General Insight

    1.1 - Enlightenment - a.k.a. 'Unification with the All-Surrounding Spirit'

    • [John 14 (15++ (-16:28))] - "the Companion/Guide"
    • [1 Nephi 13:26 (blue)] - "lost Traditions"

      There are 2 Requirements
        1. One must be 'cleansed' (-> Baptised -properly- (Mormon(/)Aaronic Priesthood))
        2. One must be "invited by the father" (-> 'worthiness' -> 'welcome-d-ness')

      As you request access to ~ the compound of 'the Most high' ~, there is no way around relating to His true identity - and the fact that we trust Him to make the right decisions.

    Further Deepening

      Conceptually cognitive growth is about embracing the higher structures that surmise the lower ones. Shaped matter 'surmises' matter, as structured matter surmises 'shaped' one. Independence surmises 'Judgement, Reason and Acting' - as 'the Force' surmises 'Thought'.
      On the other note does cognitive growth correlate to cognitive 'depth'. Each higher structure we recognize is a 'deepening' of the conceived reality.

      This is however like saying that life is life ... when asked for a deeply profound reflection on its meaning or value. Its the general way. Its also to say: Whatever "lies beyond" - its somewhere "there in the deep".

      It is technically mendatory, in the sense that Baptism isn't really important per se. It is important no doubt, and the 'actually' mendatory thing, but ... mendatory for what? Mendatory for Salvation! And Salvation isn't mendatory at all! Its ... your choice! But then in the bigger picture does Salvation loose its meaning - and while the journey up to it, and then forth from it, is certainly something a lot can be spoken and told about, ... Unification is ultimately as mendatory for us, as it is for a Caterpillar to eventually become a Butterfly. It is in that sense a step of our evolution - where Sin ('knowledge of Good and Evil') was setting up a premise for us - a world wherein we'd be as we are - and thereby consciously inherantly detached from the divine. Not "physically disjointed" (that were impossible) - but simply lacking any of the cognitive foundations that allow us to act in harmony with the divine - because that is how our consciousness works. It isn't all 'passive' - for instance (or to the point), we, have to 'want to learn' in order to 'learn' - per se.
      And making peace with God is essentially the big 'purpose' behind valuing us as an intelligent, tolerant and compassionate species. And if you're only concerned about the truth, this all will be a piece of cake!

Else important:

Enlightenment: The thirteen Seals
    1. Matter
    2. Shaped Matter
    3. Structured Matter

    4. The 4 Elements
    5. Life
    6. Judgement, Reason and Acting

    7. Independence

    8. [[[ Thought ]]]
    9. The Force
    10. Identity
    11. The receiving Spirit
    12. The creating Spirit
    13. The source/well
Resemble 'the Potential' cognitive journey of an 'individual' through existence - where each Layer is guarded by a "key Insight" - and resembles an individual cognitive spectrum. So, where we 'began' to recognize shapes, 'shapes' where the 'brand new thing' - opening a new dimension to reality - while for structured matter that is pretty much trivial knowledge.

So we grow up and rise to Independence - life all of a sudden makes different sense - one can move around freely but also has to look after the own self, ... well - it differs a lot between the opportunities we have, ... independence can also say: "you're screwed, what now?" ... though, within different situations we then get closer into 'thought'.
Thought ...

[[Thought]] ... is as high as "a mere mortal" (as it is called) can go. This can be thunk of as a matter of 'Gods/Divine Perpetuance' - as it is the 'boldest issue' in regards to the 9th that it resembles the 'threshhold' towards God~Where note: From 1 to 8 we're getting 'less' and 'less' material; And at 8 already sit at the bottom of our known existence. ...

A key 'element' to me was to think of 'emotions' as 'substance'. That is so the thing where we get to the 3 principles, the 4 Lights and the 12 Aeons.

3 Principles: Life, Wanting and Thought.

The Four Lights:

Armozel(Mercy/Grace < 'Gnade')

  • Grace ~W
  • Truth ~L
  • Form ~T
  • ]

Oriel(Perception < 'Wahrnehmung')

  • Insight ~W
  • Perception ~L
  • Memory ~T
  • ]

Daveithei(Level-Headedness < 'Besonnenheit')

  • Understanding ~W
  • Love ~L
  • Picture ~T
  • ]

Eleleth(Understanding < 'Verstaendnis')

  • Perfection ~W
  • Peace ~L
  • Wisdom ~T
  • ]

(Where note: Grace~Wanting, Truth~Life, Form~Thought. And Grace~Substance~Emotions ... by Insight. I think of it as a wheel, spinning from left - starting at 10 'o'clock' with Grace - counter-clockwise up unto 11 o'clock: Wisdom.)

And 'a Thought' in the "raw" sense here is a 'Grace'-union (Grace with Form and Truth) - and 'by being' is already a part of our 'Perception' through Insight, Perception (of Truth) and Memory.

This is however taught to be 'what God has conceived as the pillars of Reality'. Any flash of emotion, that is all 'within' thought, ... which is called: the Eightfold,

Thinking of our 'Perception' as the 'Zero Plane' - and anything thereon or therein is 'the Eightfold'.

One does not simply 'Glitch into the Ninefold'

Whereby 'Enlightenment' (by Unification ...) is all about getting into the"so called"Ninefold.