The Social Justice thing

Am I writing this as a private person or is this part of my ... work here?

A bit of both. A bit of both!

(Damn, why he so mad?)

So - I'm triggered. So there are these two YouTubers ... Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad ... which are part of what we might call 'the Skeptic Community' - though, I'd call it the 'Anti-SJW/Feminist' community. So, whenever a feminist or SJW talks thit they make a video about their points, rebutting them, ... but right now ... there is a bit of an issue between Thunderf00t and Sargon - and I have to comment on it.

It started with a Video of Thunderf00t declaring broad and clear that he's out of that Community - he wants nothing to do with it - and main subject of this statement was a Video wherein a few Anti-SJWs made jokes about some male Feminist who had just shot his girlfriend. I thought cool! I mean - I totally understand Thunderf00ts standpoint because I've been there myself. Being part of something you believe in, folks coming in with their own twist to the story and a bit later down the road its something else than what you wanted to be a part of in the first place.

And now Sargon of Akkad is kindof horribly pissed off. He's personally offending Thunderf00t even! Calling him a liar.

And this evolution - basically needs to be archived for the future. Now its Sargon who basically, to my perspective, confirms his shady position in all of this, feeling 'personally offended' by something that wasn't even about him. Thunderf00t wasn't attacking Sargon, he was just saying that this joking isn't good in his eyes - and if that is where its going he wants to make utterly clear that he isn't in with that. And for me - as a fan of Thunderf00t - thats cool! I care to know that! It shows me what kind of a person Thunderf00t is and makes me confident in my past assessments ... or generally why I like his shit.

And the internet works like that. I mean - people get cobbled together into groups, much like "all of us Gamers" are ... by some accounts ... mysogenists, a hate mob, ... that kind of stuff. And so it is important that you say where you stand once it isn't automatically clear - based on your own judgement of the situation of course.
In Thunderf00ts second video, a response to Sargon, he mentions that he feels clean. Thats also a feeling I understand. It fits right into what I previously stated. Once you see that what you are thought to be a part of goes down a way you aren't in with - then you'll feel conflicted. How to undo that conflict? Talking in defense of those you disagree with? Certainly not! So you make clear that that isn't you - no matter how does or doesn't care - and then people know and you are in the clear!

Sargon however states it so - as though Thunderf00t did specifically target him personally. But the Video isn't called "Sargon is a Moron" - it says: "I quit". Now, if I were Sargon himself - for I know I might find myself part of something in real time that I don't feel alright with but am somehow caught up there for the time being - then why would I defend myself for being there, taking it personal and getting mad at Thunderf00t? Mad at Thunderf00t for saying that he doesn't want to be associated to that? Thats ... insane!

And what this evolved to is ... those that are now in the defense accuse Thunderf00t of not being thorough enough, defending themselves by what they said, taking it down to the word and being upset about someone else not doing the same. That is extrmely narcissistic! Or egocentric? "Mememememe". For me, whenever a discussion I'm a part of goes down that road - its usually getting louder and louder while 1 minute in you'd want to have a recording of what got said ... and someone eventually has to start shutting up, ... and so 'they' usually "win".
I guess the right word to use here in order to dispense confusion is 'souvereignity'. Souvereignity as in: "So yea, we laughed there, it was probably bad ... I don't see it like that ... but I understand why you aren't too much of a fan of it and I'm sorry basically, maybe, but well ... whatever".

I mean - I'm sorry. I don't see how this situation, for Sargon, is a matter of right and wrong. In his own "rebuttal" to Thunderf00t he admits that he thought these jokes were funny - which is the whole point Thunderf00t was making. "That is, the point!" - Sargon of Akkad.
"And thats, the Joke!" - Sargon of Akkad.

I mean - if anyone knows about troubles due to misconceived expressions taken out of context its probably me! If there is anyone who really is troubled day by day due to issues of that sort, its probably me! I mention this because superficially I'm the "Sargon Type" here. The guy who would get attacked in some way and had to turn around and reiterate on what I actually have said. The situation is different though - because I try to give you information and once you misconceive it I did a bad job.
If u on the other end did put it that way, that I did a bad job, then at worse I'd be going mad resorting to baby language to make things utterly clear, kindof - though in average I yet wouldn't have a reason to take it personally.

I've once been in a situation. We were a bunch of loosers and one of us had the idea that we should get together and try to do something to not be loosers anymore. Someone had the idea we should name ourselves 'COOL' (Club of Ordinary Loosers). I thought it'd be a great idea but ... thats already where it begun. First 'Ordinary' was 'too ordinary' ... so, we thought around of other words with O to put in there, ... but I couldn't help but feel that the problem was that 'I' had taken creative lead as I came up with a Logo. And once there, where all of your ideas are rebutted - OK, ... deal with it. Maybe ... they're right. No need to be a prick about it! Well - or - its already dead. "Lets see where it goes". So ... someone had the idea to do something with [I shouldn't say]. It then snapped for me, yea, thats a great idea! Thinking of something like [woops] - so, [...] - [stuff] - that sounds fun! So that kindof became a thing, ... but now we needed a way to get started. And as fate has it - we got lucky. One of the guys who used to work in the place where we met needed some folks to get a show started. He'd take care of all the equipment and we'd just be there to take care of using it. We had a talk with him, agreed, handshake ... and ... then we had a meeting. The oldest of us, the one who got it started, was all like: That show idea of that guy is horrible, but we should totally do the same thing but my way. And ... I couldn't make peace with that! I expressed my dislikes to that attitude - and the more he forced his position the more I had to force mine. And in that turn - me not being a part of 'that' idea, but being fine with the ... "Animal Park" (it didn't have a name yet) idea ... yielded me accusations of Cherry Picking. [Though ... chances were slim anyway - and my mind wasn't fully in it].

And thats the same route Sargon is taking. Using rhetorics that are socially established as for their appearance. That guy who had the idea we should get together, the oldest of us, in that argument we got into having about whether or not we should effectively 'steal' the idea of that guy whom we just had agreed to supporting, I to my understanding had pushed him into a corner where he could no longer defend himself and what he replied was: "What are you even saying? Your words make no sense! Are you just talking for the sake of talking?". It was that moment where it was utterly clear to me that either a miracle happens or its only a matter of time before I stand up and leave.

I had a lot of encounters like that by the way. I don't know what the word was ... but some guy and I got into a conversation, I believe it was somehow about World of Warcraft at some point - and I formulated myself using a word and he then replied that I probably don't even knew what that word meant. So he asked me to explain it. That was too dumb for me and I replied: Well, analyze the sentence and judge whether the word is properly used or not. But he stuck to his point that I didn't know what it meant and walked off. And thats the attitude I'm confronted with. Its just thin air!
Or ... basically combat! I mean ... the comment that I probably didn't even know the word ... was staggering me. By the way: In english, maybe. Maybe I know a word wrongly. At that point it was a word that I 'inherantly' know - like the word 'inherant'. What does 'inherant' mean? Uh ... what?

And now there are these other YouTubers that comment on the Thunderf00t vs Sargon thing - and cut things together in favour of Sargon. It works. Check out 'Secular Sinner's video 'Sargon Destroys Thunderf00t'. And thats why Trump won the Election!

A statement to which 'they' would most certainly be all like: "What? The election happened like 6 month earlier "Duh!"!!!". Maybe not in those words - but generally not understanding what the fuck I meant, so I'll try to fill in some blanks: Because of such shitfucks of garbage - Trump won the Election.

And this is where the figure: Sargon of Akkad - really starts to look ... uh, ... dangerous? See - if all you're seeing is Thunderf00ts first video first (because you're subscribed to Thunderf00t and like what he does for instance) - and then you see his second video and then check out what Sargon did put out - Sargon is a whiney fuckface. But in the Secular Sinner Video you can see how geniously his defense is put together. And what do they do? They 'pump' Thunderf00t out of their community. No, they don't let him go that easily! They want to snare him - get him to get mad and respond and twist their narrative to remain 'on top of the Social Justice Warrior Mountain'.

And at this point I just wanna beat the shit out of Sargon because of the tone of his voice in how upset he is.
Being that kind of upset about something like what actually happened - sorry dude ... "You sir, are shit - and you have been had!".

I called him out, but I didn't see this comming! See - when I did that, I didn't have a well established context regarding what and why - and I still don't. So, I called it 'the Phantom Menace' - and on a hunch I suggested that Sargon is a part of it. They possibly assume that Thunderf00t is an Illuminati and that he's now going after them - which is actually not what has happened!
Thats so funny!

*** giggles ***

"You have lost the fucking Plot!" - Sargon of Akkad.

Sargon Quotes sponsored by the Matrix!

So, the evil genious of the bad guys. In same Video (Sargon Destroys Thunderf00t) - that segment plays around the 13 minute mark - get it. "Again you are decontextualizing what happened" - Sargon of Akkad. Just saying!

"There is definitely a dark irony in this - do you not think?" - Sargon of Akkad.

So - to move on - there is a Term I keep on struggling to find. Its something along the lines of narrative and agenda. Maybe cockfighting? Something that sucks for me when what I said is being turned around - and once things get louder I'm supposed to stop talking, because they certainly won't! I'm just the sore looser who can deal with yet another defeat. I tough - I can handle it! I'm smarter than that - I should stand above it! Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. Its going on my nerves though. And rather than being Christian out of Masochism, I'm Christian due to a sense of Righteousness and Truth. By which I mean that when it gets to my raw gender-neutral essence, my personal values make me rather a fan of Thor than Gandhi. And thats why I'm not stupping on the notion that we should just eat it - despite that being kindof where this is going. I mean, in the end this is just yet another turn of events - we can take home from it whatever - and well, return to our everyday lives. Subscribe to and Unsubscribe from whomever you want in this place. Or do nothing at all. Whatever.

But when we're talking 'Social Justice' - thereby ignoring the term 'SJW' (which is a cynical label put on ... well "Social Justice Warriors") - there are words; And there are the minds that speak them. Remember Matthew 15:11 and Mark 7:15 - and yea, "haha", that includes shit! Shit spoken by people! What I've been trying to push is the notion of people just saying things because they resonate with 'us'. So, in essence they think us for too dumb to notice. Or otherwise they seek to intimidate us by appearing as the majority. "Are they not?". Well, I don't see 7 Billion videos bashing on Thunderf00t there! The 'vast' majority of people doesn't even know whats going on there!

Not yet at least!
But maybe by the time you'll read this!

By courtesy of 'the Matrix' and a YouTuber by the title of 'Computing Forever' (Social Justice and the Sargon Effect) its brought to my attention that yea, one of the things associated to the "SJW" ... "culture"/movement is the stance that we are all born blank slates and even gender being just a social construct. Its a "Trojan Horse" problem. So does every 'group movement' need a leader - or - any shared idea wherein leaders stand up becomes a group movement. So you eventually get to cheer for people like Hitler and Trump because they promise to be anti-establishment and create Jobs for the people --- and so you give them power --- and then they use it to kill Jews, build Walls, make money, ... etc.. Like 'we' - 'the People' - actually need those walls. I'm reminded of a Rap Song by a german Rapper named 'Samy Deluxe'. The text to that song (Weck mich auf ['Wake me up']) goes a bit like: 'We live in a country where there are more barriers than ways, more walls than bridges' - and that ... were that the 90s? And by the way, Sammy's point there is at some point the same as Thunderf00ts. "I have to mark off from you loosers" - mildly translated.
I'm not that good a poet.
The chorus: "Please wake me up from this nightmare. People barely see the tree in the forrest. And it is steadily tried to tell us that its still possible to live here in freedom. Please wake me up from this Nightmare. People barely see the tree in the forrest. I and you and he and she and it are better off if we're helping ourselves".
"Suspicious ones are looking for racist statistics, fed by corporations that poisoned us for centuries, informed by media that reported things too late. Give a shit about an accident in a car, harms of THC, we soon all have BSE" ... "Damn, Brainwashing pure, all around the clock, and father state beats and rapes mother nature" ...

And a closing statement is that shit is fucked up - and thats why we're depressed and smoking weed, "in this country where we have more barriers than ways". And there are movies like Johnny Mnemonic. You've probably been there too. If not, you're one of "them bad guys" I'd say - but you wouldn't show that ... "would you?". And is this just ... a social construct? I mean - the first thing I learned about Politics was that it is the thing that adults love to make fun about. And as I got old enough to understand that criticism ... there wasn't much to change my mind about it. But then I got old enough to question that. To see that this can't be all we can do! Or to at least be weary of the error - to not just eat it ... but then, ... where are we now? What could I have done? Thats the thing. You wanna stand up and shout - but - all there is ... is an empty room - a wall - a shut door - ... an empty corridor. Try the internet - that vast sea of opportunity - ... www. ... what the fuck!? 4chan? Reddit? YouTube? Walls, closed doors, empty corridors. Or, vast agreement! And people have tried to move - and thats where we're again back at the start of this; As Thunderf00t puts it: Tribalism. So ... "Sorry" if I happen to like those people that resonate with my attitude and "sorry" ... that "we're right!". But ... 'I' cannot be your leader if you do not choose to follow me!

Its all good though. As Jesus said, in that one parable: "Don't pull out the weeds just yet or you'll unroot the crops!".

I mean - I believe there is something of a common sense we have in that regard. To so, 'take it easy'. Some do it like this, others like that - and in the end - we all have those things we just can't take that easily! And that is 'arleady' 'it'. The end, the solution, the answer. All we got to do, essentially, metaphorically, is to stand up, "shake the bad stuff off" - and see that we're living in a new world now. And then sit back down again and feel miserable for the time being. But I digressed.
Distracted by ASD. Antihaltung.

Trojan Horse problem. Like, who doesn't want to be on the 'right' side? The 'right' side being the 'doing the right thing even if its not a sure win'. "People like that!". Yea - of course! Because most people are on the loosing end of things! What I mean though is that we live in such a dark and shitty place, we're generally happy to support a good cause. And beyond establishing that we have to deal with the mechanisms of our society. And that because we aren't 'there' where all the good has happened. "Ordinarily" we wouldn't even need to establish that - it should be there for granted. But as it is with things being for granted - they have to be established so. Right now all that is for granted is that shit is fucked up! That has been well established.
The point is that when the good things have been established - and are for granted - then we no longer have to butcher our narratives for any kind of reason, all we had to do were to live and be happy.

So the whole 'narratives and agendas' thing is only a phase, thereby essentially even a rather pointless one. Its different to calling out things that aren't right! Thats always going to be part of a healthy society. The issue is 'capital'. When calling out stuff that needs to be called out the 'capital' associated with the greater good. When taking the thing however as a source for personal profit and therefore being essentially 'against' progress - thats something that has to be called out. Thats what people accuse the SJWs of and is in that sense part of the concerns of the sceptic community as it were.
Thereby something else happens. If you for instance started off with a basically cynical "Al Bundy"-ish stance towards feminism you'd be delighted to hear that there are 'actually' legit concerns to be pronounced there. You can criticize their hypocricy - and as out of accident things come popping in and you eventually even find yourself on the evenly right side of things; Though you actually hadn't "planned" on ending up there. So, all good that comes from there is eventually just an accident.
Its different to once you get triggered by seeing injustice and responding to that. Then you're genuinely less dependent on the subject you're criticising, and generally in favour of those issues getting resolved. And well, before I've seen Thunderf00ts 'why I quit the sceptic community' video I saw another video, ... Philip DeFranco or TJ Kirk? ... I don't know ... TJ Kirk! He reported on it and said: "Please don't use this to make fun of them". As though he kindof saw it coming. However Sargon and co. now want to put it - amongst themselves its now totally agreed upon that what they did was totally OK, so then - its yet a mistake. In a sense is there now the revelation of an echo chamber wherein "Anti SJWs" basically admit that they are effectively 'done' doing good while supporting each others belief in doing the right thing. The 'echo chamber' emerges 'as' the community shuts itself off from external influences - which can be sampled from Sargons response in that most of the issues he actually comes forth with are taken from himself and his friends. (The "Mememememe" part). "I did the right thing and so you have no right in making me look bad". "I told you to shut up, I want to have the last word, you FUCKTARD!". "Why Mr. Anderson? Why do you persist?".

"Is it freedom or truth? Perhaps Peace or could it be for Love? All Illusions Mr. Anderson. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose and all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. || You must see it by now! [Its pointless to fight, you can't win! Why Mr. Anderson, why do you persist?]".

"This is my World!"

Thunderf00t on the other hand has a record of getting shit done! Just saying! [I'm so so sorry! More accurately: Thunderf00t didn't do a lot - mostly what he did was watching others shoot into their own feet; As people end up doing that stand on the wrong side!]

Crowd Control! Crowd Control is the name for a Video Game Mechanism whereby the actor uses an ability that forces the opponent into specific conditions. In simpler terms skills that stun or slow the enemy, such as forcefields to close down choke-points. Where I'm getting with this is to introduce you to the term of "the Underwhelming Majority". Like, in and of itself I don't think its feasible to suggest that the majority would look favourably upon Sargons speech - and defense. And while Sargon closed his response in a sense of "I'm better than you, you garbage", Thunderf00t closed his with "I'll leave the link to his video in the subscription below and you judge for yourself". Just so to make things even here. If this 'gets out' "the wrong way" at least - Sargon can basically shut down his channel. Yet while the individual communities are effectively secluded they do seek 'new members' based on that. So they will grow; And eventually get to something like being a majority. And in that sense I think it is problematic, at this point in time at least, to speak of 'an open marketplace of ideas' - for I wonder what Sargon had to say in that environment.

And so there are miniscule differences that first don't even matter, but at this point have become another case of the Butterfly effect. Things like: Whom do you talk to? Who is your audience? Why is that your audience? There is a difference between taking a stance that doesn't want to be exclusive - so, to be valid before everyone - or to forcefully create an echo chamber wherein you can be on top looking down upon others in disregard of what else is around.

And at this point it won't help to say "I'm not looking down upon anyone" - because obviously thats the bad part, the part no one would want to be accused of because its established as a bad thing. And whether or not anyone is intentionally doing so is a totally different discussion anyway. "What happened happened (but whether or not it could have happened any other way is debatable. [Though, I was kindof told this would happen.])".

Is it? Debatable? Well, people have their own minds and everyone is free to make their choices - and so depending on how deeply you are invested, thats a more or less easy thing to do. This is why certain things are foreseeable, as, its kindof like with Thermodynamics. There are certain "laws". Like, it'd take "so much" to convince a person ... "of a thing" ... or to move it to change its mind ... and sorry, my mission is not to warn the enemy of things they could/are about to do wrong so they can avoid it and continue with their wrong doing. My mission is to tell people of the Gospel and to repent. Which is how its done the easy way! And if that is not an option, then well, your down the road of failure! But that is also a totally different story - at least the part where I have to tell you why I just mentioned that. Yet another phantom menace, or ... phantom nuisance.

In short: I don't have a monster Dildo because I want the Antichrists cocks - and if anything hinders my sexual enjoyment then its the presence of given nuisances. "No matter how you'll explain it to yourself!"

I mean, did we ... -we- ... want this to happen? Did we play him/them? Including Trump? Well, maybe! Did we hide information that might have changed the course of events if known? Maybe! But chances are most of us didn't know - and those that did simply forgot! Possibly. I didn't know what was coming per se! I can only say that I'm kindof glad about it! Why not? Its easier when shit is visible so you can avoid stepping into it!

Its however not so that I didn't try to make 'them' go the other way. What I write here is for everyone. Including them. But if they don't take these things seriously as an advise but rather pluck my shit apart for their own benefit (as used against me eventually) - ... pfff - why is it my problem?

I'm getting a rush of comfort as I'm getting impressions of their discomfort! COOL!

I kindof want to quote Space Jam here. "What do you think we are? Stupid?". By which I mean to refer to some fringe 'impression' of mine, by which the situation is portrayable through the philosophy of 'what is the enemy?'. So, we play friendly, and are obviously being exploited! Which part of that did we not understand? What part thereof is so hard to get? OK, we are supposed to - fine! I at the very least am not making this shit up! I mean - its obvious, that ... if there is a 'we' that I can associate with in this scenario - then we are superficially speaking on the loosing end of things; And along with us everyone who tickles them the wrong way. And of course this topic has to at some point at the very least touch on this subject ... because the Christian vs Antichristian conflict is amongst the older ones that are still around. Social Justice wise. You know ... getting fed to Lions and shit like that. "Witches and co.". Inquisition anyone?
And then there was America. While they ran for the Gold, others populated the North. So it goes! But in the neutrality of the time - it soon became 'European interest' - but then someone dared challenge others freedom to own slaves. ... [sigh].

There comes a point where your reactions sortof default to a "disenpowered" shaking of your head. I don't need to be Christian or Enlightened to see that! And by the way? What did we do? What is 'our' crime? Eventually 'we' don't even exist - we just do as every other normal person on this planet - so yea, I can relate to WW2 Jews without really ever having been locked up in a concentration camp (I guess) - and no desire to ever be in that situation! But then it is all about power. And if you have to resort to illegitimate means to keep your power, its most likely not legit to begin with!
I'm not sure - but I've read somewhere that for a long time; And maybe even up until this day; The roman catholic church does not legitimately own Vatican City. They just occupied it. So, OK! Whatever! Its just one more on the pile.

I mean - this is vastly an emotional thing; Saying, its like a deep trauma. The situation is ... much like in Bob Marleys "I shot the Sheriff" ... where it goes like: "Every time I plant a seed, he said kill them before they grow!". Whatever we do, or he/they thinks we do is a thorn in their eyes. As soon as he can he'll do all he can to take it away from us - and at some points its just better to let go willingly than to force him to more drastic actions. And so I think that most people that God "acquires" are isolated from the rest. Its just better that way. And with Atheism there even is something like an independent "fallback buffer zone" - saying, |we're in the open|. There is no 'us'. But we aren't the only ones in disfavour of the Antichristian oppression!

I won't denie at this point that I may very well be delusional, effectively, in this regard. I don't know whats going on per se, though ... there are certain impressions that get confirmed over and over - and whenever that happens I'm a bit more certain about certain impressions that are of the same kind. So I don't know, but I know!
"And if you don't know now you ..." still don't know. So take it with a grain of salt!

Most certainly however am I at the very least secluded from -them-, so, -us- is -me- and -them-; By which I mean to say that I stand here as an individual - which seems to be what God had on mind all along. And yea, "duh", anyone who would join me would at first be thought of as an Illuminati. What else? So, why is it not so? I don't know and I don't care! I don't get an answer! Its too complicated, perhaps. It doesn't really matter anyway.

And what does matter? I recently started playing Diablo 3 - which is one of those games, ... where, talking to a normal person about it is like ... absurd. If you wanted to play a Diablo esque game I'd recommend Alienation, because Diablo 3 - in essence you spend hours grinding through a world filled with monsters that either one shot you or deal almost no damage; Just to eventually get to a Level filled with cows ... hundreds, maybe even thousands of them ... and you can't legitimately explain why thats fun! Its possibly the dullest game I ever played - and the "evil trick" there is that you also deal very little damage mostly - so you get excited over better Loot - and in the end game you just get to more and more difficult stages with numbers raising into the astronomical ranges - like, I by now deal like 20 million damage points a punch at about ... I don't know ... 20 punches a second? But it is thereby no more and no less pointless as any other game ... and its well made. I mean, some might see the base concept of spending hours upon hours poinltessly grinding for virtual mats to spend on virtual vendors that don't guarantee you a good item in return - being like a black and white Dark Souls where instead of dieing you however mostly don't die (and sometimes even trying to die doesn't work) - but it is thereby a game that keeps certain people invested for a long long time - ... where every season you have a brand new chance to start all over again - and in an age where we don't have to read books anymore because there is plenty of motion pictures with sound - yea, why the hell not?

Life is like a box of chocolate! You actually do know whats inside of it! Sortof.

But yea, thats what matters! Having fun, wasting time - having fun - in peace! And now I'm falling asleep, so, ...

{Pro Social Games: Games that encourage social interaction with other players, thus depending on a healthy (friendly) social environment and thus contributing to a better today!}

a Social Justice rant