Unification with the All-Surrounding Spirit, alternatively ('true Divine'/Christian) Enlightenment, is about gaining a deeper Understanding of Existence, God, the Christian Spirit - THROUGH GOD. It certainly isn't a way for the critics that demand an "intellectual Solution", but it is an -intellectual Solution- ... a (neo) Gnostic one.
This form of Enlightenment cannot be achieved by the Human individual alone on his own effort (read this if you are interested in a more thorough reflection on the matter based on a more critical/agnostic/atheistic counter-stance) - as there are two conditions to it: 1) The individual has to be rightfully batpized, meeting Gods demands/guidelines and 2) God (the Father) needs to give His OK to your request!

Unification is a way for the faithful to inherantly connect to God, as to be able to know who else is inherantly connected to God; As to grow into a furthermore perfectly God-aware state of existence.

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2. Baptism
3. Pre-Unification
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Fundamental Concepts of Unification with the All-Surrounding Spirit are:
  • The Gospel/Baptism
  • The 12 Aeons
  • The 13 Seals
next to which a sheerly endless amount of Science and Philosophy, be it Spiritual, Esoteric, Physical, Anthropological, Metaphorical, Theological, ... or whatever in nature.
We use social norms to get around. Life is way easier if we have the reliable foundation of social norms. Saying Good Morning and Thanks - those are simple ways to make life a little bit better for everyone. But there's also what we can call "oddballs" - and that is practically my segway into the Unification topic.

The way "oddballs" relate to 'the Norm', to the topic of Unification, is in the simplest of ways that 'oddities are the Norm'; Which lends itself to a more thorough reflection relative to Laws, divine Grace, Gods will and so forth. However, more thoroughly explained are "oddballs" necessitating a practical 'discognition' of superficialities as to see/find the reasons "of being odd" 'deeper inside the individual'.
As this now kindof sounds like its more of a Psychological topic, the thing with Unification is that Psychology does sortof transform into a physical environment; So that what some could call 'advanced Psychology' doesn't really hold anything advanced. Psychology does tend to appear like a blind mans attempt to explain colors to a deaf person. But I don't want to 'lessen' psychology as a whole! [More in relation to psychology].

I'm currently listening to Michael Jackson - which is basically 'odd' to mention here; And for the reason of looking at "oddballs" and "oddball behaviour" - there are some things that can come to mind. MJ as oddball, listening to music while at work as odd, folks listening to loud music (louder than they should) is just "off", so we can think of people with a menthal disposition to be annoying/noisey (odd); Yet so I want to take MJ as the one person who did most successfully carry its own oddities to the public (next to Charlie Sheen, but since thats more or less unvoluntary work ... ;P ).
More specifically: "Leave me alone" and "Scream" as "the two tracks" in focus.
With these two tracks Michael sortof refused to just be a nice person and ranted about how much he felt certain people suck; And to understand how "the physical psychology" ... "looks" ... you only have to think of "that one (Love) song" you can relate to and think of that whatever there is inside you (ignoring emotions entirely!!!!) as a ... black hole. Its like an invisible gravity source that has some urge to 'drain' expressions from your "body" and to exhaust them through your mouth. Here 'Norms' work like a filter or censorship - and all philosophy round about that does, when we want to speak about Unification, need to be ignored.
The reason is simple - and does also right away break that ignored philosophy into pieces fitting for the trashcan. You can look at your mind as at a vessel containing some black fog. The 'gnosis' is simple: You know stuff, but you don't know "where" that knowledge is. Mind so happens to be some quasi-magical apparatus that has some 'spiritual wholesomeness' that yea, does quasi emerge "from the blackness of our head" - where further everyone needs to agree is that there yet is however a way how it all works/comes together. Because we see God as our root this happens to become much simpler; And through Unification God starts taking thorough care of our Conscious growth to align ... us ... hard to say. So: This 'root' that knows what is 'in' that black fog starts to become actively counter-reacting the negative of it while specifically placing Lights where we need them to create a 'higher conscious' (well, I'm sorry in case I can't remove all of those errors. I mean 'consciousness' of course!) that in turn changes the 'lower consciousness'.
The experience of the 9th Seal is the first of these quasi Lights that for once enters awareness and has a wide-spread influence onto the higher cognition that starts to align all conflict in favour of Gods existence; Which then has its influence on our passive awareness where Gods never-ceasing influence to push our evolution forward sotospeak 'Enlightens us'.
This Enlightenment is so however naturally speaking selfunderstood to happen on basis of our inner struggles.
If you imagined a "Black Core" to be responsible for the darkness/blackness of that fog, and picture it dissipating into Light as Unification occurs, well ... you're practically taking a noob-ish/outsider statement too seriously though! If you look closely you will find that that wasn't what I was telling you either! We can however say that this "Black Core" exists - and in process of Enlightenment it will be the primary thing that would object to what we could call 'Light Development' - but you also have to kindof see it so that this 'Black Core' -is- Yourself.
Hence the ambition is more so to transform the 'Black' into a 'Light' core - and on that basis, on that Level, the good comes from that Light - regardless of any Norm we might exist in.

So did my experience, work, sacrifice and research lead to "something odd" we could say - which is my mind speaking as one that is generally surrounded by "normal people". In that sense it is practically neat to introduce it as, or compare it to, a Norm; A "new Norm" - practically as "the Norm of Oddity". It is some "meta-Level" science around us which does vastly remain hidden since God does the science that we however can try to understand afterward. The essential Bullet Point I realize is: For us to "become Good/Light" only "so much" effective changes to our "Black Heart" are required. Between minimalism and common sense/social co-existence there are 'natural' boundaries - so we can speak of 'Levels of social alignment'; Practically a herefore neglectable scope between minimalism and universalism. The Universal should be pretty simple to understand; Where minimalism does "cluster" the individual into "groups" that sortof exist as 'justification' for that/a level of minimalism. So yea, still does society "project those norms" - which however do resolve from the Enlightening mind.
This "norm of Oddity" can't/shouldn't be compared to a codex - nothing as from a theoretical whole to the individual, but actually the exact opposite (for obvious reasons) - and I simply labelled it 'Psi' (Unification-Psi/Enlightenment-Psi) (which is perfectly unrelated to Psi as relative to Telepathy and such stuff) - as the 'practical Core' of 'an individual Psychology in the way it matters to the social spectrum'. Technically all round about Psi is at this point pure speculation, simply put: Damnit - how hard can it be to say that I'm alone without provoking any misconception?

So are our oddities the/a resolve of our 'mind' regarding all the things we know, understand, think, believe and more (-> whats going on in it); And it is really important to notice how our minds 'function' once we're tense, so, under stress, anger, sadness, (etc.?) - where next to our own ability to "create gravity" there are emotions and other things - between ultimately a multitude of "gravity wells".
"Oddness" is thereby mostly nothing else but "being Normal", just that the individual "Mind-shift" has a greater tension in conjunction against "the Norm". Sometimes its only just circumstance. Being constantly exposed to something can work good for some time, to come up with some closing example, until we eventually find something different that we then end up not having enough time for. I'd say that the most common 'good' we have there is "to get a clear head" - which is ... odd!?