Praying for Answers

    Ask God for Awareness, rather than Statements

    • ... "Arcane" knowledge ...

      Instead of thinking of God as a human being that is lost behind an invisibility wall - and trying to reach out to him by suggesting ways in which he could reach out to you ... think of God as the substance you (including your mind/psyche) are made of. Yea ... you can technically look at your fingers and think of each single particle that makes it up as God. Or even yourself. Technically 'you' 'are' 'God' - except that your mind is yours - and God isn't you per se! However ... because of how God relates to us, it is important that we individually learn Gods ways. I can only tell you "so much" - and you can believe it, sure - but there's no point to believing me if you don't take it seriously; And ergo make it up to yourself to learn from God about God.

      Asking "please make aware to me" is a question that inherantly allows the answer to come in time - you're there asking for God to initiate a process in which the answer will come to you - and thus it will come to you in a way that you can practically fully stand behind without any superficial or superstitious 'blind faith' sortof rhetorics leaning towards divine authority.
      Can God be wrong? I mean - please! Of course! I mean - if he wants to, ... thats certainly an option!
      Why would he? Because ... do we really depend on God to be ... that 'source of truth' for us? In a sense, well yea - we depend on God to take care of physics ... that it works - basically. For instance. But yea ... once you've been 'made aware' of a thing, you can also tell how the thing is the way it is - for that belongs to the process. So, can God make aware to you ... how a black hole looks inside? Maybe! But how could you tell? So yea, that is one of those questions that ... basically don't really make sense! It might make sense from your perspective, in terms of 'learning about God', but whats your gain? You need to realize that its nonsense to ask such questions - and you'll realize that there are a whole lot of truths that no matter how significant can also be utterly irrelevant!

      So this way of asking for answers isn't just a rhetorical change from "please tell me" - to yet expect a "snap boom bang" right away pointed answer - and it further helps you get along with God ... as for instance his passivity. It can be really annoying sometimes! But the annoying bit is really just a lack of convenience sometimes. Life goes on - and the more you experience the great many ways of God ... the more any other 'narrow minded' concept of relating to the divine is just that ... narrow-minded!

Else important:

Praying for answers is ultimately about answers - in all simplicity - and therefore it turns out that we tend to think about praying for answers in a way we can understand. God being invisible so lets us think about ways to bid for something visible. The closest solution to that were to be asking for answers through Dreams.

"If you believe that you'll get what you're asking for you'll get it" (Jesus).

This is important - yet, more importantly there is an 'if'. Now, I used to pray for answers a lot - and that mostly because somewhere deep inside I felt like I was wrong in some way. I wanted God to however confirm that what I believed is right - and that biased me to the point that I was entirely incapable of dealing with an opposed answer. And for the time being ... the way I've been on was right enough. Right to the point that I eventually figured out where I was wrong - in a way that ultimately turned all the questions I had 'meaningless'.

When 'asking' you should keep a close mind on how you feel. The divine has a way of making itself recognizable to you - and Gods answers do come to us eventually - even before we're asking.

Praying the Lords prayer can condition us to that point of 'easiness' - saying - 'thy will be done' - saying, when cycnical, as much as: "I can't force you to do it any other way anyway!".

Of all the dreams I asked for, there was one request that got answered - as far as I can tell - and that because the dream contained stuff that later however became real. Yet, at the time I woke from it - it yet first of all allowed me to understand it my way (wrongly) - while being otherwise full of stuff that wouldn't make sense until some of the things had happened. And while asking for it - I felt that the prayer would be answered for I really needed something of a guidance. Yet so the dream wasn't really as useful. So I came later at some point back to doing so - wanting a bit more clarification - and while the dream didn't really clarify anything, except pointing out that I tend to break what I build (which isn't really helpful for I never wanted to break anything, but OK), I ... recognized ... yea - its possibly right to just ... move on.

This isn't meant for you to trust me - but, keep this on mind. If you so have an answer through a dream that tells you something wrong, ... well, who am I to tell you that you're wrong?! But there's an easy way out ... which is, 'wiggling yourself into error'. If you can get a contradicting answer - you're "screwed" - in that you then can no longer tell yourself right from wrong. On the less ... problematic end of things, you can think about it - think about right and wrong - and ask God whether or not 'this' interpretation is correct. Its one step forward in that you start to take less for granted and do more seriously work on a living relationship.