And well knowing that it are other things that will eventually win people over. They aren't backing up because they know that backing up is equal to failure. Pretending that no counterstance exists although its talking into their face is sotospeak an ability, a skill, a skill that keeps whitnesses perplex and the hope of those that benefit from what the Roman Catholics do pave those ways clean; So comes Spanish King for instance - what can you do about it?

Real politics, now as ever, is a matter of strongholds. See, China has for instance lost to Japan although the Japanese army couldn't have hoped to 'conquer' China by their numbers. But by occupying Chinas strongholds, China was effectively without a 'head' - which is another stunning example of how Politics actually works in relativity to the governed people. We can say that it wasn't even Japan that then owned China, it were a handful of Japanese people, funded by the labor of Japanese people, that did that! I believe thats called 'Imperialism'.

That Britain exited out of the EU is a bit of a big deal, kindof, since it emphasizes everything we might have guessed was/is wrong about the EU as from the perspective of the Brits. We do not know whats going on in those higher political circles; But we can see as far as that once a government is corrupted (and we can say: Infiltrated by the Roman Catholic interest) - its the government of a country/nation that then continues to misrepresent its people; And although I welcome the course of action our Government is taking regarding Refugees I understand that the way they do it is everything 'but' good. Its sortof obvious that they provoke us to vote something that is more extreme. Incompetence on all Levels! ANd it makes no sense, until you try to see a bigger picture - and why making up threats if history is the source of all threats that could possibly be? - well - because: Resources.
If we count Hitler to one other Roman Catholic activity, we have the Cruisades, the Inquistions, the Persecution of the poor Knights and WW2 - being 'large scale' swipes accross the surface. It were moments where "they did what they wanted" - they could - and aside of the official reasons they had the authority to false-flag people, practically, or more so: Pursue other interests; Like collecting resources, destroying evidence, minimalizing any enemy threat.

The last bit seems extraordinarily important. Who can be a threat to the Roman Catholic Church? Firstly the Protestants were easily driven from the surface - kindof; Simply put: There was no protestantic stronghold; Other than finally Great Britain itself - and its victory against the Spanards just ... well, "blew it out of the water" ... people everywhere could easily see and say: Yea, God is with them! That victory strengthened Protestantism - to stand firm even without 'effective' Stronghold. But simply enough: England was apparently a menacing threat in the eyes of ... "the bad guy". The poor Knights as well. It is kindof odd that they at first received acknowledgement as Roman Catholic Order to then just get swiped from the political surface; "Death from within" - or ... well, 'captured'; And - as/if 'true faith' is a crime within the internal strategy of the Roman Catholic church - their case wasn't strong unless it finally gave up which it maybe didn't.
If we're looking for potential threats to "them" these days, what do we find? An unexplainable hate against some movies maybe? Bad pictures being hyped up with glory into the heavens? At least we can say that 'liberals' or 'liberalism' is something they just can't dig!
So, whom or what are they afraid of?

They should be afraid of: ... . So, actually - we can dig it so: All conspiracy theories that fail to "blame" the right Entity end up blaming one of the two, if not both: America and Jews. Simply put: The Roman Catholic Church emerged within Rome. Logically. Rome being 'the belly of the beast' - however also was culturally influencial enough to get going with its own thing. But Christianity didn't happen in Rome only. More to the point: It emerged in Israel, or what was Israel at that time, and what did spread over into greece is just a fragment of what we have to truely expect. There were 12 Apostles; ... and Rome doesn't stick out like an ideal social hub for them to meet and discuss what next. It is highly possible that there are in-deed Muslims that helped turning Israel into 'dead space' for the Roman Catholic thing - specifically, to all in all help those Christians that come from there to sortof become a stronghold.
It is anyway much easier to understand how America was populated by Europeans in consequence to the ongoing war between Roman Catholics and Protestants. The Catholics did go straight for where they thought the riches were at; Or for what was stretegically smarter; And so, the USA are a potential "Illuminati Stronghold" - lets put it like that.
We can wonder if it is in the end as simple as that, that 'unreasonable amount of hate' = 'suspected of being holy'. But if 'unreasonable hate' won't work anymore I believe things will change anyway.

Anyhow, to wrap this up: Mormonism emerged from within the Americas, a landmass the Roman Catholics apparently had no clue of prior to Columbus' landing. Maybe Columbus was a secret Opus Dei agent of old - the product of Gallileos work; Where the Roman Catholic church did argue against it towards the public, but took it seriously behind the scene - to benefit of it sooner than anyone else would.
What we can after all learn from it is that we mustn't believe in the necessity of scape-goats. We need a stronghold of the Truth, possibly; We need to know the enemy; And then all scape-goating elaborates itself. So it should be wise to reset your belief every once in a while as to register the things that keep popping up - to re-envision reality as often as necessary.
I would say that one of the reasons why the Roman Catholic Church was't defeated so far is that we, that is everyone, weren't prepared to face off with it; Saying: The Roman Catholics would go further in defending their belief than we would defending ours. But so, should we prep to go as far as they? It might seem so at first - but especially here a 'faithful reset' can show that its way easier. Just support what they hate for instance until you realize what you can do that you like to do yourself that they might probably hate as well - but - not doing it because they hate it but just because you figure its good! 23:9 ---- matthew 23:9 ---- says it all! You might also wish to investigate Seventh Day Adventists belief on that matter; Easily the best resource for that type of stuff (Although tendentially inferior to my way of simply 23:9-ing it).